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Mar 03, 2004
5:20 AM EDT
Again, I might sound like an babbling old man (I'm only 25, I'm not old...), but I just have to reiterate how incredible the KDE project has become and how much they have accomplished already. I true prodigy. I recently downloaded konstruct and got a build of KDE 3.2 running from my home directory (KDE has never been so easy to try out). After a few nights of building (my computer isn't that fast) I had a working version of KDE 3.2. (Let me clearly state that if you can install an RPM, you will find Konstruct like a breath of fresh air, it is that easy to use...think apt-get, only it doesn't touch your system files).

Just let me say, wow, wow, wow. No really, wow. I am going to make a bold and very true statement. KDE 3.2 is the nicest software I have ever used, ever. I was so enthralled I literally had to get up from my computer to get a drink to calm down, and it isn't just because I deserve to be on ritalin. I could list all the features, but where KDE shines is in its ability to just be "in tune" with you. That tingle down your spine when you discover an incredibly cool and useful feature that, from that point forward, you don't know how you are going to live without, is what makes KDE such a special project.

Does it have room to grow? I don't think that projects like KDE will ever stop growing. The real question is, has it accomplished a lot. To this I can answer a definitive, YES! KDE team, I applaud you until my hands are red and swollen.


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