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Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess is a quality shoot 'em up throwback to Desert Strike

Inspired by the Strike series (Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike) and Choplifter, Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess is a lot of fun if you love fast-paced shoot 'em up action. Note: the developer sent a key.

Apple Reconsiders its Approval of Open-Source Emulator App for iOS

If I got a dime each time Apple did something to gate-keep their ecosystem, I would've been a wealthy man by now.

The graying open source community needs fresh blood

A "Youth and Open Source" panel was held at the United Nations (UN) Open Source Program Office (OSPO) for Good conference in the UN building in Manhattan. There was only one little problem with it. To quote Ruth Ikegah, a young Nigerian open source project manager, "We need more young people here because I see a lot of old people here."

She nailed it.

AMD Zen 5 Overview With Ryzen 9000 Series & Ryzen AI 300

Last week I had the pleasure to be out in Los Angeles for the AMD Tech Day focused on their new Ryzen 9000 "Granite Ridge" and Ryzen AI 300 "Strix Point" processors. This was an exciting event with many new details shared around Zen 5 CPU cores and the RDNA 3.5 integrated graphics found with the upcoming Ryzen AI 300 series mobile processors. The embargo concerning those architectural details have now expired while the review/benchmarking embargo isn't until a later date.

Wine 9.13 Released - Continues Rewriting The CMD.EXE Engine

Wine 9.13 was released on Sunday as off its usual bi-weekly Friday release regiment for this newest development build.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Can Now Do What It Should Have Always Done

In case you did not know, we were pretty disappointed with Ubuntu 24.04 LTS for some of its shortcomings, like the lack of the ability to install .deb files using the App Center. And, we had a strong opinion about it (like every user should):..

Fresh programmer's editor on Linux lies Zed ahead

Zed – sorry, US readers, that's its name, not "Zee" – is a new coding tool. Until very recently it was Mac-only, but not any more. Zed Industries has just released version 0.143.6 of its new source code editor for developers, with a fresh feature that its users have been requesting pretty much since it appeared: it now runs on Linux as well as macOS.

Apache Cassandra 5.0: Answering Enterprises' Biggest Questions

With the general availability of Apache Cassandra 5.0 fast approaching, I'm receiving more questions than ever from Cassandra users wondering how upgrading their version of the open source NoSQL database might benefit their specific use cases.

Khadas Officially Launches Mind Graphics eGPU with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti

Khadas has launched the Mind Graphics eGPU, featuring the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti. This expansion of the Mind hardware family boosts performance for creative design, video rendering, gaming, and more.

Linux 6.10 Released With New Panthor Graphics Driver, Radeon Display Support On RISC-V

As anticipated the Linux 6.10 kernel was released as stable a few minutes ago by Linus Torvalds...

Linux 6.11 Features To Include A Lot For Intel & AMD Systems, Extensible Scheduler

With Linux 6.10 expected to be released in the coming hours, in turn the Linux 6.11 merge window will open tomorrow unless there is any last-minute v6.10 release delay. With that said, here's a look at some of the features you can likely expect to see for this next kernel version.

U2500 HAT Adds M.2 NVMe Support & Dual 2.5G Ethernet for Raspberry Pi 5

The U2500 M.2 NVMe & dual 2.5G Ethernet for Raspberry Pi 5, recently featured by the distributor 52Pi, is a versatile expansion module designed to enhance the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi 5. This HAT board integrates high-speed storage and network features, making it suitable for various advanced applications.

RPG Maker MV / MZ for Linux tool now supports TyranoBuilder, RPG Maker XP / VX / VX Ace

While it's in need of a better name, the RPG Maker MV / MZ for Linux tool had a new release recently that expanded the support for running games on Linux from TyranoBuilder, and RPG Maker XP / VX / VX Ace.

openEuler 24.03 LTS: I Try This New Specialized Open-Source Distro

openEuler 24.03 LTS is an open-source distro by the Atom foundation, with several companies like Alibaba, and Huawei, backing it. It is not your usual Linux distribution to replace Ubuntu on the desktop. openEuler is a specialized offering that aims to provide a platform for server, cloud, embedded devices, and edge. Somewhat like a mix of Fedora, Red Hat and SUSE.

Pingora 0.3 Released With Support For HTTP Modules

Pingora started out as an in-house replacement to Cloudflare's Nginx usage that was written in Rust and eventually open-sourced earlier this year. Pingora has evolved into a Rust framework for building fast and reliable networked systems. Ending out the week is the release of Pingora 0.3 as the latest step forward for this Rust code that is widely used within the confines of Cloudflare.

Engaging with our Firefox community: Highlights from our recent AMA

Recently, we shared our 2024 priorities for Firefox on Mozilla Connect, our dedicated space for engaging our community. It’s where we exchange ideas, gather feedback and spark discussions to shape future product releases. Eager to reach more of the community, the Firefox team hosted a two hour Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

RISC-V Based Lichee Pi 3A with 16GB RAM and PCIe Support

Sipeed launched the Lichee Pi 3A, an advanced development board designed for various computing tasks, including embedded systems and AI development. Powered by the K1 processor, a 22nm, RISC-V 1.6GHz CPU with eight cores, it ensures efficient performance for demanding applications.

Fakespot reveals the product categories with the most and least reliable product reviews for summer and back-to-school shopping

Today, Fakespot, a free browser extension and website that protects consumers from unreliable reviews and sellers, announced the Amazon product categories with the most reliable and unreliable reviews, just in time for the big summer sales and back-to-school shopping season.

AWS Graviton4 Benchmarks Prove To Deliver The Best ARM Cloud Server Performance

This week AWS announced that Graviton4 went into GA with the new R8G instances after Amazon originally announced their Graviton4 ARM64 server processors last year as built atop Arm Neoverse-V2 cores. I eagerly fired up some benchmarks myself and I was surprised by the generational uplift compared to Graviton3. At the same vCPU counts, the new Graviton4 cores are roughly matching Intel Sapphire Rapids performance while being able to tango with the AMD EPYC "Genoa" and consistently showing terrific generational uplift.

COSMIC Desktop Very Close To Alpha Release, Adds Compositor Multi-Threading

System76 continues working vigorously on COSMIC, their Rust-written Linux desktop environment being written for Pop!_OS and to see availability on other Linux distributions as well. They are finishing up last minute changes before putting the flag on a COSMIC alpha release.

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