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Apr 12, 2004
9:53 AM EDT
if someone that has never used either M$ nor Linux then Linux would come out the winner just because after it is up and running then it just runs and runs. i used win 98 for 4 years and it never got easier for me .i even bought norton system works in 2000 to see if that would help i have been so much happier since getting linux going. course my mdk9.0 is EOL now so i need to upgrade and am having major pains deciding whether to go with 9.2 or wait for 10.0 since i am tecno challenged it isnt an easy decision.there are advantages for either way.i have to decide whether i am ready to burn my first iso. or wait to buy the discs as usual.i had to upgrade on win 95 to win 98 and it broke my drivers for my scanner and least this is not a problem with my linux upgrades as far as i have read. br3n

Apr 14, 2004
12:11 AM EDT
I'd skip 9.2 id I were you. Tis a bit buggy. Though, sad to say, some have had nightmares trying to get 10 working. Wait till 10 is officially released. It's a beauty of an OS.

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