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Somebody in India thinks they'll "Wrest Leadership in Open-Source Computing"

  • Press Release; By Editorial Comment: Tom Adelstein (Posted by tadelste on Feb 11, 2006 8:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release

From the "in your dreams" department:

This newswire item relates to India becoming the leader in Open Source. Frankly, I'm laughing at them. That's correct, rolling on the floor laughing. As a society, you have to get a huge chuckle out of people who have over-estimated their ability. They don't even realize that their success relates totally to cheap labor.

India has the second largest population in the world. The vast majority of peolpe in India live in the depths of poverty while a small, elite class flourishes on $8 an hour wages. Those that come here like to send their money home. The successful make sure they get paid in India to avoid US taxes.

I had a major fight with an outsourcer in Banglore in 1999, when I pushed to get a mirror of the Linux Documentation Project established. This was India's introduction to open source.The elite didn't want anything to do with free software. I remember six years ago sending boxes of CD's to India so that the poor could have software.

I can also attest to the fact that if you want to do business in India, then get ready to make payoffs. Mid-level officials want you to take them to a resort and pay them a large sum of money, in cash, to allow you to do business there.

I also recall the first recruiting trip Oracle made to India. They interviewed a few thousand people with years of experience in Oracle. When the team came back to the US, they looked and discovered that they had sold two licenses in India. That's right: two.

I recently read that India has 14 million PCs in use, the vast majority of programmers, outsourcers and call centers specialize in Microsoft Windows. Their big event, LinuxAsia, drew 2500 people. Like I said: in your dreams.

If you wonder why many Indians have become executives in firms around the country, the explanation should be simple. I'll put it the way a Palestian in Jordan put it to me: cheap hands.

Link to the press release.

Open-source iTunes rival launches

A San Francisco start-up released an early test version of its open-source Songbird music software Wednesday, with which its ultimately hopes to undermine the dominance of Apple Computer's iTunes.

Open Source Storage(R) Unveils Patent-Pending Vertical Patch Panel ...

Breakthrough 96-Port Products Support Cat-6 Cabling; Vertical Designs Save Horizontal Rack Slots, Extend Rack Capacity While Improving Airflow to Active Equipment

SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 finally goes gold

  • (Posted by tadelste on Feb 11, 2006 4:28 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 has finally been released, MEPIS creator and lead developer Warren Woodford said Thursday. Any further changes will be made available as updates from the MEPIS pool. SimplyMEPIS is a LiveCD distribution that also enables users to install the OS to boot and run from their hard drives.

Multimedia stack targets Linux mobile phones

  • (Posted by tadelste on Feb 11, 2006 3:31 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Tao Group says it is shipping a mobile phone version of its multimedia application stack for embedded devices. "Intent Mobile" supports Linux and other embedded OSes, and provides a Java virtual machine (JVM), audio and 3D graphics middleware, and an Internet-oriented application stack.

Ics to Buy, Open Source

  •; By David Needle (Posted by tadelste on Feb 11, 2006 2:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) plans to announce next week the acquisition of, a provider of enterprise project portfolio management (PPM) software. As part of the acquisition, ICS also plans to launch a commercial open source version of's PPM software.

Cavium features Linux 2.6 at security conference demo

Network processor vendor Cavium Networks and its hardware and software partners will offer product demonstrations at the RSA Conference on computing security next week in San Jose. Demonstrations include MontaVista's Linux Pro 4.0 and Intoto's IGateway communications platform running on multi-way Octeon processors from Cavium.

Commentary: Telcos Playing with Fire

  • Open for Business (Posted by tadelste on Feb 11, 2006 12:39 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
The telcos have been making threatening noises about Net traffic passing through their lines. Despite rumors to the contary, Google says they aren't negotiating with the telcos. This has been rumbling around the Net for a couple of months. Recently Verizon announced their intent to prevent the proposed "network neutrality" which currently prevails. So far, it's been voluntary, but Congress appears set to consider codifying it in legislation. Verizon and friends are fighting to charge for Net access at both ends. A quick reading is all it takes to realize this is no more than Google envy. As one wag said somewhere, if it were really about bandwidth, they'd be going after iTunes, streaming video and other serious bandwidth hogs. Instead, they are going after a service which sends little more than text and a few tiny images, but happens to make millions doing it. This is transparently petty envy. Perhaps the telcos need to revisit their economics classes.

