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Dynamic scheduling of Tekton workloads using Triggers

Tekton is a Kubernetes-native continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) framework. It allows you to create containerized, composable, and configurable workloads declaratively through Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRD).

How to customize VM and cloud images with guestfish

Most sysadmins are used to dealing with base, guest, or gold images to provision new virtual machines (VM) or cloud instances in their traditional virtualization or cloud environments. The appeal of using these images is their slim size, standardization, simplicity, and basic configurations, from which it is possible to perform pre- or post-provisioning customization. Much of the customization takes place post-provisioning.

The Rust Foundation gets ready to Rumbul (we're sure new CEO has never, ever heard that joke before)

The Rust Foundation – the US non-profit behind the programming language since Mozilla let the team go – has picked a new CEO: Rebecca Rumbul, formerly director of research and engagement at digital democracy charity mySociety, and before that the Privacy Collective.

How to Install GlassFish Java Server with Nginx as a Reverse Proxy on Debian 11

GlassFish is an open-source application server used for deploying Java applications. It supports different Java-based technologies including, JPA, JavaServer Faces, JMS and RMI. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install the Glassfish server with Nginx as a reverse proxy on Debian 11.

Putting security into DevOps is tougher than it looks

If software development has absorbed a single lesson in the last two decades it’s that there’s an urgent need to integrate security at an early stage rather than leaving flaws to rot dangerously inside compiled code. Optimistically, dubbed shift left, the trick has been working out what this means in an era undergoing an historic transformation of development models.

OpenJS Foundation End-of-Year Update

The global pandemic brought the OpenJS Foundation closer to the end-users and contributors of its hosted JavaScript projects. With more than 97 percent of the world’s websites using JavaScript, it is the foundation for online commerce, economic growth, and innovation. Following the 25th anniversary of JavaScript, the OpenJS Foundation continues to see an exciting future for the number one programming language, evidenced by the diverse, multi-stakeholder communities that make up OpenJS.

Streamlabs shamed into dropping 'OBS' from product name after open-source OBS Project wades into Twitter spat

One of the few virtues of Twitter is that if someone makes a complaint to a big corporation, it's public. Everyone can see it, which sometimes means you get a rapid escalation and result. Just ask the OBS Project, which this week shamed Logitech subsidiary Streamlabs into changing the name of a product.

APT 2.3.12 package manager released, will no longer let you break everything

After the issues that happened with Linus from Linus Tech Tips breaking Pop!_OS during the switch to Linux challenge, the APT package manager has been upgraded to prevent future issues happening.

7 Linux command-line tips for saving media file space

Have media files on your computer? You can likely reclaim significant disk space by storing that data in more space-efficient file formats. This article demonstrates how to use Linux line commands to perform the most common space-saving conversions. I use line commands because they give you complete control over compression and format conversion features. Also, you'll need to use line commands if you want to write scripts. That allows you to develop programs that are custom-tailored to your own unique needs.

GitHub's State of the Octoverse shows developers still swerving the office

Developers, like many other tech professionals, are still opting to work at home even though they way they perform some of those functions has returned to pre-pandemic norms. This is according to GitHub' annual State of the Octoverse survey, based on telemetry from more than 4m repositories and thousands of developer polls.

Development Release: Slackware Linux 15.0 RC2

Patrick Volkerding has announced that the development branch of Slackware Linux has reached "release candidate 2" status. As a result, the highly anticipated release of version 15.0 of the world's oldest surviving Linux distribution is just around the corner..

Rust Foundation appoints Rebecca Rumbul as executive director

The Rust Foundation spun out from Mozilla is continuing to mature by naming its first executive director and CEO, Dr. Rebecca Rumbul.

Secure development: New and improved Linux Random Number Generator ready for testing

A modern alternative to the core encryption technology bundled with Linux distributions is ready for testing after five years of development. The Linux Random Number Generator (LRNG), which relies on several computing functions to act as a source of entropy, is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the long-established /dev/random function.

Linux has a serious security problem that once again enables DNS cache poisoning

As much as 38 percent of the Internet’s domain name lookup servers are vulnerable to a new attack that allows hackers to send victims to maliciously spoofed addresses masquerading as legitimate domains, like or

VMware pulls vSphere update that only made things worse

So this is awkward for VMware. The virtualization giant has pulled an update to its flagship vSphere suite because it didn't fix the problems it was released to address, and may have made them worse.

How to create an SQS Queue on AWS

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a managed message queuing service of AWS which enables us to decouple and scale microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications.

Ubuntu Desktop Team Leader reports "proof of concept" systemd on Windows Subsystem for Linux

Canonical may be working on introducing systemd to Ubuntu on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), according to a post by Ubuntu Desktop Team Technical Leader Didier Roche.

3 interesting ways to use the Linux cowsay command

Most of the time, a terminal is a productivity powerhouse. But there's more to the terminal than commands and configurations. Among all the outstanding open source software out there, some of it has been written just for fun. I've written about fun commands before, but this article is about just one: the venerable cowsay command.

Going Beyond Source Code in 2021?: ?Joint Development Foundation and Open Standards Efforts

In 2019, the Linux Foundation added the Joint Development Foundation (JDF) to its family of project communities to build upon its existing body of specification work. The addition of JDF to the Linux Foundation brought with it a unique but straightforward process that allows new projects to form quickly and collaborate under a standardized set of governance principles that ensure the resulting specification can be implemented with open source licenses.

Alma and Rocky Linux release 8.5 builds, Rocky catches up with secure boot

AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux, both of which provide community builds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), have released builds matching RHEL 8.5, with Rocky's work catching up with Alma by being signed for secure boot. Would-be CentOS replacements AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux track RHEL closely, and differ from CentOS Stream in that they aim to be binary compatible with RHEL, whereas CentOS Stream is upstream of Red Hat's commercial distribution.

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