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Jun 04, 2004
3:45 PM EDT
Although I can understand the heightened emotions and clenched fists the Microsoft ads can cause, I tend to be much more pragmatic about them. First, I love to see MS burn up that big cash reserve on completely useless endeavors. Does anyone really think that the average Linux user would be swayed in the least by those ads? One of the reasons that many of us use Linux is because we've used MS products in the past, and we've learned that the hype and promises from MS never turn out to be true.

From reading Linux Today, we also know that those 'independent studies' touted in those ads are nothing more than MS sponsored FUD.

In the end, if Microsoft spending ad dollars helps keep my favorite Linux news site in business, well then I'll tip my hat to them in thanks, continue to ignore their products, and look forward to the day when their market share has dropped to the point where they can no longer afford to buy useless advertising.

Jun 04, 2004
5:17 PM EDT
"Does anyone really think that the average Linux user would be swayed in the least by those ads?" This is the difficulty linux is having getting past being a boys club... There should be no "average linux user"... The average hardcore PC user wasn't swayed by the "Convert to a mac" series of ads.. but thats not to say that mac use didn't increase in leaps and bounds....

I'm finding it difficult getting into linux (although believe me I'm interested) and microsoft propoganda isn't making my decision any easier... Its very easy for a multi billion dollar empire to crush open source (and microsoft is actively seeking that) using strategically placed, manipulative (simplistic) advertising.

*WE* know that the independent studies are MS sponsored... but the average user doesn't... Thats microsoft's strength.. they don't overestimate peoples attention spans.

MS market share will keep increasing as people are fooled into thinking that they are getting a better deal with big brother watching their back and 'free' hardware.. Linux just has to open its eyes and start backing ONE name for the end user, start offering a clearer path to swapping to linux (it has to be easy.. don't say it is easy.. it has to be painfully easy - you're fighting apathy here) and stop acknowledging Microsofts existence... Linux *IS* the mainstream...

Jun 04, 2004
6:29 PM EDT
I recently had a potential convert to linux mention that they were a bit nervous abou it cos "Linux is in trouble, isn't it?" (almost direct quote). FUD *does* work to some extent, have no doubts about that. And I have doubts about any news site that's broadcasting "independent surveys" that I believe to be biased crud. I know that it's "only" adverts, but Linux Today has attached their name to the ads. FUD works both ways, and contaminates all it touches.

The parent made a good point about apathy. I have a friend called Ed. He actively avoids anything that could possibly brand him as a compsci, but he has recently started using Mozilla rather than IE because he sees it as being clearly superior. The day that Ed starts using Linux is the day that I will be fully convinced that Linux is mainstream. Until then, keep working on your GUIs and manpages people.

Jun 05, 2004
12:08 AM EDT
I concur with brewer13210. It gives me great pleasure to have MSFT finance a (in my opinion) good news site.

Of course, if LT/JupierMedia becomes too dependent on MSFT advertising, things could get "interesting", but we should cross that bridge only when we come to it, and not before.

Jun 05, 2004
7:36 PM EDT
I recall this same argument with the Linux Magazine a while back when they started accepting ads from MS. There were many for AND many against the ads. I recall replying to one of the ads via email and thanking MS marketing for sponsoring a magazine for Linux:) IMO we have to take these situations with a grain of salt. If LT has sold out to MS influence, then in a short time we will see this and remove LT from one of our Mozilla startup tabs. If not, then this story will die and LT readers will enjoy more Linux press.

Live long and prosper:)




Jun 06, 2004
7:42 AM EDT
Who pays attention to adverts ? One of my favourite websites here in Australia, has those same Windows Server 2003 -v- Linux adverts on it all the time. I don't go there for the advert, I go there for the content of the webpages.

If Micro$oft expect to influence me into buying their webserver software, I have some awful news for them. I'm not in IT. I'm not a web developer. I don't buy servers for anyone. I'm just a computer hobbyist who likes using Linux and has 2 out of 3 PC's running it. My wife is sitting 4 feet to my left, tapping away on the one MS Windows PC in the house. If they want to waste money (as so many have pointed out) advertising to the Linux community, they will probably get the same result as spammers. One in a million might actually pay attention.

As for Dave (Linux Today founder) : I understand his feelings. But Dave, don't sweat it. Micro$oft is well on the way to pricing itself out of it's market. The "facts" presented in the advertisement seem unsupportable in view of the fact that they are steadily losing market share in the server market, as far as I know.

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