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The web development megaframework TurboGears

  • IBM/developerworks; By Ian Maurer (Posted by solrac on Aug 19, 2006 6:45 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM, Linux; Story Type: News Story
Developers call this project a "megaframework," because it is made up of several pre-existing subprojects.

Xensource CEO Addresses Microsoft, Red Hat-Novell Dispute

XenSource CEO Peter Levine spoke with CRN Senior Writer Paula Rooney after his LinuxWorld Expo keynote about his company's partnership with Microsoft and other hot topics.

Becoming a free software developer, part II: Free software ...

  • Free Software Magazine; By Rosalyn Hunter (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 19, 2006 4:29 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Why aren't there more female free software developers out there. In my attempt to find out, I decided to write a program and see what barriers got in my way. Most free software developers are men. Women are vastly under-represented in the world of free software. Being a woman, I wanted to know why, so I tried to do it myself. The first barrier was my inability to program in any modern computer language, so my first step was to learn a new one.

First I had to pick a language to program in.

Who understands the OSS community?

Jim Morrison once said "You can't petition the Lord with prayer". To paraphrase that it I'd like to say "You can't address the OSS community", because it is much too varied to be addressed. What do you expect when you address the community like it is a company? That there will be a board meeting? That we will issue a press statement? That all of a sudden the community will change its corporate strategy? We have none of those things!

Enterprise Unix Roundup: Stacking Up LinuxWorld

  • Server Watch; By Amy Newman and Brian Proffitt (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 19, 2006 2:33 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
To be sure, this year's LinuxWorld Conference and Expo was certainly the highlight of many of the exhibitor's business year. The sampling we took on the show floor was uniformly happy — nay, giddy — about the attendance level and the traffic in their booths. As for the booths themselves, with few exceptions, everyone looked like they were offering some sort of open source solution. In years past, this was not always the case.

Embedian Ships ARM-based SBC With Debian

Embedian, a Taiwan based embedded board start-up, is shipping an ARM-based Single Board Computer (SBC) with embedded Debian Linux.

The state of the 2006 Linux desktop

  •; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Aug 19, 2006 1:28 PM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
Were you to walk around LinuxWorld in San Francisco this week, for almost every person you'd see sitting, you'd see a laptop in front of them. And, if you're a snoopy person, like me, you'd also see that about half of those laptops were running Linux.

Using Templates

Howto use Templates to make Labels

ATI - 32 and 64-bit Linux driver - 8.28.8

  • Start64! - Start on 64 (Posted by panisz on Aug 19, 2006 11:50 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Linux; Story Type: News Story
ATI have updated their 32 and 64-bit drivers. Official name of the current version: ATI Proprietary Linux x86_64 Display Driver for XFree86 / X.Org Version 8.28.8, and ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Drivers for XFREE86 / X. Org Version 8.28.8

Good article on Debian (1 of 2)

Every day someone takes a whack at installing some Linux distribution on a computer and ultimately gives up out of frustration. Follow this guide to installing Debian GNU/Linux and reduce your frustration to zero.

Openvz Project Releases Software For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

The OpenVZ project ( released its operating system-level server virtualization software in the form of a kernel build for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4), plus enhancements that provide users with additional flexibility.

LinuxWorld wraps up

SAN FRANCISCO -- Another LinuxWorld Conference& Expo has come and gone. More than 10,000 attendees and 175 exhibitors passed through the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The show ended yesterday after a shorter schedule of talks and exhibits, including a session by kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman. Here's our final report, including more video goodness.

Nec Fault-Tolerant Box Gets Red Hat-Certified

NEC's fault-tolerant Xeon-based Express5800/320Ma server has been Red Hat-certified, standard Red Hat, that is, a singular event that's been years in the making and steps up NEC competitive potential against IBM mainframes and HP Non-Stop systems.

Lightweight KateOS Linux turns 3.0

The KateOS project, which maintains a relatively new Linux distribution, announced the release of its v3.0 on Aug. 17. The Poland-based distro features a kernel, the XFce desktop as default, and a good selection of applications to go with them.

Ingres Integrates Linux OS with its Database

Looks like Ingres is going to try to build its own stack, starting with a database software appliance.

Hardware/software kit teaches embedded Linux

Intellimetrix, a specialist in real-time and embedded software development and training, has introduced a low-cost embedded Linux learning kit. Aptly named the Embedded Linux Learning Kit (ELLK), the kit comprises an ARM-based SBC (single-board computer), cables, power supply, Linux OS, development tools, and comprehensive documentation.

Mozilla opens Calendar testing to user community

Mozilla Corp. is preparing to release updates to its calendar applications for Sunbird and Lightning early next month. Before then, developers hope to get "lots of eyeballs" on it by inviting users to participate in Calendar Community Test Day on Tuesday, August 22.

Interview: Six Things You Didn't Know About Firefox Extensions

To many, a Firefox extension is more magic than technology, and the process by which it is developed and used is shrouded in mystery. To find out more about Firefox extensions and their capabilities, Jem Matzan asked some extension-related questions of the Mozilla Foundation's technology strategist, Mike Shaver.

Open-source Vendors Take Aim at Exchange, Notes

SAN FRANCISCO--Two vendors of open-source collaboration tools released new versions of their software at LinuxWorld, renewing their efforts to challenge the dominance of Exchange and Notes.

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