Do they actually control the ads? I do not think so.

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Jun 05, 2004
8:26 AM EDT
From my understanding, sells space to entities such as double-click, etc. Double-click, etc sells the ad space to different companies. As part of the agreement, has to accept all the ads as a package deal. I fired up IE since I have ad blocking in Mozilla/Firebird and today there is a Bellsouth, McData, Internet Planet, and a vBulletin ad. No Microsoft ads I could see. Sour grapes, anyone? Regret selling the site?

Jun 05, 2004
8:50 AM EDT
Those third-party ad agencies always give publishers the chance to block companies from being advertised on your website.

"Sour grapes, anyone? Regret selling the site?"

Not at all - as I said in the editorial, the folks at truly are good people. I like most of them personally. I'm speaking as a member of the Linux community. The fact that I did start the site with Dwight does hopefully give some weight to my words, but I certainly don't regret not having authority. I'm glad I sold it to them, and, with the exception of the advertisements they have, I'm happy with what they have done with it over the past 5 years.


Jun 05, 2004
9:24 AM EDT
"Here are my points for the Linux community:

1. Do we want to continue to support a Microsoft-friendly (and anti-Linux) website by continuing to read it daily?

2. Would we be comfortable sending our boss and/or other decision makers in our company to this website for Linux-related news and information?

3. Can we continue to trust this website with unbiased news, now that we see how close to Microsoft they are?

It's easy to say that these are just ads, but the truth is, Linux Today is now being sponsored/funded by Microsoft, and they are cheerfully placing blatantly anti-Linux advertisements on their home page. This is an outrage that must be stopped."

1. They are in business and have sites/forums for all different kinds of subjects. 2. "how close to Microsoft they are" makes it sound as if they are a Microsoft subsidiary. After looking at their homepage, I do not think so. 3. I would be comfortable sending anyone to the site. If they are basing personal and business decisions on advertising, so what? That is their right. 4. I disagree the Justlinux forum is "anti-linux". You know there is a BIG difference between a Linux fanatic and a Linux advocate. I do not like fanatics- they usually end up hurting the cause they are fanatical about. I am not supporting the boycott, I do not think this is a fight between good and evil, God and the Devil, or right or wrong. It is a difference of opinion about operating systems and software development models. Not the most important thing on this planet.

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