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Gov 2.0 rises to the next level: Open data in action

For many, Gov 2.0 is about putting government in the hands of citizens. Whether it’s a mobile app alerting residents to a local meeting or checking social media networks to see which roads are clear for the morning commute. The term should be defined primarily by its utility in helping citizens or agencies solve problems, either for individuals or the commons, according to a recent article on the subject by Alex Howard on GovFresh.

TAZ receives German Document Freedom Award

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) and the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) has awarded the Document Freedom Germany Award to die tageszeitung (TAZ)

Ultimate PC security requires UEFI -- and Windows 8 or Linux

Most people don't understand UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) or even know whether their computer has it. An interface layer between an operating system and firmware, UEFI offers much better security than plain old PC BIOS.

Mini Android PC hitches a ride on a Kickstarter rocket

A company developing a low-cost personal computer based on Android launched a Kickstarter project yesterday, to help get the device into production. After just one day, the MiiPC project has already achieved Kickstarter pledges of more than $10,000 beyond its $50,000 goal. The MiiPC (pronounced “me-PC”) is basically a mini-PC running Android. However, it’s being [...]

Pondering the future of Moore’s Law

In this guest post, Eric Gulliksen, a senior analyst at VDC Research, ponders the future of Moore’s Law, which in 1965 predicted that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit would double approximately every two years. Despite predictions that Moore’s Law can’t continue unabated indefinitely, there’s still cause for optimism. ? Moore’s Law — [...]

New features in Cairo-Dock 3.2

The latest version of Cairo-Dock includes many minor enhancements, as well as new applets and plugins. Cairo-Dock equips desktop environments with an additional panel and can also replace existing desktop panels

Eclipse Community Awards winners announced

The Eclipse community has honoured developers, evangelists and committed Eclipse members in the Eclipse Community Awards. Technologies and projects were also recognised for their openness and quality

How to Deploy A Server

When I write my column, I try to stick to specific hacks or tips you can use to make life with Linux a little easier. Usually, I describe with pretty specific detail how to accomplish a particular task including command-line and configuration file examples.

Geometry Shaders For Gallium3D LLVM

Geometry shaders are one of the few remaining features to be implemented before Mesa can officially declare itself in compliance with the OpenGL 3.2 specification. Fortunately, work on the Gallium3D side is ongoing...

Open Recall: Android, Chrome OS, Ruby, and DOS on the Raspberry Pi

In this edition: Eric Schmidt on a possible Android and Chrome OS merger, why Jeff Atwood uses Ruby, Arch Linux switches to MariaDB, a PC DOS emulator for the Raspberry Pi, the latest Linux Mint Debian, Fenrus Linux, and Red Eclipse 1.4

big.LITTLE ARM embraces automotive infotainment

Renesas has released a second generation automotive infotainment SOC (system-on-chip). The R-Car H2 SOC’s big.LITTLE architecture combines ARM’s high-performance Cortex A-15 quad-core and power-efficient Cortex A-7 quad-core CPU subsystems on a single part, targeting the cars of 2015 and beyond. The super-highly-integrated R-Car H2 SOC was designed to support emerging automotive infotainment requirements for high-definition [...]

Enlightenment's Terminal Brings In Fancy Features

Terminology 0.3 has been released, which is the Enlightenment project's own terminal emulator built atop EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Library) components. Terminology is written from scratch and with its v0.3 release it boasts some truly original and innovative features for this terminal emulator. There's embedded support for previewing videos/images and other new inline capabilities...

Linux Group Files Complaint With EU Over SecureBoot

The Hispalinux Spanish Linux association has filed a complaint against Microsoft with the European Union over the UEFI SecureBoot...

Update on OsciPrime: an open-source Android oscilloscope

Several years ago, a pair of engineering students in Switzerland developed an Android-controlled oscilloscope as part of their bachelor’s thesis project. Though the “OsciPrime” was initially controlled by a Beagleboard, there’s now an app for tablets and smartphones running Android 3+, and ready-to-use OsciPrime boards are available for purchase. OsciPrime co-developer Andreas Rudolph provided this [...]

Student conference experiments with Open Badges

Online, we know what open education looks like: P2PU, MOOC, Coursera, MITx—pick your favorite acronym. But, what does open education look like in person, and how do we capture its value in transferable artifacts with lasting impact? At the University of Michigan School of Information, a group of students has been experimenting with leading unconferences as a site of professional development for librarians, archivists, and other information workers. We call these events Quasi-Cons, short for 'quasi-conference', and held our second this winter in Ann Arbor, Michigan, drawing nearly 70 students, alumni, and professionals for a day long mix of participant-driven discussion sessions, lightning talks, and panels.

Beat Making Lab partners with PBS Digital Studios to expand reach of music education

  •; By Alanna Howard (Posted by tracyanne on Mar 26, 2013 4:06 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
In the next step of their mission to spread the magic of making music, Beat Making Lab has partnered with PBS Digital Studios to produce web episodes of the work they are doing with youth in Africa. Making music used to involve expensive technology and space built to record sound. Recently, Beat Making Lab has challenged that paradigm by making music produced with equipment that can fit into a carry-on bag. Using a Mac laptop, open source beat-making software, microphone, Midi controller, and speakers or headphones, the group can travel anywhere to teach youth in the tools and techniques to produce their own beat music.

Tiny ARM Cortex A9-based motherboard runs Linux, Android

iWave Systems has released a Pico-ITX motherboard based on Freescale’s single- and dual-core i.MX 6 processors, which integrate ARM Cortex-A9 CPUs plus 2D and 3D GPUs. Unlike SODIMM-style COMs (computer-on-modules), iWave’s i.MX6 Pico ITX SBC offers easy connection of audio, video, Ethernet, and USB I/O, without requiring a custom baseboard. iWave says its tiny 100 [...]

Ten year beta ends with release of Quicksilver 1.0

Five years of closed development and five years of open source collaboration have seen the keyboard-driven shell for Mac OS X finally feature-rich enough and stabilised to become a version 1.0

Upstart 1.8 reports file modifications

Upstart can now monitor files, reporting when certain files are created, deleted or modified. The event daemon also has a graphical monitor to track events that have been initiated

Media Centre Linux OpenELEC now on Raspberry Pi

The recently released version 3.0 of OpenELEC, the minimalist media centre Linux distribution, supports more hardware. Based on XBMC 12.1, it now includes images for the Raspberry Pi and Arctic MC001 computers

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