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Jun 08, 2004
9:48 AM EDT
Hey Dave, since LXer accepts HTML-formatted posts, I'd really like to see it using Kevin Roth's excellent richtext editor -- you can see a demo at

The beauty of this code is that it works in BOTH Mozilla and IE, and requires no applets or plugins. Since there are now a number of sites doing IE-only richedit, I think it's really important to get as many sites as possible using a cross-platform, cross-browser richtext editor, to help get the message out that there IS a way to do it right. (That way, when Google and Yahoo and blahblog and whatever see LXer etc. they will take a look to see how it's supposed to be done, and make sure they do it right too.)

This is one of those crossroads things where we have to push hard and show the world how to do it right, before the wrong way becomes prevalent. Let's get that richedit box onto LXer real soon.

(Not to mention, it just works really really well. If you want to try it out on a live system, log on to any Citadel BBS, such as to see it in action.)

Jun 08, 2004
10:31 AM EDT
Kevin's richtext editor rocks! Since you emailed me about it, I downloaded it and did quite a bit of testing with it.

I've already rolled it into my Scif system (my own CMS system upon which LXer and my other sites are based) and I'm using it for creating various pages. I -really- like it. It does have a few bugs (like hyperlink insertion, for one), but all in all it's great.

Why isn't it rolled into the forums, yet? The big thing that I have to consider is this: I don't want a lot of HTML markup in the posts. I don't want people using h1 tags, hard returns, a and img tags. So, I will have to do some non-trivial alterations to Kevin's work before I can include it here.

best, dave

Jun 08, 2004
11:48 AM EDT
The hyperlink insertion isn't broken, but perhaps its usage is non-obvious. You have to highlight the text you want to turn into a link, and then click the link button, and enter the link address at the prompt.

As for not putting it in the forums ... you're probably already filtering out undesirable HTML. Since the richtext editor spits out plain HTML, theoretically your filters should all work the same anyway. If I can't do H1 tags by entering them manually, then the same filter will strip it out if it's generated by the richtext editor.

In any case, we should all spread the word about this great piece of code. I'm using it in Citadel [ ], an open source groupware platform, and it's gotten lots of positive feedback.

Jun 08, 2004
11:52 AM EDT
The trouble with just stripping it out later, which is easily done, is that then the user has a editor that contains features, but the end result doesn't look the way he intended it to. I'd rather only use it is all the features that they see, survive through to the final posting.


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