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Story: Linux Today founder calls for a boycott of Linux TodayTotal Replies: 2
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Jun 06, 2004
6:03 PM EDT
I HAVE boycotted LT already ! Since you launched lxer, basically, I've never gone back to LT (I wonder how true for others ?). Frankly, I've never seen any FLOSS/GNU/Linux news on LT in the last two years which wasn't 'broken' by more superior sites like lwn, varlinux, groklaw, or...lxer ! To me, LT has become irrelevant - I'm not sure should't just 'pack it in' for linux news

Not to minimize your main point, IMHO it IS bad editorial judgement on LTs part to postion those ads as they do. I do realize many business newcomers and manager-types who are digging into gnu/linux might be confused by such ads.

Jun 06, 2004
8:39 PM EDT
Ditto. I stopped reading LT after I read lxer for a few days.

Jun 13, 2004
2:28 PM EDT
I guess I boycotted LT before this article was written so I didn't even *know* about this article until now. I have a new site for which to gather my Linux news. Thanks Dave!

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