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Mar 11, 2004
7:35 AM EDT
yes that would be lovely...

to that end I bought a wintv go card based on all the rave reviews and statements of how easy it was to set up

however, hauppauge have changed the chipset to a conexant cx880 which is NOT supported as yet by default

mandrake 9.2, slackware 9.1 and suse 9.0 don't support it, i'm hoping that mandrake 10, which i bought online today, does ( i got into linux because of moral reasons and not to learn how to code,rebuild,patch and program everything in sight and am thus reluctant to have to learn all this to get it to work when logout/reboot to windows does the trick)

a home users point of view

Mar 11, 2004
3:03 PM EDT
I am not sure if it's the same, since I can't find references to a conexant cx880 chip, but there is a driver called cx88 for the conexant 2388x chipset.

For example, here are Red Hat 9 RPMS:

Of course there isn't anything red-hat specific about the driver, but you need to have a matching kernel, so it's somewhat of a bore.

Mar 13, 2004
4:19 AM EDT
i'm running mandrake 9.2 at the moment

the cx88 drivers are now on build 2 but still all they give is "unresolved symbol errors"

will wait for mandrake 10 to arrive in post (ordered 2 days ago) and see what happens then

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