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Word of the Year: Open

The beginning of the year is traditionally a time to look back, and, for the brave of heart, to make a few predictions looking forward. Lacking the requisite bravery, I'll just quote something that the Economist wrote recently: "Rejoice: the embrace of “openness” by firms that have grown fat on closed, proprietary technology is something we’ll see more of in 2008." Now, had this "fearless prediction" been made a year ago, I would have been impressed, because 2007 has turned out to be the year when everyone, it seems, wants to be open.

Network Information Gnome Applet

What is the Network Information Gnome Applet? It is an applet for your Linux Gnome desktop. This project symbolizes why I use Linux. It is my way to share the simple method of writing your own Gnome applets, provide source code to those that desire to get started writing their own applets, and provides me a fast way to gather network information when I am browsing. Also, the applet provides a very fast way to see that there are no connections when I am not browsing!

Choosing an ink-level monitor

Thanks to the OpenPrinting Database and the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS), printer support on GNU/Linux is much easier than it was at the turn of the millennium. However, one area in which support still lags is in the detection of ink levels in inkjet printers. Chances are that an ink level utility will be available only if you have a Canon, Epson, or Hewlett-Packard printer -- and even then, only if you're lucky. If you have an Epson Stylus, you may be able to use Mtink, while for other printers by these manufacturers, your best bet is one of the graphical displays for the Libinklevel library.

Top 10 Open Source Applications on the Desktop

  • Softpedia; By Marius Nestor (Posted by InTheLoop on Jan 1, 2008 12:21 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Roundups
Every year there are many, many open-source applications released, but not all of them can be the best. These applications are the best, at least according to Softpedia.

Facets of Open Source Part 2

Open Source software is not just and idea, it is also a way of doing things. The usual method of Open Source software management are familar once dissected. In the second (and likely last) installment of the Facets of Open Source series; a look at how software collaboration is often managed and three real world examples displaying the leveraging power of Open Source.

GPLv3 - The Year in Review

The Year in Review Report is intended to give you a summary of what has happened to the GPLv3 over the past 6 months, and review some of our highlights for the year.

Steps to install gOS on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

I am sure by now you have heard of the gPC loaded with gOS via various news sources. For those in the dark, gPC stands for green PC which is a sub $200 PC which comes loaded with a customized version of Ubuntu known as gOS or in popular parlance called Google OS.

Review of the busiest month for Linux distributions in 2007

2007 was great for the Linux community and we hope that 2008 will be better.. If we take a look behind we can see that October was the busiest month for many Linux distributions. Many release announcements were made in one month.. It lead us to wonder why would different distributions choose to make their release in the same time ? Was it the best choice ? Is it a marketing strategy to beat some competitors or it's just a coincidence ?

AMD 790FX Phenom Chipset On Linux

  • Phoronix; By Michael Larabel (Posted by phoronix on Dec 31, 2007 10:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Back in November AMD had launched their "Spider platform", which is made up of AMD's first quad-core processor, ATI Radeon HD 3800 series graphics, and the AMD 7-Series chipsets. While we were quick to cover the ATI Radeon HD 3850 and 3870 graphics under Linux, today after much testing we are finally delivering our first Linux report from AMD's new 790FX Chipset. Is the chipset that's designed for PC enthusiasts and performance seeking overclockers worth anything under Linux? Does this chipset even work with the latest Linux desktop distributions? We'll be answering these questions and more, as we look at the Gigabyte MA790FX-DS5 motherboard.

This week at LWN: Insufficiently free?

Watching an extended flame war between Richard Stallman and Theo de Raadt is an interesting experience. The realization that one can sit back and watch without having to really care about the result brings a sense of profound tranquility and relief. Along the way, one gets to learn things like how mean Theo can be, or that Richard does not use a web browser. It all seems like good fun. Even so, when the discussion reaches levels like this:..

Remembering Bruce Steinberg

I've known Bruce Steinberg since we met online, so long ago I don't remember. I'm guessing it might have been back when SCO was still a leading Unix company and Bruce was its VP of Marketing Communications. Or it might have been through Usenet, or some other pre-Web online service.

The Sound Of Linux 2007

In this article I've selected what I consider to be some of the past year's outstanding achievements in the world of Linux music and sound software. It's not really a "Best Of 2007", it's just my personal choices for what I found most interesting and significant in the past year.

Opinion: 11 Predictions for Free Software in 2008

From KDE to the OOXML controversy to video drivers: a gaze into the crystal ball for free (as in free speech, not as in free beer) software.

Dyne:bolic 2.5.2 -- screenshots

  • Free Your Media; By pwlw (Posted by pwlw on Dec 31, 2007 5:26 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Here's a walkthrough gallery of screenshots from Dyne:bolic 2.5.2, codenamed Dhoruba, released one month ago.

The importance of delivering localized Linux

When you buy a new PC or a MAC you'll get a fully localized copy of Windows/MacOS in your language but what about Linux distributions? If Linux vendors want to penetrate the newbies market, they must provide fully localized ISO images, there are no excuses. This is my point of view.

Win a Custom, Open-Source Mini Monster PC: Extreme Freebie

...Unlike previous years, where we focused on pure computing horsepower, this year we wanted to develop a machine that is small and quiet and runs on an open-source operating system...

new 'xvmc' branch of intel video driver

The aim of the new 'xvmc' branch is to deprecate origin 'xvmc-i915' branch with lot of cleanups and new framework inside driver to add supports for more hardware media decode drivers in future. It also has changes that affect users. The most notable is that the origin is replaced by a single entry to be used on different chipsets for different hardware decoders.

Hands On with Two Ultra-Cheap Linux Systems

When you think of a new computer you want to buy, odds are that you set your sights on a new Windows or Mac system, but it may be a good time to consider a Linux machine. Recently, I’ve been using two very low-cost systems—one a desktop and one a notebook–that come loaded with Linux and nothing but free, open-source software. I wouldn’t recommend either of them as the sole system for a dedicated web worker, but the notebook in particular is worth considering for a number of purposes.

Open Source to Grow in 2008

Open source has been predicted to be one of top IT business models to watch out for in 2008. According to Made Wiryana, Academician, Lecturer, and open source expert, disappointment in Windows Vista coupled with great responses and high expectation to low end machines that come bundled with the Linux operating system and the rising interest in green IT, has made many think positively about Linux.

Red Hat Offers Virtual Training

Red Hat announced the availability of two new North American training offerings that are delivered by open source technology. Red Hat will offer virtual training to students in remote locations and Live Access Labs that allow students access to remotely hosted Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. Through Red Hat's virtual training, remote students will be offered live, streamed Web delivery of Red Hat training courses. Virtual students will register for courses as though they were live students, but will receive course books and kits prior to the start of the class. Courses will initially include eight to 10, 4-hour sessions delivered over two weeks.

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