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Thinking outside of the wireless box

Wireless connections are great for liberating us from our desks but have you ever thought of what else you could achieve with a bit of time and a few less wires? <i>Wireless Network Hacks and Mods for Dummies</i> throws the rulebook out the window and comes up with some imaginative ways to exploit wireless technology.

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.4.6 update

Intel and PowerPC; client and server

Linux Phone Standards Forum Announced

Michel Gien introduces the Linux Phone Standards Forum, a consortium aimed at facilitating the use of Linux for telephony applications in general, and mobile phones in particular.(MP3, 4:21 mins.)

Virtualization, On Demand, And Open Source Stirring Stagnant ...

Software makers are failing to give their customers and themselves the tools and mindset needed to grow in tomorrow's business environment. But that's changing, said Jason Maynard, director of equity research for Credit Suisse Securities, at the InformationWeek Spring Conference.

An Open-Source Lightning Rod

One weekend back in December, Marc Fleury was hunched over his computer, absorbed in writing a fervent, almost preachy and completely self-serving blog about why IBM (IBM ) and BEA Systems Inc. (BEAS ) will never be able to best his tiny but growing open-source company, JBoss Inc. His 6-year-old daughter walked up to him and asked: "Daddy, why are you still working on a Sunday? Is IBM still after you?" He laughed and replied: "Yes, darling...but now a whole industry is ganging up on us."

Dr. Dobb's Linux Digest- October 2005

Fault tolerance, Live CDs, Audio editing,Encryption, distibution news, instant messaging clients, vector graphics, Linuxpodcasts and book reviews

SA Home Affairs stamps Linux visa

The South African Department of Home Affairs plans to roll out Suse Linux and Novell Groupwise to its 635 foreign missions, border posts and local offices.

Gregarius aggregator succeeds with feeds

Using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or Atom feeds to check your favorite sites and blogs can be a big time-saver. However, if you use more than one computer or operating system, managing your feeds and tracking updates is more difficult. Gregarius, a Web-based server-side aggregator that supports RSS, RDF, and Atom feeds, can help.

Microsoft Fallout: Rep. DeLay Won't Seek Reelection

We received an email from Dr. Nelson this evening alerting us to the pending resignation of Tom DeLay. Dr. Nelson serves as an advocate for unemployed technology workers who have lost their jobs as a result of cheap labor furnished by H-1B workers. He has found that Microsoft lobbied for increases in worker Visa programs while obliterating the workforce protections of the Age Discrimination In Employment Act of 1967, as Amended. The Act designates U.S. citizens over age 40 as a "protected class" so designated to insure US supremacy in the field of technology innovation.

Many believe that Microsoft's intent in lobbying for H1B Visas had more to do with destroying the pool of knowledgeable programmers and administrators familiar with the UNIX operating system than in finding technology workers.

You can visit Dr. Nelson's web site to find extensive research and information putting our friends in Redmond in the forefront of the DeLay-Abramoff affair. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor these events with the help of Dr. Nelson.

Vendors, Customers Should Set Xen Standards High

Opinion: A specter of vendor-introduced incompatibilities looms, but an appropriate level of Xen standardization will carry the day.

Customizing Ubuntu

  Thunderbird Latest Version   Simple steps to install version 1.5 with previously used data and configuration files. A few words about extending the customization to enable a few nice features.

Virtualization start-ups hit reset button

Virtual Iron and XenSource, two contenders in a hot market, will tell LinuxWorld faithful their new ways to take on VMware.

Novell Announces New Programs, Services Under Development

At the annual LinuxWorld Conference, Novell discusses its OpenSUSE build service as part of a new Linux build service framework that will become the development platform for future SUSE Linux distributions.

SFLC Establishes Conservancy to Give Aid to Developers

The Software Freedom Law Center has set up the Conservancy to provide financial and administrative services to open-source developers.

Microsoft to 'host' Linux virtually

The Windows giant will support customers that run Red Hat and SuSE Linux in Virtual Server 2005 R2, which will now be offered as a free download.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 40

Welcome to our issue number 40 of Fedora Weekly

Ibm Announces 'Migrate to the Penguin' Initiative

IBM has announced the 'Migrate to the Penguin' initiative to help customers move from Microsoft Exchange to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino on Linux quickly and easily. The new initiative is an expansion of IBM's Move2Lotus program, which now includes more than 100 IBM Business Partners helping customers migrate to Lotus Notes and Domino and developing migration tools to help customers make the transition.

CLI Magic: When

If you're the type of geek who likes tools and apps that are fast and lean, and you're not afraid of getting a little CLI under your fingernails, When is a good choice for your personal calendar. Even better, it's easy enough to install and use, and well enough documented, that you don't have to be a geek to take advantage of it.

LinuxWorld: Virtualization Bake-In Off and Running

Red Hat, Novell and a host of other Linux players are lining up to add virtualization technology into the OS kernel, but the reaction is mixed. Is open-source virtualization a threat to VMware?

29 Year Old Programmer May Have Caused 7 Billion Dollars Worth Of Damage.

  • uncommonbusiness (Posted by tadelste on Apr 3, 2006 6:26 AM EDT)
Spencer is the inventor of Asterisk, a free software program that establishes phone calls over the Internet and handles voicemail, caller ID, teleconferencing and a host of novel features for the phone. With Asterisk loaded onto a computer, a decent-size company can rip out its traditional phone switch, even some of its newfangled Internet telephone gear, and say good-bye to 80% of its telecom equipment costs. Not good news for Cisco, Nortel or Avaya.

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