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3 ways to contribute to Firefox OS

Firefox OS, Mozilla's open source mobile phone operating system, needs developers. And Benjamin Kerensa knows just where to find them. read more

Open storytelling to boost literacy

I'm in love with open source, but I've been dating open content for many years. You would think these two would jump at the chance to cross-promote, but too often that doesn't happen. Open source claims it has a headache. Open content says it's too busy. Really, a headache? Really, too busy?

How to blacklist a module on Ubuntu/Debian Linux

There maybe a time when you need to disable some modules from being loaded during your system's boot time. In this "how to" we will discus some of the few ways how to blacklist module including its dependencies, that is, disable permanently module from loading during the boot time.

How to simulate key press and mouse movement in Linux

Have you ever dreamed of your computer doing stuff automatically for you? Probably not if you just watched Terminator. But except for that, scripting and task automation are every power user's dreams. If a lot of solutions exist today to fit such goal, it is sometimes hard to pick the simple, smart, and efficient one […]Continue reading... The post How to simulate key press and mouse movement in Linux appeared first on Xmodulo. Related FAQs: How to take a screenshot while desktop menu is open on Ubuntu

How to install the latest GIT version on CentOS

How to install the latest GIT version on CentOSGit is a fairly popular free open source distributed Version Control System (VCS) expressly designed to tackle projects of varying scales (from the small ones to the significantly large ones)with incredible speed and efficiency. It is mainly used for source code management, and remains primarily focused on speed, seamless support for distributed non-linear workflows and data integrity. This tutorial explains the process of installing and using GIT on CentOS in a detailed manner.

Girls skills are needed in tech

ChickTech is based in Portland but plans to be nationwide by 2016. After interviewing Jennifer Davidson about how ChickTech gets girls involved in tech, I have high hopes it's even sooner. The non-profit targets girls who would never nominate themselves to participate in a tech workshop and who wouldn't dream of a career in tech. Why? Because they've never had someone believe their skills were valuable in that world. I believe that our society understands that girls' skills are needed in tech, we've just needed support for our girls like we've shown for our boys.

Linux Kernel 3.10.48 LTS Improves Support for Radeon GPUs

The 48th maintenance release of the Linux 3.10 kernel was officially announced last night, July 9, by Greg Kroah-Hartman. This build comes along with the Linux kernels 3.4.98 LTS, 3.14.12 LTS, and 3.15.5, for which we have separate announcements on Softpedia.

How operating companies can stop patent trolls: Cut off the ammo

Six tech companies have kicked off a new program that they hope will put a major dent in patent trolling, even with Congress unable to pass patent reform. It's called the License on Transfer (LOT) Network, founded today by Google, Newegg, Canon, Dropbox, SAP, and teamwork-software startup Asana. The idea behind LOT is that members put all their patents in a pool, which is immediately licensed to every other company in the network—if, and only if, they're ever sold (transferred) outside the network. That would include a sale to a patent troll or a hostile non-network competitor.

Grim Fandango Remake Coming To Linux

GNU/Linux gaming keeps on getting better and a recent announcement from developer Double Fine has caused much excitement. The remake of Grim Fandango is coming to Linux, alongside the console exclusive Playstation 4 and Vita versions as well as Windows and Mac!

YES, you CAN install paid-for apps on Android Wear – if devs rebuild them

Google has published a workaround that allows paid-for apps to be installed on Android Wear devices, but it's hardly straightforward and it's nothing device owners can do themselves. Early adopters who purchased LG G or Samsung Gear Live smartwatches have been stymied by a glitch in the Google Play store's app encryption scheme that makes it impossible to load store-bought apps onto their devices.

eNovance Aims to Solve OpenStack Cloud Business Use-Cases VIDEO

  • Datamation; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by red5 on Jul 10, 2014 4:46 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Cloud, Red Hat
French vendor eNovance is one of the top ten contributors to the OpenStack cloud platform and was recently acquired by Red Hat in a deal valued at $95 million. Unlike Red Hat's OpenStack Platform, which is an OpenStack distribution, eNovance focused on cloud services and does not build its own unique OpenStack distribution. In a video interview, Raphael Ferreira, co-founder of eNovance, explains his company's strategy and identifies the key challenges.

Fedora-ready Mini-ITX SBC offers dual GbE and PCIe x16

Acrosser unveiled a Fedora-ready Mini-ITX SBC that uses 2nd- or 3rd-gen Intel Core CPUs, and features Mini-PCIe and PCIe x16 expansion, plus dual GbE ports. Older Intel Core processors are brought back to life with the Acrosser “AMB-IH61T3? single board computer, which integrates an Intel LGA1155 socket that supports all 2nd or 3rd generation Cores, Pentiums, and Celerons with TDPs under 77 Watts. The old school feel is extended with an LPT port, dual VGA ports, and a PCI-Express x16 slot, which along with a Mini-PCIe slot handles expansion duty.

Is Firefox dying a slow death?

In today's open source roundup: Firefox's market share numbers are way down. Plus: Alternatives to Skype for Linux, and Marvel Heroes may be coming to Linux.

Marvel Heroes, A MMO Action RPG Looks Like It Is Coming To Linux

  •; By Liam Dawe (Posted by liamdawe on Jul 10, 2014 1:55 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Games
My spidey sense is tingling. Marvel Heroes a free to play MMO Action RPG looks like it will be coming to Linux thanks to info taken from the excellent SteamDB.

New release of OpenStack Swift brings storage policies

Object storage with OpenStack Swift gained an important feature in yesterday's 2.0 release with the addition of storage policies. John Dickinson, Swift Program Technical Lead, called storage policies the "biggest thing to happen to Swift since it was open-sourced four years ago." So what exactly are storage policies, and how do they affect the way data is stored in an open source cloud?

Its better to share with functional programming

Katie Miller is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat for the open source Platform as a Service, OpenShift, and co-founder of the Lambda Ladies group for women in functional programming. She has a passion for language and linguistics, but also for the open source way.

Linux kernel 3.16 development

Linus Torvalds announced the final Release Candidate (RC) for what will become Linux 3.15, noting that he felt pretty comfortable with the state of things at this point. The 3.15- rc8 kernel contains just a smattering of core kernel fixes (some in the scheduler, some in the filesystem code), and a few more architecture- specific patches, but relatively little overall in the way of churn. In other words, 3.15 is largely baked and ready to go, with the weekly RCs serving their purpose of gradually tapering off toward the final RC7 or RC8 release. Oftentimes, final Linux kernels are released following the RC7 timeframe, with no need for an RC8 to be issued, but on this particular occasion there was enough in the way of small last-minute fixes for Linus to feel justified in holding off another week with an RC8 instead.

Wanted: A Purpose for Open Source

Free and open source software is a way of life for thousands of people. Yet, as we trudge the endless treadmill of release upon release, there's one question you don't hear much any more: where is open source heading? Or, perhaps, should it have a purpose at all?

Deponia: The Complete Journey Released For Linux

  •; By Segata Sanshiro (Posted by liamdawe on Jul 9, 2014 9:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Games
Daedalic Entertainment has released a bundle of the Deponia Trilogy, adding Linux support for the first time. The Visionaire game engine (which the game uses) now also has Linux support, giving the potential for a slew of similar games to appear on Linux.

Short Stack: Why OpenStack Matters, Plumgrid raises $17.2MM open source foundation loses non-profit status

Does OpenStack matter? That depends who you talk to. OpenStack's year over year growth can't be ignored. Market validation for another OpenStack component: the networking company, Plumgrid just raised $17.2MM. Perhaps all the more reason why non-profit status might no longer matter for the foundations that govern open source projects.

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