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Manage your movie with Celtx

Add Celtx to your software toolbox, then get ready to sign the standard "rich and famous" contract. Celtx is media pre-production software for writing screenplays and keeping track of all the details that make up the production of a movie, theatrical production, or animation project.

Open source project may help end homelessness in Toronto

Dr. Tomislav Svoboda spends a lot of time working to improve the plight of the homeless in Toronto. He began his residency by working at the Seaton House, Canada's largest homeless shelter, which cares for about 700 men. Svoboda and Seaton House director Art Manuel are transforming the way the homeless receive services in this city. In their quest to provide the best care possible and to fulfill their vision to end the problem of homelessness in Toronto, Svoboda and Manuel aren't afraid to challenge paradigms by using non-traditional tools, like a small glass of wine and a full-blown open source development project.

Open Source Podcasting Client for Windows Mobile

Pocket Podcasts, an open source podcast client for Windows Mobile devices, has been updated. The beta 2 version adds support for RSS viewing, podcast downloading over WiFi and video support, when combined with TCPMP.

'Web 2.0, Real World Web' top trends - Gartner

Everyday objects with networking capabilities, consumer-driven Web content and applications and ad-hoc sensor network meshes are just a few of the technologies we can look forward to in the coming years according to the latest Emerging Trends Hype Cycle released by Gartner.

Linear Optimization with the GNU Linear Programming Kit

The GNU Linear Programming Kit is a powerful, proven tool for solving numeric problems with multiple constraints. Get an introduction to GLPK, the glpsol client utility, and the GNU MathProg language to help find the best solutions to complex numeric problems. Then, learn to solve the problem of optimizing the operations for Giapetto's Woodcarving, Inc., a fictional toy manufacturer.

IBM 'brings electronic medical records one step closer'

An IBM press release reports a software donation to the Open Healthcare Framework which is an electronic medical record interoperability platform. However, the announcement is non-specific about what was actually open-sourced

Vmware, XenSource Join Virtualization Forces For Linux

The goal is to allow different hypervisors to manage Linux virtual machines generated by a competitor's software.

Peace has been established on at least one front: XenSource and VMware are working together to improve virtualization in the Linux kernel.

Debian Installer etch beta 3 released

The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the third beta release of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Etch.

Seven simple reasons to use AppFuse to buld web apps quickly

This article show you how AppFuse uses open source tools to help you develop Web applications quickly and efficiently. The AppFuse's community is healthy and happy -- and one of the few places where users of different Web frameworks actually get along.

Zenoss, Inc. Lands $4.8 Million in Venture Funding to Expand Open Source IT Management Offerings

Boulder Ventures and Intersouth Partners Lead Investment In the Next Frontier for Open Source Software

Becoming a free software developer, part I: Why am I not a free ...

With all of the recent argument over the lack of women in the free software community, especially as relates to the reports from the Free/Libre/Open Source Software Group, which state that only 1.5% of the free software development community is female, and that women are actively discouraged from becoming free software developers. I decided to take a new approach and ask myself, "Why am I not a free software developer?"

Integrate PostgreSQL with .NET

  • Builder AU; By Tony Patton (Posted by grouch on Aug 11, 2006 7:31 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Community
The open source software community has had a huge impact on the software industry. The quality and type of applications available via open source licences are impressive.

While MySQL has garnered most of the attention with respect to open source database solutions, there are plenty of other options, such as PostgreSQL. This week I take a look at PostgreSQL and explain how you can utilise it as the backend for .NET applications.

Backup MySQL databases, web server files to a FTP server automatically

This is a simple backup solution for people who run their own web server and MySQL server on a dedicated box or VPS. Most dedicated hosting provider provides the backup service using NAS or FTP servers. These service providers will hook you to their redundant centralized storage array over private VLAN.

The main advantage of using FTP or NAS backup is a protection from data loss. You can also generate a shell script as per your setup.

Gentoo Portage secrets

Gentoo Linux is perhaps the most-used source-based Linux distribution. One secret to its success is the powerful and handy Portage package management system. While Gentoo comes with extensive documentation covering most aspects of using Portage, the techniques described in Gentoo's handbook and other documentation are not always the most effective ones. Here are some insider tips that can greatly increase your productivity.

If copyright won’t work, try copyleft

New Delhi - If copyright does not work, try copyleft! This is the theme of a meeting here this month on which the corporate world, social activists and government officials would wrack their brains.

AMD64 on nVidia mainboards

Debian Developer Erich Schubert built a new and relatively cheap computer for his father, and he reports that he ran into problems with sound on that nForce-based motherboard.

Novell renames community edition OpenSuse

No less than a year after Novell announced plans to create as a home for its free community edition Linux OS it finally gets around to renaming the free product OpenSuse, apparently to clear up any misunderstandings.

SCALE 5x Calls For Papers

Preparing for its 5th annual event,SCALE 5x, the Southern California Linux Expo hasissued a call for papers. SCALE 5x will be held on Feb 10-11, 2007 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin. Past speakers have included Chris Dibona, Jon"maddog" Hall, and Andrew Morton. If you are working on an interesting open-source / Linux related project, or just want to address the community SCALE welcomes you to submit a presentation proposal.

Red Hat ramps up JBoss support

Red Hat is on an engineer recruitment spree to boost the support operation for JBoss and drive measured growth for its open source applications business.

Nagios 2.5 and Oreon 1.3 (Nagios web front end) installation with screenshots

  •; By (Posted by gg234 on Aug 11, 2006 2:26 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
Nagios 2.5 and Oreon 1.3 (Nagios web front end) installation with screenshots

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