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Tutorials, workflows, and a place to showcase high-quality FOSS photography

  • (Posted by bob on Jul 20, 2016 12:54 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
There's a special place to chat with fellow photographers, learn about high-end FOSS photography software, and share your work with others. It's called PIXLS.US, and it's a large and wonderful world beyond Photoshop. read more

Machine Learning, Deep Learning 101

  • IBM developerWorks : Linux (Posted by bob on Jul 20, 2016 11:56 AM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM, Linux; Story Type: News Story
This article describes the growing relevance of Machine Learning used in various kinds of analytics along with an overview of Deep Learning. It provides an end-to-end process for using Machine Learning and Deep Learning and the options for getting started on IBM® Power Systems™.

Linux version of VIDEOBALL being blocked by publisher, developer comments on it

  • GamingOnLinux; By LiamD (Posted by liamdawe on Jul 20, 2016 10:59 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Games
This is weird. The developer of VIDEOBALL has stated that they want a Linux & Mac version, but told people essentially it's the publisher who needs to be spoken to about it.

How to install the privacyIDEA authentication system on Ubuntu

privacyIDEA is a modular authentication system that can manage authentication on your network. It's powerful, it's flexible, and it can be set up for free on an existing Ubuntu server.

Learn an instrument with this open source music teacher

  • (Posted by bob on Jul 20, 2016 9:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Playing musical scores is a heavy kind of art. The Nootka app will help you understand the basics of music notation reading, and help you improve by practicing various kinds of exercises. Nootka gives real-time feedback, has multiple difficulty levels, and is customizable. Long story short You play or sing notes displayed by the app. Nootka tells you in real time if you're playing them correctly. read more

Fedora 22 end of life

  • Fedora Magazine (Posted by bob on Jul 20, 2016 8:08 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Fedora; Story Type: News Story
As of July 19, 2016, Fedora 22 has reached its end of life for updates and support. No more updates, not even security fixes, will be provided for Fedora 22. Fedora 23 will be maintained with updated packages until approximately... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Azure doubles up to $800m a quarter -- and is wiped out by dying phone sales

Win some, you lose some: profit up, revenue down Analysis All eyes were on Microsoft's cloud business today as it published its fourth-quarter and full-year financial results.…

Video: Hardware hacking basics for Linux software devs

In this interesting ELC video, Grant Likely, a Linux kernel engineer and maintainer of the Linux Device Tree, describes his journey into embedded hardware. Sometimes the best tutorials come not from experts, but from proficient newcomers who are up to date on the latest entry-level technologies and can remember what it’s like to be a […]

One Day Left: EFF’s Summer Security Reboot

Join EFF’s Summer Security Reboot and defend digital security! Receive a special bonus gift during this two-week membership drive: EFF dice that can help you generate stronger and more memorable random passphrases and start conversations about online security. And for the duration of the Summer Security Reboot, $20 will qualify for a one-year Silicon membership. Stand with EFF and protect yourself, your personal information, and your rights.

Non-Linux FOSS: Caffeine!

Okay, this program is free (beer), but not Free (speech). I wouldn't normally include a freeware application in a "Non-Linux FOSS" piece, because quite frankly, it isn't FOSS. But, I decided to break the rules a bit here because I realized how often I use a freeware program when I'm on OS X that I couldn't imagine doing without.

BlackBerry chief: We don't have to make phones to make phones

If you see what I mean. Do you? Does anyone? BlackBerry CEO John Chen said his company has an internal project to bring Android security up to the level of its BlackBerry 10 platform, which should bear fruit after the release of Android N.…

Does Android need a new app store?

Also in today's open source roundup: Six desktop Linux mistakes, and how to use the Lantern browser to view blocked websites.

Cossacks 3 release date announced, Linux release delayed

We should see this coming by now. The Cossacks 3 release date has been announced and I have it confirmed personally that the Linux release is now delayed.

A Linux Kernel Wizard's Adventures in Embedded Hardware

Sometimes the best tutorials come not from experts, but from proficient newcomers who are up to date on the latest entry-level technologies and can remember what it’s like to be a newbie. It also helps if, like Grant Likely, the teacher is a major figure in embedded Linux who understands how hardware is ignited by software.

Just As Open Competitor To Elsevier's SSRN Launches, SSRN Accused Of Copyright Crackdown

A couple of months ago, we wrote about how publishing giant Elsevier had purchased the open access pre-publisher SSRN. SSRN is basically the place where lots of research that we regularly report on is published. Legal and economics academics quite frequently post their journal articles there. Of course, Elsevier has a well-known reputation for being extreme copyright maximalists in dangerous ways. Having Elsevier take over SSRN concerned a lot of academics, and even led to calls for alternatives, including many asking the famed arXiv to open a social science research operation as well.

Coin-sized COM could be worlds smallest Raspberry Pi clone

The promised second-generation version of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module featuring the same quad-core, 64-bit Broadcom BCM2837 SoC as the Raspberry Pi 3 will be out within a few months, according to a recent PC World interview with Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Eben Upton.

GDC Europe survey shows 17% of developers plan to release Linux titles

GDC Europe ran a survey of 800 games industry professionals who attended a previous GDC event and about 17% stated they plan a game for Linux.

Koha Integrated Library System Brings FOSS to Libraries

The proprietary software used by most libraries is incredibly expensive, and comes with support costs that can be even higher. Projects like Koha bring the option of a free and open source solution into play.

Chrooting Apache 2.4 with mod_unixd on Debian 8 (Jessie)

This guide explains how to set up mod_unixd with Apache on a Debian 8 system. With mod_unixd, you can run Apache in a secure chroot environment (similar to the older mod_chroot) and make your server less vulnerable to break-in attempts that try to exploit vulnerabilities in Apache or your installed web applications.

Apache Foundation Crucial to Hadoop, Big Data's Success

Looking back at 10 years of Hadoop, project co-founder and Cloudera Chief Architect Doug Cutting can see two primary factors in the success of open source big data technology: a heap of luck and the Apache Foundation’s unique support. Cutting delivered a keynote at the Apache Big Data conference in Vancouver in May. In that talk, he said Hadoop was the right technology at the right time, but the reason it was able to capitalize on that position was the work from the Apache community.

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