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Massive 20% Improvement to Land in Intel's Mesa Driver Thanks to Valve's Efforts

  • Softpedia; By Silviu Stahie (Posted by thesilviu on Nov 6, 2014 7:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Intel users should see a major improvement with their hardware after a group of developers from LunarG found out that there was a bottleneck in the DRM driver.

Salix 14.1 Live Xfce Screenshot Tour

The Salix Live team is proud to announce the immediate release of Salix Live Xfce 14.1. We haven't had a live release for quite a while, this being our first official live release in more than two years. During the last few months there has been a lot of action behind the scenes to get this ready. The live system creation scripts that we were using up to the 13.37 release (called SaLT), while originally created with the idea to become a one-stop solution for creating our live releases without much trouble, had become a burden to use. After a lot of trying to get them work with newer releases, we decided that we should switch to a better, easier to use system. This is based on the Slackware Live Scripts, which is also what powers other Slackware-based live systems as well.

Rugged sandwich-style SBC runs Linux on Core

Diamond Systems released the EMX standard in 2011 as an industry standard supported by its organization. The only EMX format SBC we’ve seen so far, however, is Diamond’s Intel Atom E680T-based Altair SBC, which is a true single-board design. Now, Diamond is offering a ruggedized, EMX-sized, sandwich-style SBC that incorporates COM Express Basic modules powered by Intel’s 3rd Generation “Ivy Bridge” Core CPUs. The “Vega” SBC is designed for rugged industrial, medical, on-vehicle, and military applications, and is also offered as part of a rugged “Raptor-Vega” embedded PC (see farther below)

Canonical Launches LXD Open Source Virtualization Container

Canonical is launching a new container-based virtualization hypervisor for its open source Ubuntu Linux operating system, called LXD. How will it get along with Docker?

Kano Linux kit makes coding and hacking fun for kids

In today's open source roundup: The Kano Linux kit makes learning to build and use computers fun for children. Plus: Three streaming music clients for Linux, and the eNcade is a portable retro gaming console.

Linux-friendly SBC mixes i.MX6 with Kintex-7 FPGA

Micro/sys unveiled an EPIC-sized “SBC4661? SBC that combines a Freescale i.MX6 Quad SoC with a Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA, and offers extensive camera support. The last time we heard from Micro/sys, George W. Bush was president, and Intel still had a processor architecture called XScale. Like the circa-2008, XScale-based RCB1626 single board computer, the new SBC4661 runs Linux and uses the StackableUSB expansion interface.

Wanna be Facebook? It just open-sourced some of its web server code. Now to find 1bn users...

  • The Register; By Richard Chirgwin (Posted by bob on Nov 6, 2014 1:50 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
Proxygen appears under a BSD license. Facebook has rolled out another chunk of open-source code, this time a C++ HTTP stack called Proxygen, which includes a web server.…

Detecting Fraud in an OpenStack Cloud

  • eWEEK; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on Nov 6, 2014 12:52 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Cloud; Story Type: News Story
Securing the cloud isn't just about protecting the network layer from external attacks; it's also about being able to detect fraudulent activities running on the cloud. At the OpenStack Summit here, a group of researchers presented their findings on how to use the OpenStack Ceilometer project—used primarily for billing and metering of cloud usage—to detect fraud.

Linux Distros & the ‘Except When We Don’t’ Syndrome

It turns out that we like cookie cutter distros, except when we don’t. We like a newly adopted distro to work exactly the way the one we were using before worked, except when we don’t. We want to be able to move back and forth between Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian with ease, without having to learn slightly new ways of doing things on each distro, except when we don’t.

Ubuntu LXD: Not a Docker replacement, a Docker enhancement

Ubuntu's new hypervisor for containers, LXD, is not a Docker rival nor is it an Ubuntu-only project.

Apple Pay fuels the growth of Google Wallet

In today's Android roundup: Apple Pay has put NFC on the map, and it's benefiting Google Wallet too. Plus: Google Maps gets Material Design update, and Android's amazing market share visualized.

