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Jun 28, 2004
7:17 AM EDT
But Red Hat is forcing customers to buy pricey services contracts along with its OS, "which makes Red Hat more expensive than Solaris," according to Singer.

With Red Hat, the service contract *is* what you are buying. If you don't want the service contract just download White Box Linux and you will have exactly what you get from Red Hat, but without the service contract, and for free. When people purchase Red Hat (like we do) we do it *for* the services contract (even if we never use it).

So while Sun sells both Red Hat and SuSE on its servers, the company insists that Solairs is the better buy. Solaris, says Sun, is a more mature operating system with the better security and stability.

Sun has always treated Solaris x86 as a bastard stepchild. About several years ago I did choose to run it on a quad processor Dell with 4GB instead of Linux (which was my first choice) because the vendor had just ported their software to Linux and at the time it performed better under Solaris on that particular machine. I seriously doubt that would be the case today.

I think you had better purchase the x86 hardware from Sun if you want it to perform optimally and let's compare Sun's x86 hardware prices with those from other vendors. Linux has always had far wider range of device support than Solaris x86. Just my two cents.

Jun 28, 2004
8:44 AM EDT
I agree with the stepchild argument. Remember that Solaris has abandoned their x86 project at least TWO times in the past (that is.. left their user base completely without support or upgrade path).

It wasn't too long ago that Sun would have told you to NEVER implement Solaris on x86 for any kind of serious production work... my how things have changed at the very desperate Sun Microsystems.

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