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Adblock Extensions Can Cause Problems

This article isn't arguing against the use of Adblocking extensions, like AdBlock Plus. Rather, it's an argument in favor of using said extensions more prudently (i.e. using whitelists for sites you support etc...).

Terry Hancock on Free Software and Free Culture

Free Software Magazine Columnist and co-owner of Anansi Spaceworks, Terry Hancock is also the creator of the Lib-Ray standard, which he is still working on.

Death of Net Neutrality: Is Mozilla Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Mozilla recently appealed to the FCC regarding Net Neutrality, but should the non-profit try something different? Is there a better way?

Mobile Broadband: What Are the Challenges?

Sometimes, cable or DSL just isn't available. In that case, what happens when mobile broadband is used on a regular basis?

Is FCC the solution for net neutrality?

In terms of fighting for software freedom and free flow of information, citizens of the U.S. have relied on the government to keep things fair. Is this the best approach, or is there a better alternative?

US Kills Net Neutrality, Will it Curb Innovation?

Since the courts have invalidated the FCC's Net Neutrality rules, what can be done now?

Open Letter to Intel Developer Chris Wilson

The choice to not support XMir patches upstream is not what had me scratching my temple. After all, much of Con Klivas's work was rejected by the core developers of the Linux kernel. I take issue with how the overall message and choice of wording regarding the attempt to send said patch upstream.

The *Nixed Report Issue #4 Available

On the Unix portion of this digital magazine, Debian "Wheezy" is reviewed.

Is Canonical Truly Insolvent, or Was the Full Story not Told?

Dietrich Schmitz of asked the question about Canonical's financial solvency. I look into the matter to see if there's more to the story.

*NIXEDCAST Coming to An Ear Near You

With the combined might of WordPress and Audacity, I am now able to do OGGcasting. I'll be doing some regular shows on a weekly basis at the very least. Feel free to download the teaser, play it, copy it, and pass it around as long as you provide appropriate attribution.

It's Time to Thank Felton

In his latest blog post, helios called for positive letters to the residents of Felton, California. I am also offering a place where people can write as well due to helios having to deal with spam bots, which is never a fun thing.

Pushing the Glacier

In this article, I ask some very difficult questions concerning the promotion of Free and Open Source Software.

Only a Few Could Dream of This!

The main post in the article is simply a rehash of what helios stated his blog about a certain school in California. Christian Einfeldt himself clarifies what he needs in order to convince the school in question to adopt a FOSS platform by commenting below the post.

Revenge of the Nerdette

As geeks become chic in all levels of society, an unlikely subset is starting to roar. Meet the Nerd Girls: they're smart, they're techie and they're hot.

[It appears to becoming a more common thing: geeky girls. It is also interesting to note that Cathy Malmrose of ZaReason is mentioned in the article itself. - thenixedreport]

Gadget recycling may be poisoning China's children

Think about this next time you upgrade your PC: toxic metals from old electronic goods are finding their way into school grounds in China.

To All the Little Guys Out There

For the up and coming distros of our time, publicity can be a wonderful thing. With that, I am announcing a way to make it easier to get the publicity needed so that they can gain interest from other potential users. Best of all, waiting periods are very slim.

Microsoft Told to Pay Tax on License Fee for Software

In an ironic twist of fate, Microsoft's own End User License Agreement could force the software giant to pay taxes in India for selling their software due to their products being "licensed, not sold."

Third Party Driver Modder Threatened by Creative Labs

  • Creative Labs Forums; By Phil O'Shaughnessy (Posted by thenixedreport on Mar 30, 2008 6:12 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Microsoft
In a move that has shocked consumers, Creative Labs has ordered Daniel_K to cease providing modified drivers that offer complete functionality for many Sound Blaster audio cards under Windows Vista.

Distro Feature: Shift Linux

Not every distro out there is well known. One can even go so far as to declare that some of them have active opposition against them. It is these little guys that do not always have the coverage that they deserve. So starting with this blog post, I will raise awareness of an interesting journey begun by Neowin forum members.

The *NIXED REPORT Being Revamped

Some changes are being made to THE *NIXED REPORT website. The front page is being changed into a portal with four main links. Read on for more details...

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