Trisquel 7.0 Screenshot Tour

Version 7 of the Trisquel GNU/Linux distribution, code-named Belenos after a Celtic sun god, has been released. Belenos is a long-term support release that will be maintained until 2019. Relevant new packages and features include: kernel Linux-libre 3.13 with lowlatency and bfq scheduling by default; custom desktop based on GNOME 3.12 fallback; Abrowser 33 (a free Firefox derivative) as default browser; GNU IceCat 31 available as single-click optional install from Abrowser's homepage, complete with many extra privacy features; Electrum Bitcoin wallet pre-installed; moved to DVD format, now with 50+ languages and extra applications; improved accessibility by default.

Things to do After Installing openSUSE 13.2

openSUSE 13.2 being a much anticipated release just got a minor bump of version .1 but don’t be fooled by that, it is a massive release. openSUSE 13.2 is released with kernel 3.16, GNOME 3.14.1, KDE 4.14 and many other amazing features. I am assuming that you are already running it like me but not able to figure out how to do some of the basic starters or just want to recheck or reconfirm few things.

Exaile 3.4.1 Overview – A Feature-Complete GNOME Music Player

To be honest, Exaile has so many features that I could go on writing a lot more than an article to cover them all, so let’s have a look at some of the most notable ones.

Health Hack 2014: the power of open source, open data, and cross-disciplinary collaboration

The concept is simple; invite geeks of varying backgrounds to a central location for a weekend, supply them with food, drink, and an interesting problem, and see what happens. Kind of like the 40 Hour Famine, but with more eating, and labour donations instead of money. ThoughtWorks, an agile developement and design company, hosted and sponsored (among other sponsors, like Red Hat) the second annual Health Hack in Melbourne, bringing researchers together with technologists at their office in Melbourne’s central business district for 48 hours to create software that solved a problem in the health sciences. All the code developed at Health Hack would be released under an open source license, and in most cases, took advantage of some form of open data.

Flow ‘N Play Movie Player Has a Stylish Interface Ubuntu Installation

Flow ‘N Play is a new video player written in Qt which features a pretty slick and simple interface which provides only the basic features for playing movies.

Firefox OS Ecosystem To Expand To Africa With Support From New Partners

FirefoxOS_for_press_releaseMozilla, the mission-based organization dedicated to promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web, is pleased to announce that Firefox OS will soon expand to Africa. The Firefox OS ecosystem has gained support from three new key partners in the region: Airtel, MTN South Africa and Tigo, operated by Millicom, are the first carriers working with Mozilla to soon bring first Firefox OS smartphones to Africa.

Monitor Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy Servers with Linux-Dash

Monitor Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy Servers with Linux-Dash This document describes how to install and configure Linux-dash in Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy for monitoring server performances easily. Linux-dash is a low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for a GNU/Linux machine. Simply drop-in the app and go! Linux-dash is a memory efficient, low resource, easy to install, server statistics monitoring script written in PHP. The web statistics page allows you to drag and drop the various widgets and rearrange the display as you desire. The script displays live statistics of your server, including RAM, CPU, Disk Space, Network Information, Installed Software’s, Running Processes and much more. The main advantage of Linux-dash is that it works on real-time basis.

How to Defeat Internet Censorship

Almost 20 percent of world population is effected by Internet Censorship. In countries like North Korea less than 5% of total population have internet access and even that is heavily monitored and restricted. Internet censorship isn’t limited to oppressive regimes. For example, it is common practice for educational institutions all over the world to implement filtering of content deemed objectionable.

Why Facebook Just Launched Its Own 'Dark Web' Site

Facebook has never had much of a reputation for letting users hide their identities online. But now the world’s least anonymous website has just joined the Web’s most anonymous network. In a first-of-its-kind move for a Silicon Valley giant, Facebook on Friday launched a Tor hidden service, a version of its website that runs the anonymity software Tor. That new site, which can only be accessed by users running the Tor software, bounces users’ connections through three extra encrypted hops to random computers around the Internet, making it far harder for any network spy observing that traffic to trace their origin.

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