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Ubuntu Touch to Get a LibreOffice Doc Viewer Soon

  • Softpedia; By Silviu Stahie (Posted by thesilviu on Aug 23, 2015 6:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
LibreOffice 5.0 was released a week ago, and one of the things mentioned in the announcement was the fact that it's a cornerstone of the mobile clients for Ubuntu Touch and Android. A developer wanted to clarify what that actually meant.

Tweak It Until It's Yours!

  • Alternative Computing Blog; By Randy Fry (Posted by rfry85 on Aug 23, 2015 4:47 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian, Linux
I call it LXDE-T (tweaked)

Great Open Source Collaborative Editing Tools

Here is my take on the finest open source collaborative editors which help you focus on writing without interruption, yet work mutually with others.

Wine development release 1.7.50

A new development release of Wine, version 1.7.50 is available for download now. This release brings us various improvements and bug fixes, like a new version of the Gecko engine based on Firefox 40 and support for OpenMP on ARM platforms.

Canonical is letting the Ubuntu Software Center wither and die

Canonical has silently discontinued the paid app store without informing developers, Ubuntu flavors are dropping it, and free software enthusiasts aren’t happy with it. It’s still fine for installing free software from Ubuntu’s software repositories—but it can be slow and clunky even for that.

Another KDE success story - the Incubator - Part 3

Continuing the series about KDE Incubator let's hear how KXStitch went through the process. KXStitch was incubated early and quickly.

Q4OS 1.2.8 Live Screenshot Tour

This Q4OS release delivers redesigned 'Setup' utility, the native Q4OS tool, that enables smooth and user friendly installation of external applications. It has been improved to be able to solve dependencies of packages in deeper complexity and automatically install extra useful software without the need of additional user intervention. An integrated message-box now displays installation messages much clearer. Several system bug fixes and under the hood improvements has been closed as usual. All the updates will arrive into repositories in the days to come, automatic unattended upgrades mechanism will take care about to update computers of current users.

How to Install PunBB on a Debian 8 VPS

In this tutorial we are going to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to install PunBB on a Debian 8 VPS.

Learn to code with FUZE BASIC

FUZE BASIC is a great first language to start learning programming. Here we take you through a simple game, start to finish

Debian-Based Q4OS 1.2.8 Live Distro Released with Redesigned Setup Utility, Bugfixes

The Q4OS Team sent an email to Softpedia HQ a few minutes ago informing us about the availability of the Q4OS 1.2.8 'Live' operating system, a release that introduces a revamped Setup utility and several bugfixes.

OSVR, Intel, and Xilinx! 1400 Linux ready games, and more open gaming news

Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at OSVR partnering with Intel and selecting Xilinx to enable its headset, 1400 Linux ready games, and more! Open gaming roundup for August 16 - 21, 2015 read more

Why do you use Linux?

I was recently engaged in a similar discussion which reminded me of a situation in which I truly learned to appreciate Linux enabled technologies. Now, I could get all nostalgic and say, that it was so and so year and this was happening in mylife but truth be told, it was one specific event that truly highlighted the power and adaptability of the Linux kernel.

Firefox goes stealthy, Linux on mainframes, new Linux Foundation projects, and more news

  • (Posted by bob on Aug 22, 2015 5:47 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at Firefox's new stealth mode, mainframes powered by Linux, new projects from the Linux Foundation, and more! Open source news for your reading pleasure. August 26 - 22, 2015 read more

Kdenlive Easy To Use Video Editor For Linux: Review Install In Ubuntu, Fedora & Other Distros

If you regularly make videos for your Youtube channel or other video sites then you must try Kdenlive on Linux. Kdenlive is a free, open-source and easy to use video editor. It is available for Linux, Mac and FreeBSD. If you're a beginner to video editing then I'm sure Kdenlive will surely help you out. Let's see how to install and use Kdenlive in Linux.

Docker images of Kali Linux 2.0

About a week ago the Kali Linux (live) distribution version 2.0 was released, now Offensive Security – the company behind Kali Linux – has published so-called Docker images of Kali Linux 2.0, which lets you run it on any platform.

News: Linuxcon North America 2015: Linus Keeps it Real

  • Linux Planet; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by bob on Aug 22, 2015 12:04 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Microsoft
Linuxcon this year had a very strange vibe, with Microsoft trying to fit in.

Install sabre/katana on a CentOS 7 VPS

  • Linux VPS Hosting Blog; By RoseHosting (Posted by RoseHosting on Aug 22, 2015 10:10 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
In this article we will install sabre/katana on a CentOS 7 VPS with Apache, MariaDB and PHP. sabre/katana is free and open source contact, calendar, task-list and file server.

Jolla Tablet open for pre-sale at $300

Jolla has opened pre-orders on Jolla Tablets starting at $300. The 7.9-inch 2048 x 1536 tablet runs the Linux-based Sailfish OS 2.0 on a quad-core Atom. The Jolla Tablet has been a long time coming for Indiegogo backers, but the participants will finally receive their tablets in September, says Finland-based Jolla. Now anyone can order […]

CoreOS Linux Adds Intel Clear Container Technology in Rocket Containers

  • eWEEK; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on Aug 22, 2015 6:21 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Video; Groups: Cloud
VIDEO: Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS, discusses the latest Rocket 0.8 release, which integrates new Intel technology for container security.

SUSE Manager 2.1 Server Is Now Available for IBM z Systems

SUSE, through Meike Chabowski, had the great pleasure of announcing the release and general availability of SUSE Manager, a software that eases things for Linux users, making complex tasks simple, for IBM z Systems.

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