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Kubuntu 7.04: Putting up a real fight against Windows Vista.

  • Pain and Glory from the Trenches of the IT World (Posted by Sander_Marechal on Apr 20, 2007 1:05 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Ubuntu
While I find myself using Solaris and NetBSD more often these days, I do like to keep up with what is happening in the Linux world. So today I decided to download and install the newly-released Kubuntu 7.04. After installing it and using it for a little while, I am very impressed. Dare I say it, I think Kubuntu puts up quite a challenge for Windows Vista to face.

Configuring Debian/etch on a Dell Latitude D520

A new job brings new toys :-) My new employer has supplied me with a Dell Latitude D520 laptop for programming. It came loaded with Windows XP professional which—ofcourse—had to go. After installing Debian/etch I found a few small problems though. I'll describe them here, and what I did to fix it, so I can hopefully save other people the headaches.

GPLv3, Linux and GPLv2 Compatibility

The Linux kernel is released under the GPLv2 license, not the "GPL version 2, or any later version", but explicitly GPL version 2. It means that the Linux kernel source won't be available under the GPLv3 unless the kernel developers make an explicit change to allow it. And, it appears the kernel developers aren't planning to make that change. So what's the likely outcome?

Oreilly School: On-line Courses

I just finished taking my first course over at Oreilly School and I must say that I am pleased with the course. The first course that I took was a “brush up” course in Linux administration (Linux/Unix 1: The Unix file system).

Yugma Proposes Venue for Show Us The Code Deadline

Yesterday, I issued an invitation to both the Show Us The Code and Microsoft communities regarding a virtual “sit down” for the May 1, 2007 deadline. Yugma’s web collaboration software would enable key players from both groups to join a live session and present their sides.

Invite Linux Onto Your Windows Desktop

WinaXe Plus X-Server for Windows allows both Windows and Linux to be run on the same desktop at the same time. Users can access and run their remote applications from the Windows desktop and switch between operating systems as if switching between two Windows applications.

Windows XP to Be Discontinued in Early 2008

Microsoft's plan to phase out OEM shipments of Windows XP, the predecessor to the new Windows Vista platform, is not sitting well with some observers. Chatters on Silicon cited issues with the suitability of Vista on existing machines and said they might just go to Linux instead.

How to tell good code from bad, redux.

A couple of days ago I asked a question of Technocrat, that question was "How do I, a non coder, tell good code from bad?" and had the rider "Do not tell me to ask another coder." Despite more responses than most other articles, I did not come away with an answer that I could give to anyone else.

WiFi bug found in Linux

A bug has been found in the MadWiFi Linux kernel device driver for Atheros-based WiFi chipsets that can allow an attacker to take control of a laptop - even when it is not on a WiFi network. The MadWiFi development team have released a patch. However, not all Linux distributions have yet built the patch into their code.

Linux Professional Institute Announces First LPIC-3 Certified Professionals

he Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world's premier Linux certification organization (, announced the world's first recipient of the LPIC-3 Core certification: Kazufumi Ichikawa of Japan.

Google Summer of Code Projects Announced

Google revealed a list of over 900 accepted Summer of Code projects. Ubuntu, as one of the mentoring organizations, lists 20 projects.

Open source's Fast Ethernet router outperformed Cisco's Router

"Twice the performance at half the price:" The emergence of enterprise-class, open source solutions is yet another chapter in a "commodity" vs. "special purpose" battle that has been raging for several decades now. Well on its way to becoming IT's version of The Thirty Years' War, the struggle has gone hot and cold over the years -- but it has never gone away.

Ohloh's Open Source Goods

There are tens of thousands of open source projects in the wild, but how do you determine what's good and what's not? Ohloh, a resource for open source intelligence on thousands of open source projects, has up-to-date information on open source projects and the people who develop them.

The Linux desktop: boom or bust?

Ironically for Microsoft, Vista is just the shot in the arm that desktop systems with open-source Linux operating systems needed to boost their sales. At least that's the way solution providers see it.

Turning any computer into a Linux machine

BOOTPLUG, basically, is a USB flash memory (1GB) with USB-HD bootable Linux (kernel 2.4) installed. Insert the BOOTPLUG into USB slot and boot up, any PC will be totally hijacked by BOOTPLUG and turn into a Linux client machine.

Why a Unix-based system?

The buzz about Linux, BSD, Open Solaris, and other free versions of Unix seems to swell every month. In case you haven’t tried one of them yet, you might be wondering, “What is all the fuss about?” Truly, you see passion about these systems that is seldom shown to their competitors. Here’s a brief list of where the Unix system triumph.

Why Linux is the perfect system for people who hate computers

It's a delicious paradox that Linux, which was for years the system for people who really enjoyed fiddling with their computers, should have developed to the point where it's the best system for people who hate the bloody things.

Linux Scheduling for Absolute Beginners, Part 2

In my first article, I provided some basic understanding of how scheduling on Linux operating system works. This article will provide some additional detail that I may have missed and it will mostly give examples of many different neat tricks you can do in a crontab file.

[There are some neat things in here that are even new to me — Sander]

Open Source coders caught stealing Open Source code

Developers of OpenBSD took code from their brethren at Linux, violating the code's licence, the GPL. To the horror of the Linux folk, the OpenBSD license allows proprietary use.

[The Inquirer's link to the mailing list shows only half the discussion. Gmane has the full discussion -- Sander]

Working for The Man

Jeremy Allison talks about what it takes to be a great programmer. He shares with us gems such as "Proprietary environments are a trap", "Reputation is important" and how to leverage collaborating on open source software to achieve just that.

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