Because the DoHS says so!

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Jul 02, 2004
8:36 AM EDT
When the Department of Homeland Security says don't use it, then it must be bad:

Of course it won't even run on my OS so it has no way of effecting me as usual. Wonder if Firefox can be installed via SMS? :)

Jul 02, 2004
8:43 AM EDT
And I love this closing quote from the YaHoo article I linked to in the first post:

Microsoft said earlier in the week it is working with law enforcement officials to identify the source of the latest Internet virus.

This has always been Microsoft's idea of fixing the problem. Instead of actually fixing their crappy insecure software, they go after the people who exploit the holes. Hello, fix the stinkin' holes! I still think Microsoft software should be banned from touching the Internet.

Jul 02, 2004
9:18 AM EDT
No MS software shouldn't be banned ,just not let on the internet without a parent(*nix Proxy) watching everything it does.

Jul 02, 2004
1:46 PM EDT
Hell, banned from the planet, with Gates and Balmer sentenced to installing SuSE on PCs for children.


Now, to put this in perspective, DoHS chose MS as their department OS. Hmmm. What is that snippet from "I, Robot"..... somehow I told you so just doesn't cover it ....

I do wish though, that those who write this stuff would distinguish between US-CERT and CERT. Not the same.

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