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Historic victory of the "Associazione per il Software Libero"!

  • Associazione per il Software Libero; By antonio (Posted by Sander_Marechal on Apr 5, 2007 9:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The Associazione per il Software Libero has successfully appealed a governemnt tender for 4.539.184,55 Euro in Microsoft software licenses on grounds that before buying software Public Administrations have to compare all available options, including free software.

Make a Linux Home Data Server of an Old PC

Converting your old computer in to a home data server opens a range of possibilities, and a range of new things you can do with your computer(s) and the network. So, how do you do it?

Oracle Linux adopters labelled 'idiots'

Melbourne company Opes Prime Stockbroking told ZDNet Australia that in the weeks following its announcement to adopt Oracle Linux, upset Linux enthusiasts phoned, e-mailed and wrote about the company online to complain at the decision.

Easy Mod Rewrite

Voodoo. A dark art. Black magic. All have been used to describe the power and complexity of Apache's mod_rewrite, and all are equally wrong. The rewrite engine is just another piece of software - it will function as you tell it to and nothing more.

Editorial: Compiz and Beryl Merger

It isn’t official yet, but Compiz and Beryl are merging. For the last few weeks I have been following the mailing list discussions on this topic. A lot of the work has been started. It is sort of unofficially announced, so I feel now is as good a time as any to comment.

A Death Blow to DRM

Less than two months after Apple chief executive Steve Jobs challenged record labels to stop insisting on "digital rights management" copy restrictions, one of the major record labels took him up on the invitation. This morning, EMI Music announced that it would allow customers to buy music off Apple's iTunes Store--and later, other music stores--without any "DRM" encumbrances, and in a higher-quality format than before.

Department of Homeland and Security wants master key for DNS

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to have the key to sign the DNS root zone solidly in the hands of the US government. This ultimate master key would then allow authorities to track DNS Security Extensions (DNSSec) all the way back to the servers that represent the name system's root zone on the Internet.

[Not Linux related, but definitely of interest to LXer audience — Sander]

Linux Desktop: Seven Leading Products

For those serious about considering Linux as a desktop alternative, here are seven applications and open-source projects that could help tip the scales towards Linux, moving it beyond servers to full enterprise adoption.
[ LXer warning: Flawed article - hkwint ]

Nat Friedman: "Flamewars are part of the community culture"

Novells CTO / Open Source doesn't see long term problems from the Microsoft deal - an interview about the future of the Linux desktop, legal DVD-support and the mistakes of the Hula project

Free Single Board Computer runs Linux

The Free ECB_AT91 V1 is a Single Board Computer made by emQbit. You can buy one, or download the specs and build your own. It runs Debian, OpemEmbedded and BuildRoot.

April Fools' Day Selection

A roundup of IT April Fools jokes, including Google, IT Wire, Debian, KDE and others.

What Apple gets right and why Linux keeps slipping behind

The leader of the Open Graphics Project comments on the state of UI development in Linux: "I fear that Linux developers also don't grok these [User Interface] ideas either, and they're too afraid to change, sticking to out-dated methods in the name of backward-compatibility or inertia or both."

ChangeLog: HP clarifies warranty under Linux

We received the following today by email from Hewlett Packard, which clarifies their warranty policy for customers running Linux on HP hardware, at least in the specific case we reported on recently: "HP is committed to supporting its customers and backs its PCs with a solid hardware warranty regardless of the operating system."

OpenGL Hardware 3D Acceleration for Virtual Machines

OpenGL apps running inside a Virtual Machine (VM) can use VMGL to take advantage of graphics hardware acceleration. VMGL can be used on VMware guests, Xen HVM domains (depending on hardware virtualization extensions) and Xen paravirtual domains, using XVnc or the virtual framebuffer.

Tango Marathon

What a day. Today has really been a blast. We had a crazy idea last week to fix up the gtk+ stock in a day. It sounded a bit easier than the usual deal as all the metaphors were set in stone and the icons only need to be done in a few sizes, but still:199 icons done.

Zimbra Goes Offline With Zimbra Desktop

Zimbra today announced the launch of Zimbra Desktop, a rich offline-capable client that allows users to have the same AJAX-based collaboration experience as offered by Zimbra's popular web-only client.

CNR For all - Linspire Gives back, But Why?

The Linspire team have surprised everybody again, in late January, announcing that they would make CNR available for other distributions of Linux, in the second quarter of 2007. Although it might seem like a strange business decision, for Linspire to open up it's most identifiable product to the competition, it actually makes perfect sense.

Linux Is Environmentally Friendly

The UK government recently announced that servers running Linux are greener than servers running Windows because, according to the report published by the Department of Government Commerce on Open Source Software Trials in Government, open source software has lower hardware requirements and needs less frequent hardware upgrades.

Mount an ext2 or ext3 partition in Windows

The Ext2fs installable file system project is the brain child of Stephan Schreiber. Once this driver is installed on Windows (98/2000/XP), you can easily mount a Linux partition on your computer into Windows and assign a drive letter to it. Once that is done, the files in the Linux partition can be browsed, read and written to.

[Usefull if you're stuck with Windows on work or something — Sander]

A practical guide for IPtables and Linux security

A Step by step approach for how do you secure your Linux servers using IPtables. All you ever wanted to know about IPtables and then some...

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