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Pioneer Linux fails to excite

In November, Techalign released its Pioneer Linux distribution, based on Kubuntu, and available in several paid versions and one free version. I tested the recent Pioneer Linux Basic Release 2 (R2), which is based on Kubuntu Edgy 6.10. Apart from a few minor cosmetic changes and some additional applications, Pioneer isn't very different from a stock Kubuntu.

Iona buys more open source ESB technology

  • Computer Business Review; By Tony Baer and Madan Sheina (Posted by dcparris on Apr 11, 2007 9:01 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Community
Bulking up its Celtix enterprise service bus, Iona Technologies has acquired LogicBlaze, a nine-person open source firm that developed some complementary technology, for an undisclosed sum.

Fluxbuntu becomes an "official" Ubuntu offshoot

It happened April 1, according to this portion of the Ubuntu forums. I've given Fluxbuntu middling marks in the past, but I see why the Linux community needs it. To have the lightness of Damn Small Linux (albeit without the ease of use) along with the repositories, support and sheer numbers of Ubuntu would be a very powerful thing indeed.

ZFS on FUSE/Linux

Announcement of the release of ZFS on FUSE/Linux 0.4.0 beta 1. Even though this is a beta release, it should be more stable than your typical beta filesystem. The main problems in this release are (lack of) performance and high memory usage with some load patterns

Report examines Linux's potential in mobile phones

The findings are summarized from an IMS Research market research report entitled "The Impacts of Cellular Linux." The study found that Linux can help some companies bring products to market faster, at lower cost, while other companies experience delays and cost overruns.

Free Software Advocate Richard Stallman at Marlboro

Acclaimed software freedom activist Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS) will discuss “Copyright VS. Community” in Marlboro College’s Ragle Hall on Thursday, April 12 at 7:00 p.m. Stallman is a political and software warrior. He campaigns for the free software movement which advocates that users should not have to pay to run, copy, distribute and adapt software.

Linux Marketing Campaign Seeks $350k in 40 Days

LXer Feature: 11-Apr-2007

Linux marketing project hopes to raise money in 40 days to sponsor an Indy 500 race car.

The process of building a new Slackware box for my wife's use; a new Slackware 11 system.

This article on Digg

Portland Project to meet again in June

The Linux desktop architects behind the Portland Project, which seeks to bring rhyme and reason to the Linux desktop (among other benefits), will be meeting again June 15-16 at the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif.

Damn Small Linux book set for July -- and more upcoming Linux books

Every once in awhile, I check Amazon to see what books are upcoming in various categories (using the "publication date" option), and just such a search has uncovered what looks to be the first Damn Small Linux book, "The Official Damn Small Linux Book: The Tiny Adaptable Linux That Runs on Anything," by Robert Singledecker, John Andrews and Christopher Negus -- and set for release in July.

Measure Time in Linux with Time Base

Use the PA technology's Time Base register to measure time at the nanosecond level in Linux on PowerPC and Cell BE microprocessors. Applications where this is useful include timestamping transactions (typically encrypted or digitally signed single-use messages), profiling code, and implementing small, precise software delays.

Try the new Websphere HATS

Visit developerWorks and try the new WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) that gives you all the tools you need to easily extend your legacy applications to business partners, customers, and employees.

A Brief Look at SugarUI by RedHat

  •; By Piotr Maliński (Posted by michux on Apr 11, 2007 2:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Red Hat
Two months ago we covered the latest hardware features introduced in the OLPC laptops. Red Hat has recently shared with the world the first ISO images of the system that is supposed to be installed on the OLPC laptops. Thus, today we focus on the usability of the SugarUI in the A Brief Look at SugarUI by RedHat.

MCTS: Microsoft Windows Vista Client Configuration Study Guide: Exam 70-620

Just for giggles, I started by using the enclosed CD to see how it performed. I tried it on Ubuntu first but although the system mounted the CD, it couldn't read the information. Thus I resorted to using Windows XP. The disk has the entire book on it in pdf format in case you want to store it on your hard drive. I tried out the flash cards and test engine next. Unless I was using them wrong, they seemed to be demos rather than full-fledged software. They also included demos covering a wide variety of Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, and other cert exams. They performed well enough, but from the description on the back cover, I was expecting flash cards and exams focused on the 70-620 test (and if someone can point out my error and direct me to the full-fledged mock tests on the disk, I'll be glad to amend my comments).

Apache Seeks Harmony with Sun

In an open letter to Sun Microsystems' CEO, the Apache Software Foundation accuses Sun of restricting its access to a critical test kit to protect Sun's commercial interests.

Tips: Making Vim easy

  •; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Apr 10, 2007 11:43 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Vim's flexibility and countless features are a major asset for experienced users, but a challenge for newbies. If you've always wanted to try Vim but were put off by your first attempts, you can start off gradually by getting to know Vim's GUI and easy mode. This article is a primer for those who haven't used Vim much and want to wade in gradually.

Open Source Community Gains Momentum - Good News for Red Hat

Sure, Red Hat's most recent financial results, announced March 29, didn't blow away investors. But the future looks bright. The reason: Open source application developers continue to gain serious momentum. And many of those developers are firmly committed to Red Hat.

Open sourcerers do battle for GPLv3

Open source luminary Bruce Perens has come out fighting in defence of the latest draft of GPLv3. The draft, which seeks to prevent patent protection deals like that struck late last year by Microsoft and Novell, has come under heavy fire from proprietary software advocates such as the ACT (Association for Competitive Technology).

Top 10 Firefox extensions to avoid

Popularity shouldn't be the acid test to determine if you should install an extension. The important question is whether it enhances your browsing experience without any nasty side effects. The good news is that the extension community is actually pretty adept at self-policing. Most extensions that are truly "broken" (for instance, they crash your browser or suck up all your CPU power) either get fixed quickly or simply vanish.

Just How 'Free' Are Open Source Licensing Models?

  • Intelligent Enterprise; By Seth Grimes (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Apr 10, 2007 8:33 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: GNU
Confusion and controversy about Open Source licensing did not start with current Free Software Foundation efforts to revise the GNU General Public License (GPL). Nor will emergence of an acceptable GPL V3 – or of a revised Lesser GPL or Affero GPL (thanks Dana Blankenhorn) – make OS licensing much less problematical for enterprise users. Concerns are both alleviated and complicated by a profusion of options that range from GPL's communitarianism to the Common Public License's collaborative focus to BSD's laissez-faire liberality.

Xandros Server 2 To Get Integrated Virtualization and Messaging

Last May, commercial Debian Linux distributor Xandros jumped into the server fray with its Xandros Server. In the next few weeks, the company will be releasing a new version of its server stack, including support for server virtualization and two distributions, one keyed to SMB shops and the other for larger enterprises. Xandros will also break away its Xandros Management Console from its Linux distro and offer it as a separate product that runs on Windows workstations and can manage other Linuxes. The company will also partner to offer email messaging and groupware bundles.

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