Linux, open standards prominent at annual LynuxWorks media event

Embedded RTOS and Linux vendor LynuxWorks highlighted the importance of open standards and open source software, off-the-shelf OSes, and reusable software, at an invitation-only media event last week. It announced two security-oriented OS products, and tipped plans to diversify its customer base by leveraging military/aerospace products in the commercial sector.

Ubuntu MEPIS?

The good news is that the long-awaited new version of MEPIS's flagship Linux distribution, SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 has finally arrived. The curious news is that MEPIS founder Warren Woodford is considering building future MEPIS releases from Ubuntu rather than from Debian sources.

Opinion : XGL- An Xserver framework based on OpenGL

Ramblings of a Linux enthusiast dissecting the pros and cons of integrating XGL in Linux.

Platypus makes the grade

The Mozilla Foundation has confirmed that Platypus is, in fact, a finalist in the Extend Firefox competition, following a query by Tectonic. This is jolly good news, since it ranks high as a truly novel extension.

AOL, Yahoo Follow Bill Gates: We Don't See No Stinkin' Spam.

After years of struggling to contain a growing plague of spam and its antecedents, like phishing and 419 scams, AOL and Yahoo have fallen back to the Bill Gates playbook: Charge for it. In all fairness, Gates stole the idea from the US Post Office, which profitably elevated advertising missives from "junkmail" to "Standard Mail A." It's simply a matter of perspective.

DB2 Express: Another nail in the free database coffin?

Last week's news that IBM is releasing a free version of its DB2 database software might be good news for system administrators seeking a low-cost (as in, no-cost) back-end server platform. But could the latest commercial database platform to go freebie be a bad omen for open source databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL?

Openness critical for strong security: SATAN author

Building secure software doesn't have to be complicated; it just takes a commitment to secure design, and an upfront willingness to work within the unique development environment that is open source.

Itunes rival pipes up

A San Francisco start-up released an early test version of its open source Songbird music software on Wednesday, with which it ultimately hopes to undermine the dominance of Apple's iTunes. Pioneers of the Inevitable is hoping to create "the Firefox of MP3".

Why Not Python?, Part 4

  • Linux Journal; By Collin Park (Posted by o_kravchuk on Feb 10, 2006 3:52 PM EDT)
In this final installment of the old C hacker's foray into Python, he teaches his problem-solving program how to guess.

My sysadmin toolbox

I run two servers that host a couple of Web sites for customers, including two wikis and a forum, and ordinary static HTML sites. The wikis, the photo gallery, and the phpBB forum are especially important to keep an eye on. The maintenance of the Web server and the mail server is a one-man show, so I have to watch them all the time and try to automate whatever is possible. My toolbox includes Mutt, rss2email, Midnight Commander, and more.

Computer and Internet Technology Energy Solutions

  • MozillaQuest Magazine (; By Mike Angelo and Aric Campling (Posted by VISITOR on Feb 10, 2006 1:58 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
Use computer technology such as the Internet, VPNs, USB-keys, sneaker-netting, live CDs, and so forth to help to reduce dependency on oil and to reduce air pollution. MozillaQuest Magazine ( reports: “Today, in 'Part 2' of this 'Solutions for the Energy Crises' . . . article, we look at telecommuting as an alternative to burning gas and diesel fuel. We also look at some of the computer tools that help people to do these things. . . . If one's work is done on a computer, that person is a perfect candidate for working from home -- telecommuting"

Create iPod video content on the Java platform

This article shares some practical (and potentially very popular) uses for mobile video, and then present two programs to get you started using the QuickTime for Java API to create video content for the iPod. These programs let you easily add captions to existing video files and convert legacy video files into an iPod-compatible format.

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