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Jun 17, 2004
5:08 AM EDT
I'm getting a little tired of seeing stories like: "Sun reveals tidbits of Solaris open source strategy" and so forth. Starting now, I'm getting a little pickier about posting stories related to this, until the stories actually have real content.


Jun 17, 2004
4:28 PM EDT
I agree it's like Schwartz and McNealy plays the role of Sun's neurological hemispheres after a lobotomy.

The excuse so far has always been that Sun is a large company with various vocal groups of different opinions, but so is IBM for crying out loud.

Jun 18, 2004
3:06 AM EDT
Sun have said this before, but how are they going to do it? The SunOS 5.x kernel probably contains SVR4 code which they do not own - SCO does (honest!). It probably also contains BSD code (legacy from the SunOS 4.x days) which would still be under a BSD licence. So are they going to open up bits of Solaris under different licences? Who knows?

I remember seeing a Solaris 2.4 source code CD, but you weren't alowed to look at it on any machine on a network! So I never read it.

Jun 18, 2004
6:15 PM EDT

IBM is much larger than Sun, of course. But IBM is not in a financial tail spin, while Sun is. My guess is that Scott McNealy, though nominally in charge, has lost control of "his" company. His employees have lost faith in him. "Seizure" might be a more appropriate analogy here.

Recall that SGI was transformed "from the inside out", in Jeremy Allison's words. I think that the same thing is happening at Sun. I expect that Scott will end up a casualty. Which is a shame, because the guy has done a lot of good.

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