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Jun 21, 2004
7:55 AM EDT
First off I thought this was a very good article. It mentions briefly that Linux is not taking off on the desktop as well as it has on the server. It doesn't speculate at all on why this is the case.

What I believe to be the primary reason for this seems to rarely get mentioned. When Joe Shmoe goes in to Best Buy he can't purchase a computer with Linux on it, and what would be even better than that is if Joe Shmoe could buy a computer with no software bundled at all. Pre-installing Lindows on a machine would be just as bad as pre-installing Windows on a machine in my book.

I actually wouldn't mind buying a machine from Best Buy but I have had to build my own for the last several years in order to not pay the Microsoft Tax. Yes there are on-line companies that will sell Linux based machines. Basically Joe Shmoe doesn't even know that he has a choice, probably because he isn't given one at the place he buys his goodies. This message was edited Jun 21, 2004 12:09 PM

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