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Jul 21, 2004
12:29 PM EDT
Quote: The independent survey produced by VNU Research in association with Microsoft..

Well that is that out of the way.

This article bears fine reading as a good example of obfuscation. For example how many of these users have a linux server in their company, can't justify the headline without the data? The scewed writing is pretty obvious, again the speciality applications terminology for Linux - which is true in one respect, Linux is the best option for running a computer, and I consider running a computer a speciality funtion.

Jul 21, 2004
2:01 PM EDT
I agree... these should come with a warning message: CRAP inside

The fact is that Linux had already won the datacenter and now it making huge inroads into the desktop market as well. The problem with surveys (M$ sponsored or otherwise) is that they don't take into account that M$ pretty much forces you to allocate one server per service, whereas a single Linux box can replace 5 to 10 M$ servers. There's just not a fair comparison. The best thing you can do is ask, "Are you running Linux?"... if the answer is yes, then that's one more datacenter penetrated by Linux. I haven't seen a datacenter in a while where Linux wasn't already deployed and growing in use.


Jul 22, 2004
3:22 PM EDT
I wish these articles were flagged "Sponsored by Microsoft" then i can save time by not reading the article and just pressing th "X" not worth reading flag immediately!

And another thing do these people ever consult a dictionary, they actually use the word "independant" in the same sentence as they mention "in association with Microsoft", can someone tell me what part of "independant" im obviously not getting?

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