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Reverse-engineering tools analyze open-source software

An Australian consulting company specializing in software reverse engineering is demonstrating its capabilities by analyzing popular open source projects, such as the Linux 2.6.20 kernel. Arian Systems's "SilverBullet" generates detailed program information and graphics offering a "clear view" into undocumented legacy software, according to the company.

Portrait: Zak Greant - ombudsman, advocate, and strategist

Zak Greant belongs to the first generation of adults to mature with free and open source software (FOSS). Starting with his discovery of the PHP programming language a decade ago, Greant has grown along with FOSS until today he is a consultant advising companies and projects on legal issues and corporate strategy. Recently, he founded Foo Associates, a small consulting company where he plans to continue promoting the values of the FOSS communities in business.

HP Sees Huge Linux Desktop Deals

Hewlett-Packard is closing custom deals for thousands of desktop PCs running Linux, which has the company assessing the possibility of offering factory-loaded Linux systems, an HP executive said.

Sun to Open Source Project Darkstar, Announces Darkstar Playground

Sun Microsystems Inc., at the 2007 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, announced plans to open source Project Darkstar, an online game server platform written entirely in Java technology. The company also announced the opening of registration for the Darkstar Playground, which will enable developers to create a wide variety of games that can be provisioned through a single server platform.

Choosing the Right Linux Distribution

In this beginner introduction, Jethro Carr presents helpful tips for choosing the right Linux distro for your needs. He provides details regarding: purposes of different flavors, package management, stability, and personal experiences with numerous versions.

Asterisk 1.4.1 Released

The Asterisk and Zaptel development teams have released Asterisk 1.4.1. This release contains a very large number of bug fixes, including a fix for the recently discovered security vulnerability.

Waiting for Dell

In Samuel Becket's masterpiece, Waiting for Godot, Godot never arrives, and the play ends with our characters still waiting. I sometimes think Linux users are also stuck in a barren landscape endlessly waiting for Dell, HP, Lenovo, or another major vendor to finally deliver a mass-market Linux desktop.

FAA May Ditch Microsoft's Windows Vista And Office For Google...

FAA chief information officer David Bowen said he's taking a close look at the Premier Edition of Google Apps as he mulls replacements for the agency's Windows XP-based desktop computers and laptops.

Novell: Word, Meet Open Source

Novell has come through on its first deliverable stemming from its controversial deal with Microsoft last year. The open source software vendor has produced a translator, available for download on its site, that allows users of OpenOffice, Novell's version of ODF, to read and edit documents produced using Microsoft Word 2007.

Call Functions with PowerPC ABI for 64-bit ELF

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Jonathan Bartlett (Posted by IdaAshley on Mar 6, 2007 10:58 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM, Linux
This article discusses the PowerPC ABI for 64-bit ELF (UNIX-like) systems and how to write and call functions using it. This is helpful for writing 64-bit programs for the POWER5 and other PowerPC-based processors more effectively, whether you program in assembly language or not.

Google kicks off student compo

In days of yore there were apprenticeships, that time when young people went through a mixture of work, education and mickey-taking by one’s elders and self-professed betters in order to learn something useful in the time to start proper employment. They are long gone of course, but increasingly are being replaced by student competitions where every entrant gets some experience, some win prizes and some get hunted down and employedby the prize-giving companies.

Red Hat To Produce Open Source Tools With Ajax Partner

Red Hat has teamed up with a pioneer Ajax tools supplier, Exadel, to offer open source tools for building applications aimed at its JBoss middleware. In doing so, Red Hat will add JBoss tools to the growing pantheon of those available as open source Eclipse platform plug-ins.

Watch your work habits with Rachota 2.1

I've been looking for a good utility to track my work at the computer -- what projects I've been working on and for exactly how long. I wanted to select from a list of tasks and start and stop them with a mouse click, so it had to be a GUI program. I didn't want a project management application or one that was specialized for particular fields; I just wanted a general tool that was out of beta. I found what I was looking for in Rachota, whose name in Czech means the daily toil.

Vision Taps SteelEye for Windows, Linux HA on iSeries

SteelEye Technology, a developer of high availability software for Windows and Linux operating systems, has teamed up with i5/OS high availability specialists Vision Solutions to sell cross-platform high availability solutions that protect virtualized Linux servers and Integrated xSeries Server (IXS)-based Windows environments running under i5/OS on iSeries servers, the companies announced last week.

'the Linux desktop is a complete blast'

In January, Chicago native Katie McAuliff, who has worked for Novell Inc. for 13 years, took over as president of Novell Canada, replacing Don Chapman. Ms McAuliff will oversee all facets of the Canadian organization including sales, marketing, consulting, support, training, finance and operations, with a focus on expanding and strengthening Novell Canada's partnership model. She sat down with Jack Kapica of to explain her company and its plans.

sshguard: Protection for OpenSSH

Are you concerned about brute force dictionary attacks on SSH? Given the popularity of these attacks, you should be. sshguard is a new tool to help protect against such attacks. Although it is still in beta stage, it appears to work well.

Xandros moves into Linux systems management

When it launches in April, Xandros BridgeWays will be the latest application in what has quickly become an increasingly crowded category of products offering interoperability between Linux and Windows server environments.

University finds freedom, flexibility in open source business intelligence

The University of Nebraska was always a Microsoft shop. U of N Data and Internet Specialist Amy Stephen remembers when Windows NT was new, with 27 installation disks. "We went with that because we had every network protocol that had ever been created, and every desktop applications that had ever been invented, right here. MS was the only ones you could have that diversity with." But when all of Microsoft's "natural predators" began to die off, and Microsoft no longer made the university's needs a priority, Stephen found open source solutions a lot more attractive.

Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5

The Comodo Trustix team is proud to announce the release of Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5, an update to the previous "Tikka Masala". The new releases is named "Mirch Masala" to describe the new interesting changes associated.

Montavista Linux handsets to be released in Italy

MontaVista Software has strengthened its position as the leading provider of Linux for intelligent devices and communications infrastructure with the development of new advanced smartphones set to be released in Italy.

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