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Firefox prowls the mainstream

The news comes as Microsoft developers announced yesterday that to encourage consistency between browsers, IE7 will be using the Firefox RSS icon to represent RSS and RSS-related features.

FOSS primer gets users up to speed

UNDP-intitiative International Open Source Network has released a series of free and open source primer publications. Frederick Noronha takes a look at the first in the series.

The Gemcutter's Workshop: Many Developments in the Ruby Community

Recapping two busy weeks' worth of news, events and releases in the Ruby world.

Tutorial: Making GNOME Look Like OS X

If you've always admired the Apple OS X desktop theme and layout but aren't ready to drop a load of cash on an Apple machine (or if you want to stick with free software), this article from Jem Matzan will show you how to make GNOME look and feel more like OS X, with some limitations.

Lafarge cements its security with Smoothwall

Cement and building materials maker Lafarge has begun rolling out Linux-based firewall Smoothwall throughout its African operations.

Report: Novell Chips Away at Microsoft's Desktop Dominance

In an effort to break some of Microsoft's stranglehold on the desktop, Novell is taking new steps in the product and pricing arenas to attract customers who want to move either gradually or quickly to Linux. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

Linux developer sets own hours, but his days are grueling, nonstop

S oftware developer Chris Wright works from home in Northeast Portland, and his boss is more than 2,500 miles away in Boston. But that doesn't mean Wright gets to take it easy.

Open Source For Perimeter Security

[M]ost major open source projects are very tightly managed highly disciplined teams. This article gives examples of very successful Open Source security projects — netfilter and Snort — and also describes some weaknesses that need to be addressed by IT organizations or vendors.

Marketing vs. Intention

We're at the end of the Marketing Era. What will it take for the Market Era to begin?

[Variation on the theme of Customer Entrapment.]

South Africa agrees with my 'programming talent is everywhere' theory

Commentary: Every speech I give in a country where poverty (by US standards) is the rule, not the exception, contains a statement that programming talent is everywhere; that it is not limited to white males in prosperous parts of the world. And, I say, open source software is the best way to find and develop your population's hidden programming talent. This tectonic article shows that South Africa has recognized the truth of my thesis -- and is doing something about it.

Linux conference focuses on desktops

The Linux operating system is expanding from company data centers onto employees’ desktops, one of several trends that a local technology trade show producer will highlight at this year’s LinuxWorld exposition.

The East Coast LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, sponsored by IDG World Expo Corp. of Framingham, will attract somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 software developers, consultants, academics, end users, venture capitalists, legal constituents and geeks to Boston’s Convention and Exhibition Center tomorrow through Thursday.

Torvalds and OSDL launch new image initiative

Faced with former Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn's harsh appraisal of the real reason behind the "inertia" of Linux in the business world, Linus Torvalds and OSDL have come up with an action plan for rebranding the Linux image and the image of its core developers. They have jointly agreed on the formation of OSDSU, the world's first Open Source Dress for Success University.

[Will this be enough to save Linux and Linus et. al. from themselves. I truly doubt it.]

CyberCynic: The Touchy Subject of Open-Sourcing Java

In the CyberCynic podcast, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols asks: Will the now more open-source friendly Sun finally open the doors to the popular programming language? (Podcast #57)

[lg-announce] Linux Gazette #125 is out!

[lg-announce] Linux Gazette #125 is out!

Any hope for Open Source in government?

Tom Adelstein has written a widely-bookemarked piece on LXer, Why I stopped promoting Linux in government. His frustration boils down to skepticism about political decision-makers themselves.

I'm sympathetic to both the importance and challenges of introducing open source software in government. Open source tools are often -- though not necessarily -- an economical choice for government, and even more important, government support for open source software helps to foster affordable alternatives for lower-income computer users and small businesses. That's part of the reason I often work with open source tools, especially when helping government clients.

Note from the author: I don't think this commentator read the article at all. I think he or she used the headline and perhaps the lead to come up with his or her own material and assert their beliefs. Lousy read in my opinion.

How to review a Linux distribution

New versions of Linux distributions crop up almost every week. On the one hand, it's great that development is so active, but on the other it can be difficult to wade through the options and find the one that suits you best. Most of us do not have the time to try out every new flavor, so we come to rely on reviewers to boil down the new releases for us. As a site that runs frequent distro reviews, NewsForge would like to give some advice to new distro reviewers -- pointers to get you started and help you write a concise, informative assessment that will benefit you and your readers alike.

LinuxWorld Rumor Mill Turns

Opinion: Wondering what you'll see at LinuxWorld Boston? Here's the word on the street. (Linux-Watch)

Why Comply? The Movement To W3C Compliance

For Web developers, in particular, the onus falls on creating sites aimed at maximizing client contact through well-rounded, functional vehicles that drive traffic and generate sales. And in today's global economy, it also means using code that is W3C compliant.

Debian networking Setup

Debian networking Setup - Basics of IP networking

This is very easy and quick guide for all debian user and admins to configure networking in debian

Linuxworld: Government open to open source

Fighting the FLOSS battles in Australian government procurement.

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