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Does Novell still have mind share?

Does a reinvented Novell matter anymore? As the company prepares to trumpet its focus on serving the open enterprise at its annual BrainShare conference this week, industry observers remain mixed on whether the former networking powerhouse has a relevant place in today's corporate software market.

What Exactly Is Viiv?

According to Intel, Viiv is a set of key Intel technologies that are designed to bring the performance and connectivity of PCs to the world of consumer electronics. When the new branding was unveiled late last year, the details were still fairly sketchy, but Intel have now released specifications.

Biz/Tech Watch: McNealy Resigns, Google Buys Sun Microsystems?

  •; By Daniel M. Harrison (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Mar 16, 2006 9:54 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Sun
Scott McNealy, Chief Executive of Sun Microsystems, "will soon move on from the company", Forbes reports today, after recent revelations from Mark Stahlman, a research analyst for Carris and Company. When the analyst last spoke with McNealy about his plans, he indicated that he was staying on "until the job is done" and concurred that finishing the job meant at least three things — reestablishing product superiority, regaining control over costs and igniting demand in a broad and balanced customer base.

Yahoo overhauls Yahoo Mail with heaps of new features

The new service, which is currently in beta, will be available to all UK Yahoo Mail customers today and users will be given a choice as to whether they wish to try out the new service when they next log in. Highlights of the new beta version of Yahoo! Mail include increased speed and features such as a reading pane to instantly view messages, an RSS reader which you can either chose to subscribe to Yahoo's own news feeds or input your own URL and support for both Firefox and Internet Explorer as standard.

Linux PC built for the wrist

Running Linux or Windows CE, the PC has a 72mm x 55mm touch screen, 64MB SD-RAM and up to 1GB storage in a built-in SD memory slot. The device has batteries built into the strap and can give up to six hours productive time. Full GPS is built in, as is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and the device is controlled via a stylus and touch screen. A speaker is incorporated as is stereo sound via headphones. [Now that's my kind of watch. - sharkscott]

Why you should switch to SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

I know many of you are still reluctant to phase out your NetWare servers in favor of Open Enterprise Server (OES) or SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). So we won't talk about that today. Rather, I'm going to ask you to take a look at the systems on your users' desktops. More than likely, they're running some version of Windows. Is that really the best use of your (always limited) licensing dollars?

BIRT(h) of an open-source reporting alternative

BIRT, which turns two in August, is the lovechild of enterprise reporting specialist Actuate (which donated code and full-time technologists to the effort) and the open-source Eclipse software community. BIRT is a J2EE-based reporting solution that plugs into the Eclipse IDE. Like Microsoft’s SSRS offering, BIRT combines an embeddable reporting engine, report lifecycle management capabilities and a client authoring tool.

How one bank found a perfect balance for Linux and Windows

"I'm not a Microsoft hater," says Kerry Miller, a network engineer and PC services manager for the bank. "I just believe in the right tool at the right time..Only about 15% of the servers are on Linux," he says. "But the work is pretty important, supporting 100% of the users. It's not that we have a lot of Linux boxes, it's that the Linux boxes are in pretty strategic spots." ["in pretty strategic spots"- So in other words, they only use Windows where it does not matter if it crashes. - sharkscott]

Industry's First Open Source HR / Applicant Tracking System (ATS) ...

CATS is the HR/Staffing/Recruiting industry’s first and only open source, enterprise class, web based ATS package. Built using the LAMP platform and open source design methodologies, CATS is on a fast track to rival the best proprietary ATS offerings in the marketplace..Using CATS, Human Resource managers and recruiters can easily manage critical talent acquisition issues in an easy yet powerful manner.

Microsoft's Hilf says Windows more reliable than Linux

Hilf says: "When I talk to a middle of the road customer that might be indifferent about Microsoft or Linux, one of the words they typically use with me is predictability. How do I know that the software is extraordinarily well tested and predictable? Some of the key differentiators are when I think about how we build software, a tremendous amount of investment and energy goes into testing to ensure the predictability of the software experience."[Ed: Their software is predictable all right, no backwards compatability and you know it will crash. - sharkscott]

Google Hacker Firefox Extension : Advanced Dork

Known as Advanced Dork, this extension provides right-click access to Google’s Advanced Operators like intitle: inurl: intext: site: ext: and filetype.[ED: How can you not love that name! - SR] [ED: Note: The extension itself was created by CP, not Johnny Long as the article states. - SR]

How to give Linux Away

  LXer Feature: 16-Jan-06

As a community we would like to see a large computer manufacturer sell PC's with Linux already on them. Is this the only option?

COMRADES! GPLv3 is here!

The new general public licence has arrived. Paul Furber celebrates the Great Leap Forward of 2006.. "As you are aware from your compulsory weekly education classes, the old general public licence has resisted all attempts to overcome it. Many have tried. All have failed. Millions of companies have gone bankrupt trying to make money from it and over 100 governments have collapsed trying to oppose it -- which is, of course, just as we intended."

Is Google About To Buy Sun Microsystems?

  •; By Daniel M. Harrison (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Mar 11, 2006 7:58 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Sun
Daniel M Harrison's take on what is really going on with Google and Sun.. "Anyone who thinks Google can continue its phenomenal growth without a platform to combine hardware, storage, StarOffice, JAVA, and Solaris ought to think again - the combinations are the only competitive advantage that can enable them to trade at a P/E of 100 - and perhaps way above." [Ed: Google and Sun, one company? It sounds like two Ogres trying to tap dance to me. - sharkscott]

Can Novell lift the Linux Desktop to the next level?

Columnist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols thinks he has found a pattern in Novell's pursuit of the enterprise desktop. For a while, Novell has produced great Linux desktops, like OpenSUSE, he writes. At the same time, though, Novell has insisted that for businesses, its only desktop interest was in thin-client-style worker-bee desktops. But things have changed. [Ed: From the videos I have seen, it blows Vista away! - sharkscott]

Five things I dislike about SUSE 10

I've been running the retail version on SUSE Linux 10.0 as my production desktop machine since early November. I like its online update facility; it's a great way to keep the system refreshed with the latest security and bug fixes, and I'm not the only one who feels this way. But I've found a few things in SUSE 10 that I'm not too fond of, and that make me start thinking about changing distros. (I can understand why he feels this way, then again I use KDE so I missed out on most of what he doesn't like. - Scott)

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