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Jun 28, 2004
4:05 PM EDT
I don't understand - while was it LinuxWeekly (or something) like that was bad for advertising Windows. But LinuxPlanet is forgiven? Just seen that stupid TCO advertisement there.

Why are so many Linux webmaster such prozzies?

Have they no dignity or self-respect? Is it Money? Man - I have plans to have Linux websites soon, I wouldn't sell one square advertisement of advertisement let alone mysoul. (unless its something cool like ThinkGeek or a Linux Conference I would consider that)

But see I am an odd-cap, the sort of person that if you try bribing me with any amount of money, not only you will be unsucessful - you will a broken a nose and a black eye.

Maybe I miss the capitalist gene, dunno what it is.

Jun 28, 2004
4:28 PM EDT
No, I don't believe it has anything to do with missing the capitalist gene. I think those of us who use Linux are just more ethical and like to play by the rules. At least that's what I would like to think. For instance, I do not pirate software, period. Of course that is something that can only be done with proprietary non-Free software. I do not illegally download music. I do not illegally copy rented/borrowed videos, etc. I do not make excuses for rationalizing such activity as being somehow "ok". If I do not agree with something I boycott it (in fact it's how I arrived here).

This sort of activity is what caused Microsoft to become a monopoly and in the early days they all but encouraged it. Now that they have the monopoly they raise the prices and they try and squeeze the crack addicts. These are the sorts of things that I see people in the Windows world do in the blink of an eye. How many home Windows users are *not* running a copy of MS-Office? How many of those copies are actually legal copies?

If more people had morals there would probably be a lot fewer Windows users. These are just my theories, opinions, and observations based on the limited number of fans I know of Microsoft and Linux. Of course not all Windows users are like this, and not all Linux users play by the rules so YMMV.

Jul 01, 2004
2:21 AM EDT
You are very honest person Void_Main - that is good, I look up to that. I know for sure though that principles are very difficult to hold when pressure becomes unbearable. While I am personally averse to greed and cheating, I most likely steal for food if I was starving. I would lie or cheat to survive ... I would probably accept the bribe if I had a son that was dying of cancer and needed an expensive operations. These are of course, very hypothetical situations. It's only under such pressures that a man finds out his real character and integrity.

I find "Consciousness" a very fascinating subject in itself.

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