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Jun 09, 2004
4:45 PM EDT
"Still, while Linux vendors sing the praises of their products for across-the-board enterprise I.T. operations, a wholesale switch from Windows to Linux may not be the best move for most businesses."

Yeah, well, duh. You're an idiot if you convert everything all at once. Mail me the full report, NOT!

Actually, this quote got me thinking. Back in December-January, the trade rags were all jumping up and down about how 2004 was going to be the break-out year for the Linux desktop, with some major rollouts, yet here we are at mid-year and nary a peep about them. What happened? Did MS manage to strangle these in infancy?


Jun 09, 2004
5:55 PM EDT
There is some major roll-outs underway, but I think we are reading a little less about them as they are not yet finished. If you were in charge would you declare victory or failure for that matter in mid stream? I can think of IBM and Oracle that is in midstream.

The famed Munich project has had some difficulties, but I do not think they are serious. Moving from NT to XP has it's share of problems for a major organization so let's keep the Munich project in perspective.

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