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PCLinuxOS 2007 Test 1 Screenshots

PCLinuxOS 2007 Test release 1 is now available for download. Please note this is not the final release. PCLinuxOS 2007 final will be released at the end of the month. Features include: kernel; KDE 3.5.6; Mozilla Firefox; Flash 9; 2.1.0; Beryl, Compiz, AIGLX and Xgl for 3D graphics support; GCC 4.1.1 and updated glibc; updated bootsplash, icons, and more from the beautification project; Xdg menu system; rebuild and update of our entire repository against new GCC and glibc; simplified live CD boot options. - DistroWatch. Screenshots of PCLinuxOS 2007 Test 1 are available at

Customizing general settings includes dozens of options for how it behaves. Available from Tools> Options, they are divided into general settings for the entire office suite and settings particular to each application. General settings are available under the general headings of, Load/Save, and Language Settings.

Linux: Marking Code Obsolete Or Deprecated

Robert Day proposed a couple of new kernel code maturity configuration options for tagging code as either"deprecated" or"obsolete". He referenced earlier confusion around the attempt to remove devfs [story] in which it wasn't clear on the current state and future plans for the code. He explained,"using deprecated code is still technically fine, but using obsolete code should be something that raises a red flag of some kind." Aside from a little confusion between the differences in definition between these two words, general feedback was positive. H. Peter Anvin supported the patch,"if nothing else, it gives some middle-of-the-roadness to the continual'to remove or not to remove' debate." Robert also noted that the"deprecated" flag would be a useful sanity check when building a kernel,"this would seem to be a quick and dirty way to prune anything that is *supposed* to be obsolete from the build, to make sure you're not picking up dead code by accident.".

Joining Forces: OSDL and the Free Standards Group are now The Linux Foundation

Sunday afternoon, the Free Standards Group (FSG) signed an agreement to combine forces with Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) to form a new organization – The Linux Foundation. The result of this consolidation will be to dedicate the resources of the combined membership to "accelerate the growth of Linux by providing a comprehensive set of services to compete effectively with closed platforms."

KDE Commit-Digest for 21st January 2007

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest: KHangman becomes the latest application to migrate to SVG-based scalable interface rendering. KOpenBabel is merged and the beginnings of a 3d navigation system in Kalzium. Work expands in the Umbrello/KPlato Student Mentoring program. Support for the ComicBook Archive and other improvements in okular. Work on Picture, Video and Krita "Flake" shapes in KOffice. Improvements in both the KDE 3.5 and 4.0 versions of Konsole. Language detection in Sonnet continues to mature. Import of concept code demos in Decibel. "Simple-search" user interface work, and support for indexing binary data fields in Strigi. "liveui" moves back into kdelibs. dbmodeler, a database schema modelling application (part of the Season of KDE), is renamed "grama".

SCALE preps mini-conferences, T-Shirts.

Both mini-conferences to be held at the So Cal Linux Expo are ready.

EnterpriseDB Expands With Hong Kong Regional Headquarters

EnterpriseDB, maker of the world’s leading enterprise-class database built on open source, announced today that it has expanded its Asia Pacific operations with the establishment of a regional headquarters in Hong Kong. The company also announced that it has hired industry veteran Roger Durn as the region’s general manager. More information about the company and free downloads of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, the company’s flagship product, may be found at

Linux WiMAX Board Packages to start shipping

Hopling Technologies and Fujitsu announced in September 2006 that they would collaborate on a Linux-based Hopling Board Support Package designed to make it easier for equipment manufacturers to add innovative applications to the standards-based Fujitsu solution. The reference kit, which includes a reference board utilizing the highly integrated MB87M3550 WiMAX SoC, software package and operating manual, will be available from Fujitsu in 1Q-2007.

Expect more open source enterprise apps this year: analysts

  • Computerworld New Zealand; By Jennifer Mears Framingham (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Jan 21, 2007 9:14 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Open source Could be on the short-list when it comes to application-buying decisions in 2007. While open source applications for collaboration, content management and CRM may not have reached the maturity level of Linux or the Apache web server, they’re getting there.

The Best of Firefox Extensions Part III

We have finally reached the concluding episode of this trilogy. Some of the extensions mentioned in this article are very well-known and some people might be wondering why I have left them for last. I've done so to highlight some extensions that are equally good but not as popular. The list below is the last of 10 extensions that we think should be included among the "Best of Firefox Extensions."

Looking Glass meets Mandriva

Looking Glass is an open source development project based on and evolved from Sun Microsystems' Advanced Development division. It supports running unmodified existing applications in a 3D space, as well as APIs for 3D window manager and application development. At the moment, existing application integration is supported for Linux and Solaris x86 platforms. The platform for 3D application development is available for Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms. was testing the LG3D Mega-bundle which integrates all the software necessary to run lg3d. This includes the jdk, java3d and lg3d itself.

Open source - Offshore development center opened in Kochi

Advanced Millennium Technologies - Bangalore has opened an exclusive center dedicated for open source development center in Kochi.

How To Set Up Linux As A Dial-In Server

  • HowtoForge; By Sohail Riaz (Posted by falko on Jan 21, 2007 5:08 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
This document describes how to attach modems to a Linux box and allow it to receive calls to connect users to the network. It is like being your own ISP (Internet Service Provider). If your Linux box is connected to the Internet, then the users will also be connected to the Internet. Your Linux box becomes a router. This is also known as RAS (Remote Access Services) in the Microsoft world. In the Linux world it is called PPP (Point to Point Protocol).


With WIndows Vista, Microsoft has decided that the Xbox is the new 'PC' personal computer.

A new window

India has for some time now been touted as a key battleground for the global open source movement — more specifically, Linux. While the government does not have a proactive stand supporting open source, or even measures that help smaller Linux user groups to compete with IBM, Redhat and Novell, it is clear that open source software is making steady headway. But make no mistake: Windows is, and will remain, number one by a long margin.

China making own PCs with own CPU and Linux

China is about to put on sale its own computers running with its own processor and Linux. This news will not bring unalloyed delight to Intel and Microsoft.

Google & Firefox 2 Anti-Phishing Warning In Action

Last month, I covered a number of ways that browsers and search engines are working together to protect surfers from phishing sites. These are sites pretending to be run by someone else, such as bank, in hopes of catching your personal log-in information.

Watering the Net Roots

On the one hand, you can look at Verizon's dumping of rural New England business as a kind of red-lining. On the other hand, listen to what the company picking up the dumped business says it wants to do. According to the Boston Globe..

Notable XML happenings in 2006

Join Elliotte Rusty Harold for a look back at the most significant XML news from 2006.


Gamix has announced the availability of Basesystem Beta 3, a Mandriva-based Linux build that facilitates the creation of boot CDs so developers may create Gamix versions of their original software.

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