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RISC-V Summit Debuts to Showcase Open Source ISA

This week there's further proof that RISC-V has arrived. Something over 1,000 professionals, mostly on the hardware side of tech, are attending the first ever RISC-V Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley.

Open Source RISC-V Silicon Project and Linux Foundation Form Partnership

First fruits of the collaboration between the Linux Foundation and the open source project will be two "getting started" guides to be made available at next week's RISC-V Summit.

Red Hat Acquires Multi-cloud Storage Vendor NooBaa

In what might be its last acquisition as an independent company, Red Hat has purchased Israel-based multi-cloud storage software company NooBaa.


Shuttleworth is probably playing a bit with smoke and mirrors here, however, and there's likely not as much "new" here as it might seem. According to Canonical's website, traditional support with free security and bug fixes for Ubuntu 18.04 still runs out in five years, or in April 2023. After that, you'll need to write a check to Canonical to keep your machines safe and secure.

VMware Buys Kubernetes-based Heptio to Boost Its Multi-Cloud Strategy

Another important open source company has been picked up by a big proprietary player. This time it's the Seattle-based Kubernetes-focused Heptio, which is being acquired by the virtualization giant VMware. The deal was announced on Tuesday at VMworld Europe in Barcelona, just a little over a week after IBM picked up Red Hat for a cool $33 billion. Details of the sale are not being made public.

HashiCorp's Cloud Tools Fuel $100 Million Funding Round

While the big story last week was the $33 billion IBM shelled out to take Red Hat under its wing, another open source company was busy attracting investor interest as well. On Thursday, the six-year-old open source startup, HashiCorp, whose cloud tools are popular with DevOps, announced it has raised $100 million in Series D funding.

RHEL 7.6: Red Hat's Swan Song as an Independent

This week Red Hat released RHEL 7.6 with enhancements to security and compliance, management and automation, and containers.

Will Red Hat Survive IBM Ownership?

Big Blue plans to use both Red Hat's name and expertise to help convince potential enterprise customers that it is the company to choose to reshape legacy on-premises infrastructure to a hybrid cloud approach, utilizing modern cloud native technologies -- an area where Red Hat is a leader and IBM is sorely lacking. In addition, it'll most likely take advantage of the new acquisition to further optimize RHEL and the rest of the Red Hat stack for its servers, especially its mainframe offerings which have seen a considerable uptake since the introduction of the LinuxONE line.

OpenStack Foundation Says Its Open Source Edge Platform StarlingX Is Ready to Fly

Wind River said the code was made open source at the insistence of potential customers. The platform offers a compute, storage, and networking solution for a wide variety of edge applications.

Red Hat Cloud Prowess Drives $33 Billion IBM Deal

Many in the open source community have been anticipating Microsoft making an "embrace, extend, extinguish" move on Linux and open source ever since CEO Satya Nadella made his famous "Microsoft loves Linux" proclamation a few years back. If that was in Redmond's playbook, IBM just beat them to the punch.

Canonical Eyes FinTech With Ubuntu Server 18.10

Canonical says that the latest version of its Ubuntu Server Linux operating system incorporates input from the financial services industry.

SSH Authentication Bug Opens Door If You Say You're Logged-In

Due to a coding error, the libssh SSH authentication library would pass anyone who said they'd already successfully logged-in.

Microsoft's Peace Treaty With the 'Linux System'

The company has joined OIN, giving up its ability to sue users of Linux for infringing any of 90,000 or so patents it holds. Not everyone in the open source community believes in its good intentions.

Cloud Foundry Goes All-In With Kubernetes

Further proof probably isn't needed to confirm that Kubernetes has become the de facto standard when it comes to container orchestration, but if you need more, the Cloud Foundry Foundation announced this week that it has taken on two new Kubernetes-focused projects.

When Linux Founder Linus Torvalds Leaves, Pandemonium Breaks Loose

When Linux founder Linus Torvalds temporarily stepped down from the helm, there was suddenly trouble.

Mesosphere User Survey Says Hybrid Deployments Top Cloud-Only for the First Time

According to a recent user survey by Mesosphere, forecasts of the demise of on-premises data centers don't appear to be coming true . While companies do continue to move to the cloud, many are taking the hybrid approach, keeping much of their data and workloads within the four walls of their own data centers.

Deutsche Telekom's and Aricent's Open Source Edge Software Platform for 5G

Big telecoms want to make sure that when 5G is rolled out wholesale, that data centers are ready to handle expected new use cases from the edge. To make sure of that, they're developing software designed to get the job done and are releasing it as open source.

Time to Rebuild Alpine Linux Docker Containers After Package Manager Patch

A package manager man-in-the-middle vulnerability put Alpine Linux Docker images at risk, but a patch is available now.

Three More Intel Chip Exploits Surface

Not that we needed it, but there's more evidence today that Intel has been playing fast and loose with security in order to stay ahead of the fast-chip competition. Today it was announced that there are three more Meltdown/Spectre-type Intel chip exploits. The vulnerability affects Intel's desktop, workstation, and server CPUs.

Why Isn't Blockchain Technology Adoption Soaring?

Two-and-a-half-years-ago when the Linux Foundation announced the creation of the blockchain-based Hyperledger Project, the hype was that blockchain was on its way to becoming the most disruptive technology since the internet. You might have noticed that hasn't happened yet.

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