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Jun 05, 2004
5:52 PM EDT
thats what it is! But it is the inevitable result of total commercialization of this once proud website. Certainly Linux Today could evaluate what is 'appropriate' and what is 'inappropriate' in terms of advertizing. In my opinion, infomercials (MS funded 'independent studies' and the like) of the type commonly employed by Microsoft are questionable in the first place. To allow them to run on any site centered around any non-Microsoft OS shows both bad taste and bad judgment on the part of the host site. Beginning in 1999, I would read LinuxToday daily and often post comments. Anyone frequenting the site these days will notice that even though I still gloss over it, I seldom post comments anymore, let alone submitting contributions. And its not just the Microsoft issue. It's the fact that I just don't find that much news there that interests me anymore. They have evolved a policy of holding up and sitting on any news that they decide to cover internally and then they only publish their internal piece. AND they tend to focus attention on their own internal editorial productions even when they are obnoxious and irritating to the community. Anyone remember Dennis whats his name? While I probably won't be 'boycotting' the site, I certainly won't be spending much time there nor going out of my way to buy from their advertisers. So over the past several years I have been spending more and more time at pclinuxonline.com and other more useful news sites. And now Dave is back! YESS! Go Dave! As of today lxer is discovered and bookmarked. Welcome back Dave! We wish you the best!

Jun 05, 2004
7:53 PM EDT
I'm truly delighted to discover this site. Like you say, Dave is back! Yea!!!

I have been really annoyed by the MS FUD^Wads on Linuxtoday. I've also been really annoyed with the way LT just rolls over and dies on weekends and holidays and when the wind is blowing from a certain direction. I always felt that Dave's heart was in it in a way that I don't think Brian's is. I'm definitely switching out my bookmarks.

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