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Introduction to functional programming

  • (Posted by bob on Apr 3, 2017 8:20 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Depending on whom you ask, functional programming (FP) is either an enlightened approach to programming that should be spread far and wide, or an overly academic approach to programming with few real-world benefits. In this article, I will explain what functional programming is, explore its benefits, and recommend resources for learning functional programming. read more

Linux Lite 3.4 Released, Introduces Updates Notifier Tool and RAM Optimizations

Linux Lite creator Jerry Bezencon had the great pleasure of announcing the general availability of the final release of Linux Lite 3.4, a desktop-oriented operating system based on Ubuntu.

Microsoft to take CodePlex behind the shed and shoot it by Christmas

Advises developers to move to GitHub. Redmond's open source code repository CodePlex is to close on December 15, 2017 and Microsoft is advising users to move their stuff over to GitHub.…

Ubuntu 17.10 switches name to Cyrillic Alphabet

Clearly, Z is the last letter in the Latin alphabet. What will happen beyond that letter? Many of you have heard hints about the future name of the Ubuntu 17.10 name. There are letters "aa" reserved for this future release.

Linus Torvalds Announces the Fifth Release Candidate of the Linux 4.11 Kernel

It's Sunday again, at least in the US, which means that some of us we'll get to test drive a new Release Candidate (RC) build of the upcoming Linux 4.11 kernel, the fifth in the series.

Programming, open hardware, and more new articles in April

  •; By Jen Wike Huger (Posted by bob on Apr 2, 2017 10:41 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups; Groups: Community, Linux
It's April here at headquarters in Raleigh, NC, where a new season, spring, has begun. It's also time for a new month of awesome open source stories and technologies for you to learn about. 

NixOS 17.03 "Gorilla" Is Out with Linux 4.9, KDE Plasma 5, and X.Org Server 1.19

The independently developed NixOS 17.03 Linux-based operating system has been officially released this past weekend after almost six months of development.

Getting started with tmux

  •; By RoseHosting (Posted by RoseHosting on Apr 2, 2017 6:52 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
In this post, we will write about tmux, which is a terminal multiplexer, a lot like GNU Screen but much more powerful. If you spend a lot of time in a CLI, then you’ll love tmux.

Peering into complex, tiny structures with 3D analysis tool tomviz

  • (Posted by bob on Apr 2, 2017 4:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
New open source software tomviz—short for tomographic visualization—enables researchers to interactively understand large 3D datasets. More specifically, the software analyzes 3D tomographic data similar to a medical CT-scan but at the nanoscale. read more

Asus Tinker Board – Hardware Accelerated RockChip Video Player – Initial Release

Asus released a new beta of TinkerOS on their website yesterday. One interesting addition is the initial release of a dedicated video player, RK Player. What makes RK Player interesting? Simply, the video app uses the hardware acceleration features found on the Tinker Board to play video encoded using H.264 and H.265.

The buttons of YAD

I use the YAD dialog program quite a lot in my shell scripts. Written and maintained by Victor Ananjevksy, YAD is easy to use and has dozens of handy options.

Installing Cisco Packet Tracer on Linux

Packet Tracer was previously not available to everyone, but since version seven, has been available to anyone who creates a Network Academy account. The software allows you to create virtual networks without the need of physical hardware. Some of the hardware included are routers, switches, and PC's.

Test And Recover Your Passwords By Cracking Them With Hashcat

Hashcat is a robust password cracking tool that can help you recover lost passwords, audit password security, benchmark, or just figure out what data is stored in a hash. There are a number of great password cracking utilities out there, but Hashcat is known for being efficient, powerful, and full featured. Hashcat makes use of GPUs to accelerate hash cracking. GPUs are much better and handling cryptographic work than CPUs are, and they can be utilized in much greater numbers than CPUs.

Gumstix adds Arduino support for Curie-based boards designed with Geppetto

Gumstix added Arduino IDE support to its Geppetto design service for boards based on the Intel Curie. It also shipped a Curie-based “Radium 96BIE” SBC. Last September, Gumstix unveiled two single board computers based on Intel Joule and Curie modules, and built to 96Boards CE and the new, MCU-oriented 96Boards IE (IoT Edition) form-factor specifications, respectively.

Linux Who? Windows Still King of the Desktop

Linux has become a more powerful alternative to Windows, there’s no doubt about that, but this still doesn’t necessarily mean Microsoft is anywhere close to losing the number one desktop on the desktop.

Linux Journal April 2017

I'm not sure what problem Vanilla Ice solved with his DJ's sick hook, but thankfully in the Linux world, we solve problems all the time. In fact, Linux exists as a solution to a problem—25+ years later, and Linux is still solving problems all the time. This month, let's attack some problems the penguin way.

F.lux Protects Your Eyes And Makes You Work Longer On Computer

The sun shines and you also start working on a shiny screen, the sun goes down but not your PC’s shiny screen. That’s kinda unfair. Hey! Folks today I am going to review a famous app named “f.lux” which changes your laptop screen brightness and color based on the daylight and nightlight in your location.

TinkerOS Debian V1.6 (Beta version) Released

There’s a new release of TinkerOS available to download on Asus’s website. TinkerOS is a Linux distribution for the Asus Tinker Board based on Debian.

Creating and using Nautilus templates

  • Fedora Magazine (Posted by bob on Apr 1, 2017 9:54 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Fedora; Story Type: News Story
Have you ever noticed that by default there’s a Templates folder in your home directory? In some file managers, there’s an item in the right-click menu to “Create empty file” or “Create new file”.  However, Files (also known as Nautilus) lets you... Continue Reading →

Y'know CSS was to kill off HTML table layout? Well, second time's a charm: Meet CSS Grid

  • The Register (Posted by bob on Apr 1, 2017 8:00 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Browser makers unite to make web design great again With the release of Safari 10.1 this week, four major browsers in the space of a month have implemented support for CSS Grid, an emerging standard for two-dimensional grid layouts in web applications.…

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