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Common roadblocks to Linux adoption demystified

  •; By machiner (Posted by machiner on Jul 7, 2007 4:08 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Debian
An attempt to explain some of the biggest things standing in the way of the home user adopting Linux for their desktop operating system.

Linux: CFS Scheduler v19, Group Scheduling

Ingo Molnar released version 19 of his CFS scheduler patchset, first released back in April. He noted: "The biggest user-visible change in -v19 is reworked sleeper fairness: it's similar in behavior to -v18 but works more consistently across nice levels. Fork-happy workloads (like kernel builds) should behave better as well. There are also a handful of speedups: unsigned math, 32-bit speedups, O(1) task pickup, debloating and other micro-optimizations."

Desktop FreeBSD Part 6: User PPP Connections

By this time, you should have guessed that running KDE takes a large chunk of machine resources. Really old machines will run this latest version of KDE quite slowly. I chose it for the FreeBSD beginner because it’s a good safe place to start, with so many built-in tools. One of the most important ones up to now has been KPPP — the dialup tool. In this lesson we are going to learn how to dialup without KPPP. With that, about the only reason to keep using KDE is simply that you like it.

Education Day Report from aKademy 2007

At this year's annual KDE conference aKademy in Glasgow, Scotland an entire day was dedicated to the use of free and open source software in schools and education. The main aim of the day, organized by the KDE Education Project, was to unite the many different diverse consumers (teachers, system integrators, students) and to share ideas, success stories and best practice. The report from the day is now available for reading - aKademy 2007: Education Day.

Zenwalk Live 4.6 Screenshots

Zenwalk Live has been updated against Zenwalk Linux 4.6 and this LiveCD distribution now features Xfce 4.4.1 with notification support, the Xfce Thunar file manager can now handle video thumbnails, and many new Xfce 4.4 panel plug-ins have been added or updated. At the system level is GCC 4.1, Glibc 2.5, and binutils 2.17.50. Last but not least, Zenwalk Live 4.6 includes the Linux-Live scripts with LZMA enabled Squashfs support. Zenwalk Live 4.6 will cost you about 400MB of bandwidth, but it's definitely an interesting LiveCD that is worth trying out whether you're a Linux junkie or Windows user.

Intel and Novell Become Patrons of KDE

Intel and Novell have each become corporate Patrons of KDE. Their exceptional financial commitment to the KDE e.V. helps the project with community events, infrastructure and developer meetings.

Polish National Interoperability Framework promotes Open Standards

  •; By Borys Musielak (Posted by michux on Jul 7, 2007 10:44 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs, responsible for National Computerization project is currently working on National Interoperability Framework. The framework regulates three types of activities: Administration to Business (A2B), Administration to Citizens (A2C) and internal (A2A). In the draft version, a "right" definition of Open Standards is used. However open-source software is not mentioned at all.

Does Solaris need to be better Linux than Linux?

Hot on the heels of JavaFX, taking on the likes of Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash, Sun looks set to formally unveil its plans for Project Indiana this week and attack the Linux developer heartlands. With Project Indiana touted as a move towards a better Linux than Linux, one observer asks the 'Emperor's New Clothes' question: what's actually wrong with Solaris as is?

Linux Performance Optimization

Performance optimization in Linux doesn't always mean what you might think. It's not just a matter of outright speed; sometimes it's about tuning the system to fit into a small memory footprint.

[The website serves a wrong character encoding, but the article itself is fine and quite interesting. - Sander]

Will Open Source Developers be Well Paid?

By his own description, Dirk Riehle is a major fan of open source software. Riehle, leader of the open source research group at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, California, spends countless hours theorizing about the economics of this emerging software trend. He’s the author of The Economic Motivation of Open Source Software, a scholarly article that describes significant shifts in the software business. Datamation spoke with him about how these shifts are shaping the pay levels of open source developers.

KEMRI-Wellcome Research Programme in Kenya Trained on OpenClinica

Akaza Research announces that it has completed a comprehensive onsite training for the Kemri-Wellcome Research Programme for using the OpenClinica Enterprise platform for its clinical research activities in Kenya.

An ip_conntrack_max Threshold Script

Ever had ip_conntrack_max overrun and started losing not just valid packets but possibly valid data? The solution, script it. Try using your favorite scripting languages to tackle a relatively simple problem. In the example provided, a first draft (which works) is cranked out to stem future overruns . . . then a second draft to fix those Oi I was in a hurry problems.

VistA: Antiquated or Proven?

Recently Joseph Conn wrote an excellent article on VistA. A Modern Healthcare reader replied with a comment titledAntiquated system slowing EHR transformation which essentially argued that VistA was holding health IT back... because its old. Thankfully Modern Healthcare has also published my replyVistA: You say 'antiquated;' I say 'proven'. I offer more thoughts on the subject over in my post'antiquated' vs 'proven' -Trotter

The FCC, FOSS, and software radios: a mixed bag

While the new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations about software-defined radios don't really restrict independent FOSS developers, the rules are"more conservative than is necessary" because of perceived security issues, according to a white paper released today by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC).

Microsoft tries evading new GPL grasp

Redmond says it's not a party to the new license. And those Suse Linux coupons won't get you any support guarantees.

RPMS: An Alternative to VistA

RPMS may be an alternative to VistA that you may want to consider. If one were looking to acquire and implement a comprehensive "open source" electronic health record (EHR) system, serious consideration should be paid to the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) used by the Indian Health Service (IHS). RPMS is an adaptation of the VistA health information system originally developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), modified to meet the needs of IHS.

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Ghosts of Xenix Past

  • ServerWatch; By Brian Proffitt (Posted by alc on Jul 7, 2007 12:15 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
Various theories are circulating as to why Microsoft has been so gung-ho about intellectual property enforcement lately. I have opined about it myself in other venues, basically putting forth the theory that the staff at Redmond is running a bit scared right now as they watch Linux slowly encompass the server market.

IBM contributes software that predicts spread of emerging infectious diseases

eHealth News Portal is presenting a news article related to the last IBM announce that it has made available an advanced software technology that can help predict the transmission of diseases across countries and around the globe to the open source community. The tool will aid scientists and public health officials in understanding and planning more efficient responses to health crises, ultimately providing new tools for protecting population health.

AMD Invests in Ailing Chip Company Transmeta

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. is investing US$7.5 million in energy-efficient chip company Transmeta Corp., which has been battling falling revenue and widening losses.

[Looks like Linus's former employer is being acquired by AMD. - Scott]

Video tip from RHCEs: Frozen SSH sessions

Red Hat Summit 2007 collected hundreds of Linux users all in one place–many of them experienced Red Hat Certified Engineers® (RHCE). And somewhere between all those smart people walking around–and our video crew shooting footage–the idea for some video tips was born.

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