Users of Free Software shouldn't be seeing Flash ads

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Jun 04, 2004
11:46 PM EDT
Flash is proprietary software and therefore GNU/Linux users who exclusively use free software [] shouldn't even be able to view these ads, I know I can't. How are we to help spread the use of free software if we continue to use and support proprietary software whether it is produced by Microsoft, Macromedia, or whoever?

Jun 05, 2004
11:55 AM EDT
Not all of us are zealots that want to have nothing but a free system. I just want a system that works and that I enjoy being in. Do I care if it's 100% free? That's a big NO.

Jun 05, 2004
1:26 PM EDT
I'm not too sure about the boycott of Linux Today because I found those nasty flash ads on MANY of the Linux sites. With due respect for sn1per007 I have a boxed set Linux Distribution from Mandrake and it comes with the Macromedia flash installed. It only took a couple of days of the Microsoft ads to get me to UNINSTALL Macromedia. Now if I can figure out what to do with those damned pop-ups inviting me to go load it every time I view a page that uses Marcomedia.

However.. having said that, I will join the boycott because it shows unity and the Linux community needs to really show unity in the face of the never ending Microsoft attacks.

Jun 06, 2004
10:20 PM EDT
The suggestion wasn't that we boycott the site because it used flash ads, but because the subject of those flash ads was (often) Microsoft sponsored lies about how Windows is better than Linux. Which we know isn't true. By boycotting the site, if enough people stop visiting them, we send the message, "gather your advertising revenue from elsewhere" (say, from SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake and others who could advertise there) or at least exercise some control over what you advertise. The use of FlashPlayer, RealPlayer et al is a personal choice and doesn't really have an impact on this issue. (IMO)

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