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Flashkard Printed Output

Enough with the slick GUIs and super-fancy applications--let's get back to the do-it-yourself aesthetic.

Openmotif 2.3 Beta Now Available for Linux Developers

OpenMotif is an often overlooked open source initiative that is literally running thousands of mission-critical applications such as the MBTA subway system in Boston, NASA Mission Control systems, FAA air traffic control systems, and innumerable homeland security and USA defense applications.

Battle of the Linux-Windows studies

Once again, the results of some recently released surveys on Linux and Windows manageability varied widely, depending on who was asking the questions.

Macedonia Deploys 5,000 GNOME in Public Schools

When the Republic of Macedonia decided to deploy Linux in 468 schools and 182 computer labs nationwide, they chose GNOME on an Ubuntu distribution. Arangel Angov met with Darko Arso, Technology Integration Manager at the Education Development Center, to find out more about their reasons for using GNOME. [Found on site.]

Linux Nibbles On The Apple

  • LinuxElectrons; By ByteEnable (Posted by tuxchick on Dec 4, 2005 2:21 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
The only way for Apple to make serious inroads into the Desktop and Server market is to offer the MAC OS-X for all x86 hardware platforms. If you remove MAC OS-X from the equation, you are left with x86 commodity hardware. So the only value add, or premium that Apple commands is what the customer places on MAC OS-X. With Microsoft Vista looming around the corner and Linux constantly being fine tuned, Apple may find itself totally insignficant in the Desktop/Server market by this time next year.

I-technology Viewpoint: McNealy's Great Free-Software Gamble

  • SYS-CON Media; By JDJ News Desk (Posted by tuxchick on Dec 4, 2005 1:24 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Sun
no other CEO in the Valley has quite McNealy's gift for quips, put-downs, one-liners, and significant "quotable quotes." JDJ News Desk here brings a weekend round-up.

Mozilla Bloggers on Firefox 1.5 Release

Several prominent Mozilla Bloggers have posted weblog entries about the release of Mozilla Firefox 1.5.

Open source browser Firefox reaches new heights in popularity

  • (Posted by bstadil on Dec 3, 2005 11:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Firefox is gaining ground with 11.5 percent of global users, which is the highest percentage an open source browser has ever achieved. The growth is the result of conversions from other browsers and security problems in Internet Explorer.

Kompose - The MacOS 'Expose' on Linux

Here is a feature which has been in MacOSX for a long time but has been missing in Linux. It brings a degree of useablity and aestetics to the ambit of Linux users too.

Networking OSs: Pick a NOS, Any NOS?

There are always reasons to choose one over another. We all know about the well-advertised shortcomings of each product on the market. The crux of the situation is more about living with your decisions, and discovering whether or not you should switch.

Cisco Announces IOS Exploit Workarounds

Cisco has posted workarounds for a vulnerability in the HTTP server found in Cisco's IOS. In early December, a researcher reported that the built-in HTTP server in IOS versions 11.0 through 12.4 was vulnerable to attacks that could grant a malicious person access to administrative privileges on affected devices.

Handy keyboard shortcuts in Firefox 1.5

Mozilla really sped up surfing, the browser generally feels a lot more responsive, and I believe they've improved some of their keyboard shortcuts, so I thought I'd list a few of the particularly handy ones.

FBI Kant Spel

  • from my inbox; By some virusitical spamming parasite (Posted by tuxchick on Dec 3, 2005 7:35 PM EDT)
I tell ya, it's just plain pitiful when them highly-trained, well-dressed FBI agents can't even compose a coherent email. Can't they afford secretaries?

"Forward this Page to all your contacts and Friends in order to help with us Faceing the infection for less lose."

[Note for the uncertain: yes, I know is a virus-infested spam. Let me have my fun, OK? Especially the part where I get to feel smug at using a computing platform that is not ridiculously easy to compromise. ]

Varicent Announces Support for PostgreSQL v8.1

Varicent Software Incorporated, an incentive and sales performance management (SPM) solutions provider, announced that the latest version of Varicent SPM supports PostgreSQL v8.1. PostgreSQL is the leading open source relational database system, with more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness.

Thou Shalt Work with Hamburg, My Son

One of the most frequent critics that I can hear and read here and there concerning the project is that the development of is being done entirely by Sun. Worse, but also very frequent comes the (false) assumption that is owned by Sun. I would like to describe accurately the relationship of with Sun Microsystems and why the critics are in most cases unjustified. Also, I will point out areas that need improvements. These improvements can be worked on with time and if some conditions are met.

Gentoo GCC 3.4 for x86 marked "stable"

The Gentoo Linux project reported Friday that Gentoo GCC 3.4 has been marked stable on x86 machines. Since Gentoo is largely "from source" distribution, a new compiler release has significance to all Gentoo users, not just developers.

New SeaMonkey Logo Revealed

"After months of submissions and selection processes, the SeaMonkey Council is announcing a new logo for its project and application. The project's initial call for logo submissions was answered with no fewer than 197 different proposals submitted by Mozilla and SeaMonkey community members.

Open source to be part of engg curriculum

Bangalore: Open source will be added to engineering curriculum across the country.

A three-year project to include open source subjects such as Python programming and the Linux kernel is being funded by the Department of Information Technology. Aiding the academia is the city's Free and Open Source Software event, 2005. It has set the stage for movers and shakers in the field to interact with them. "Such events allow us to reach out to the industry," said a representative of Anna University-KB Chandrasekhar Research Centre, Chennai.

Linux Networx zooms into supercomputing

Linux Networx recently launched the first of its Linux Supersystems for high-performance computing environments.

LXer Weekend Update

Here are some of the must-see stories published on LXer in the past week.

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