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Apr 14, 2004
9:46 AM EDT
Filtering is good in any case. However, there are lots of Linux security sites, why should add to the redundancy and relay the security news anyway?

Apr 14, 2004
9:57 AM EDT
I think, this is a really good idea.

It would be nice to disable security alerts completly. Most desktop users are not interested in them. It might be nice rank how serious they are, so as a normal user you would just see the really important ones.

Florin is right there are a lot of other security sites.


Apr 14, 2004
10:02 AM EDT
I also used the "vote" function for easy compilation of result, if it helps (yes - no to the proposition).

Apr 14, 2004
10:14 AM EDT
I will soon be writing additional functions that will let us use the voting data to see what stories the readers care about, and what (types) they don't.

Not doing security alerts at all? Sounds good to me - I'll give it some thought.


Apr 14, 2004
10:58 AM EDT
I've thought more about this, and I think it's true that posting secalerts here at LXer is an unnecessary duplication of effort. I've written to LWN (who does the best security alert publishing that I've found) and asked if he is interested in syndicating his stuff over here. Then I can still alert the readers here to alerts, but I won't have to clog the homepage with them.


Apr 14, 2004
11:25 AM EDT
I think if you group the security alerts, and list the five or six most current in a box on the right of the page the clutter would be avoided.

Members could choose to have the box displayed, or suppress it with their own setup controls. You could possibly allow us to filter by distribution name.

I think that posting them is useful, but I only run debian, libranet, and SuSE. Many of the other alerts do not interest me, but they are probably useful to others.

Thanks for asking Dave.


Apr 14, 2004
11:46 AM EDT
I would say filter them by Distrobution. mandrake, debian, SuSe, etc. Let the default be you can see all of them, but you can hide the ones that aren't of use to you personally.

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