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Developing a real-time Linux data acquisition application

This whitepaper describes the development of a real-time data-acquisition application using a real-time Linux implementation along with an off-the-shelf data-acquisition board. It also compares the relative sampling frequencies supported respectively by RTLinux and a standard Linux kernel.

Options for Apache Geronimo EJB Transactions: Part 3

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Jonathan Sagorin (Posted by IdaAshley on Aug 21, 2006 8:07 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Jonathan Sagorin wraps up his thorough coverage of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) transactions in this last installment of a three-part series. In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, you briefly looked at bean-managed and container-managed EJB transactions and how to implement them in the Apache Geronimo application server. In Part 3 discover the quirks and additional implementation and configuration choices related to both types of transactions.

Slashdot interview with Fedora Project leader Max Spevack

Fedora Weekly News Issue 60

Linux World SF: EnterpriseDB Wins Best Database Award

EnterpriseDB, enterprise open source database company, announced that, for the second consecutive year, EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, the company's flagship product, has won the Linux Journal Product Excellence Award at LinuxWorld in the Best Database Solution category.

Put an Asterisk Next to Fonality

For years, high-end telephony systems and the apposite capabilities were reserved for large corporations that could afford to pay for them — small and mid-sized businesses were largely left with sub-par solutions for their communications needs.

Giant Retailer Chooses SUSE Linux Enterprise Platform To Run Desktops

Novell announced that a home furnishings retailer in the United States is installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell on all of its in-store sales terminals across more than 320 stores.

Gartner: Stay rational with open source

  • ZDNet Asia Latest Tech News; By Aaron Tan (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 21, 2006 4:52 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Open source may have its merits, but a market analyst advises businesses not to consider the technology based solely on its namesake.

A Fraud Settlement Only Yahoo! (and the Lawyers) Can Love

  • Email Battles; By BJ Gillette (Posted by zanek on Aug 21, 2006 4:19 PM EDT)
Disgruntled Yahoo! advertisers who were hoping for just compensation from the Pay-Per-Click fraud settlement may as well get over it. Here's the short version: Yahoo! names an insider to watch ad traffic, invites 3 advertisers a year to chat, promises to make an effort to come up with industry-wide standards, extends its fraud claim period, and gives you an advertising credit... if you can prove you were harmed. I almost forgot the best part. Your class action attorneys walk away with nearly five million bucks. D'oh!

Go camping, with open source software

Getting NGOs and free software geeks to meet and bond is not easy. But it is something the "Source Camps" have done extremely well. Now the team behind the Source Camps has released detailed instructions and guidelines to running your own Source camp.

Can I bring my laptop?

Although many college kids these days have a laptop, a surprising number of high school students also have their own portable computers. Colleges and universities expect students to bring their own equipment and, by and large, have the facilities, policies, and infrastructure to securely support a variety of users.

The OSFlash Initiative: Web Developer's & Designer's Journal ...

Newly appointed Web Developer's & Designer's Journal Editorial Board member Aral Balkan of answers a few brief questions about the amazing promise that the Flash Platform holds in the age of Web 2.0 and the role that Balkan sees for open-source Flash in that equation

More Users Mixing Windows, Open Source Server Apps

Faced with the allure of open source applications among its customer base, Microsoft has toned down its .Net-only rhetoric. "It's a myth that open source and Windows can't work together," said Ryan Gavin, a director of platform strategy at Microsoft. "Customers just aren't religious about these things."

Palmsource Pushes Open Source Technology for Mobile Phones

PalmSource is promoting the Access Linux Platform, Palm's latest operating system, designed for Linux

Visually impaired prevent Massachusetts move to open source

A group of visually impaired campaigners have brought a temporary halt to plans by the US state of Massachusetts to move to open source document format (ODF), because the software to read them does not work with screen magnifiers.

Interview: Tom Conrad, Pandora's CTO

Join me as I talk to Pandora’s CTO Tom Conrad about his OpenSource initiative and the Music Genome Project. Pandora is primarily based on open source software - from the PostgresSQL [sic] database running in Debian Linux to the web client developed in OpenLaszlo.

Updated open-source software targets Exchange

Scalix announced version 11 of its rival to Microsoft's ubiquitous email software, adding features such as real-time indexing of email for fast searching. Meanwhile, Zimbra released version 4.0 of its Zimbra Collaboration Suite with a new tool that lets users embed fully functional documents and spreadsheets in email.

Virtual PCs are the key to secure computing

  • Computerworld New Zealand; By Tom Yager (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 21, 2006 11:00 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
When you sit down at a client computer that’s not hooked into a locked-down corporate network, there’s a drill. There are email rules that block potentially hazardous attachments, including JPEGs and Office documents.

Virtual Linux Could Be Answer To Costly Data Centers

Lenovo and Novell showed off the first Linux ThinkPad, and Hewlett-Packard pledged its support for Debian Linux. Yet despite the show of big-name vendor support at last week's LinuxWorld conference, the biggest buzz involved the prospect of Linux virtualization taking over more of the data center.

Linux thriving in critical roles

Any lingering doubts about corporate America's willingness to trust Linux and other open source tools were erased at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco last week.

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