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Jul 06, 2004
9:54 AM EDT
Static code analysis is hardly interesting as it has been around for ages. They made a lint-like tool that has less "noise" and are selling it as a product. The article is just a real-world case-study of a few Linux bugs the tool has found. I'm not saying the tool isn't useful (I haven't tried it), but it should be properly labeled as "advertisement" and not "news." IMHO. Well, unless finding some bugs in the linux kernel is newsworthy...

Jul 06, 2004
11:46 AM EDT
This is now new, however this article is about the Stanford Checker, and the Stanford Checker has indeed found many problems in the kernel code. It is also worth mentioning that Linux is also working on a home-brew static-code testing of his own and that framework (albeit more limited) has also found its share of issues.

Jul 06, 2004
5:12 PM EDT
Hmm, it would have been nice for the article to have at least mentioned the Stanford Checker. After reading your post, I see that Stanford is only even mentioned in the works cited section after the article end.

Did you mean "Linus" instead of Linux, regarding a home-brew?

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