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Microsoft Reaches Out to Open-Source Community

Microsoft Corp. has extended an olive branch to the open-source community, calling for a sit-down to discuss how the software giant can better work with the open-source world. At a recent conference, Microsoft's general counsel called for bridge building between Microsoft, its competitors and the open-source community.

Firefox Hits 50 Million Downloads

Mozilla announced Friday that its Firefox Web browser had reached the 50 million download mark, less than six months after its official launch last November.
The news comes just a day after research firm released its latest figures showing that Mozilla browsers are still gaining market share, although at a slower rate.
Research by XiTi-monitor also showed Firefox now has a market share of 13,3% in Europe, with a record market share of 31% in Finland.

Linuxcounter estimates page updated; LXer mentioned

Maybe you now the Linuxcounter from the good old days. Well, it's still up, at, and it's age is almost 12 years now. It contained an estimates page, which estimated the number of Linux users in the world. The page was made in 2001, and needed an update. So, I decided to do just that, and of course, make a reference to the LXer migration DB.
You can view the new estimates page here. The estimate is a bit conservative however, but we shouldn't be boasting too much.
For people who had an account once: since a lot of inactive users were removed, it is possible your account was removed. Read on to see how you can reactivate.

GeNToo - Gentoo on the Microsoft NT kernel

Gentoo is happy to announce the first experimental release of Gentoo for the NT kernel! Away from mainstream Gentoo a group of developers has managed to push the flexibility of our distribution to new heights and getting it to run natively on the well-known NT kernel!

Software patents in the banana-union (EU): short summary

Strange things happened in the EU recently. After about eight months of struggling, last Monday the Luxembourg Council Presidency claimed to have finally adopted a Common Position backed by a qualified majority about the software-patents-issue. However, the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure ( claims it appears that this majority does not exist and that there were multiple violations of procedural rules [1]. After trying to find out more about the issue, things get messier and messier, and more and more questions arise.So, what's happening here?

Brussels shouldn't push through software patents, Dutch parliament said Thursday

  •; Brussel moet softwarepatent niet doordrukken (Posted by hkwint on Mar 4, 2005 7:34 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Translation of the article: THE HAGUE - The Dutch Parliament doesn't agree with the European Commission, who wants to push through a directive about software patents. A motion by a member of parliament, Örgü (VVD party, liberals), which insists on the withdrawal of the directive, was adopted unanimous on thursday.

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