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Apr 02, 2004
10:43 AM EDT
It saddens me to see that we are dumbing down interfaces so much that the user never learns anything. Maybe this is the way to go...but I am going to have a hard time agreeing. I just setup my mom with Xandros 2.0 this past week and last night she called to thank me for helping her and that she was browsing the web and cooking thanks to wireless on Linux...an virus free!

Apr 05, 2004
12:48 AM EDT
well either linux remains the property of geeks or it gets sorted so that "anyone" can use it if we want it to grow and to knock ms off their perch then it has to be "dumbed down" for the masses

just because a distro has a simple setup doesn't mean it's not linux and there'll always be techie distros for those who insist on hurting their heads in order to learn

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