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Reference design targets video-centric Linux handhelds

A mobile device design specialist in Bangalore, India has announced one of the first hardware reference designs based on Freescale's currently-sampling i.MX27 processor. IWave's "iW-Rainbow-G3" design supports Linux 2.6, and targets video-centric mobile devices such as hard drive-equipped, D1-capable portable media players.

Librarians Learn a Thing or Two About SQL

The book begins with several chapters about creating, using and managing a relational database. Westman focuses on using the open source database software MySQL, although he discusses using PostgreSQL as an alternative. For those with database experience -- even a library catalog database -- this won't be totally foreign. Many tables and drawings in the book illustrate the MySQL database structure.

Linux: Improving KVM Performance With A Tickless Kernel

Avi Kivity suggested that combining KVM, the Kernel-based Virtual Machine, with the dyntick patch could improve overall KVM performance. He noted that it would likely improve performance of both the host by"avoiding expensive vmexits due to useless timer interrupts," as well as on the guest by"reducing the load on the host when the guest is idling (currently an idle guest consumes a few percent cpu)". Ingo Molnar pointed out that KVM with his -rt kernel already works with dynticks enabled on both the host and the guest,"using the dynticks code from the -rt kernel makes the overhead of an idle guest go down by a factor of 10-15". Ingo added that he hopes the dyntick patch will be ready to be merged into the upcoming mainline 2.6.21 kernel.

Access z/OS batch jobs from Java

  • developerworks; By ibm (Posted by solrac on Jan 13, 2007 10:05 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: IBM
This articles shows you how Java can provide a simple way to submit z/OS batch jobs to run. In addition, extending the Commons Net Library allows the specific JES file attributes to be encapsulated in Java objects.

Product Evolution and Standards "Swarms"

  • Standards Blog; By Andy Updegrove (Posted by Andy_Updegrove on Jan 13, 2007 9:08 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
When disruptive technologies come along, standards need to evolve in parallel, so that they are there when new products hit the shelf. The result can be standards "swarms" that provide multiple, overlapping solutions to choose from. Ultimately, the fittest survive and things settle back into a more stable (and limited) ecosystem.

How to install VMWare Server 1.0.1 on Mandriva 2007

  •; By Frank Neugebauer (Posted by fneagle on Jan 13, 2007 8:16 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Mandriva
This workshop describes how to install VMware server 1.0.1 on Mandriva 2007 64-bit systems. Additionally you will get information how to install Linux and Windows clients to access the VMWare Server. With VMware Server you can create and run guest operating systems ("virtual machines") such as Linux, Windows, BSD, etc. under a host operating system.

Yahoo Dons A Black Hat?

Competition between Yahoo and its competitors has been pretty fierce at times, and any number of onlookers have compared it to a war or a fight. Now it appears as if Yahoo has thrown the cyber equivalent of a "low blow": The company may be trying to trick users into abandoning Firefox and Google.

Confering developers

Two talkfests for your diary, Here's a long range heads-up on a couple of conferences that should tickle the interest of many developers.

A guide to running OpenVZ

One of the many virtualization options for Linux is OpenVZ, the free software component of SWsoft's Virtuozzo. OpenVZ, and Virtuozzo, are OS-level virtualization solutions that allow you to partition servers into multiple virtual private servers (VPS). Plowing through the OpenVZ documentation can be a bit intimidating, so let's walk through the easy way of getting started with OpenVZ on a Debian Etch system.

Device Profile: Samsung LMD10A-51W portable digital TV

Samsung Electronics used Linux and a MIPS-based SoC (system-on-chip) to build a portable digital TV. The LMD10A-51W mobile Digital Multimedia Broadcast TV (DMB-TV) has a 10-inch WVGA (800x480) screen, and supports T-DMB broadcasts as well as DivX, XviD, WMV, and MPEG files.

New SimplyMEPIS betas arrive

In a statement, MEPIS founder and chief maintainer Warren Woodford said, "We've received lots of feedback and suggestions. So development is taking longer than I expected. On the other hand, every day SimplyMEPIS is getting better than it has ever been before. I expect to finish the improvements to the MEPIS utilities and the SimplyMEPIS Assistant for OSX during the next week.

Editor's Note: Linux Bling With 100% Free Software

How will embracing non-Free code will result in more Free code? It could be that filling Linux with proprietary bling could be a winning strategy for Free software, though I think it will result it hordes of folks who just want a free ride. But instead of arguing endlessly about it, which is entertaining and fun, I decided to see if it was possible to have a 100% Free Linux desktop with all the multimedia goodies. And I learned that yes, it is.

Companies welcome the open source incursion

Linux is just one application in the vast open source ecosystem that companies are increasingly turning to for a lower-cost alternative to many of their IT needs

Open Source Developers Build on Amazon Web Services

Clustered grid computing is increasingly available to the masses. Thanks to developer Doug Cutting, a Yahoo employee and prominent open source developer, aspiring programmers have access to the Lucene search engine library, an open source Web search crawler called Nutch, and Hadoop, an open source implementation of Google's MapReduce algorithm for processing large data sets. U.K.-based software developer Tom White calls Nutch "Google in a jar."

Linux Kernel

Het is alweer een tijdje geleden dat de Linux Kernel in onze meuktracker voorbij kwam, maar gelukkig hebben de ontwikkelaars onlangs versie uitgebracht die we bij deze dus kunnen vermelden.

[Mixed Dutch and English - dcparris]

Rapidmind, Terra Soft Partner For PS3 Linux Dev Kit

  • Gamasutra; By Brandon Boyer (Posted by dcparris on Jan 12, 2007 10:07 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
Multi-core development platform provider RapidMind and Linux package provider Terra Soft have announced a new partnership to help developers create applications for the PlayStation 3 running Yellow Dog Linux and other Cell-based hardware.

The mobile revolution gets personal

  • Linux Journal; By Doc Searls (Posted by dcparris on Jan 12, 2007 9:10 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
I'm writing this from CES 2007— the latest and greatest Consumer Electronics Show, where 140,000 attendees crowd 2,700 exhibits packed into 1,660,000 square feet of space in more halls and hotels than I'll bother to count. There's a lot of noise here, and a certain amount of signal; though the ratio of the former to the latter is no less lopsided than it always is. Everybody's not only showing their good sides, but paying millions to crow about it through mass quantities of advertising and PR.

Bringing Thousands of Workers Together with an Open Source ...

When obstacles such as poverty, lack of education or disabilities keep people from finding jobs, Goodwill is there to help. We do that by selling your donations of clothing and household goods in local Goodwill stores and using the revenue to fund our job-training programs in your community. Last year, more than 846,000 people benefited from Goodwill's career services - we helped someone find a job every 57 seconds of every business day.

Cms To Offer Red Hat Training

Friday, January 12, 2007: CMS Computers Ltd. is going to offer a linux training module through CMS Institute's CMS Certified Network Specialist networking-based infrastructure management programme to youth seeking jobs in the ITeS industry. Together, Red Hat and CMS aim to certify a thousand students in 2007.

Is SCO Nearing Bankruptcy?

News Analysis: Novell claims that SCO is in deep financial trouble, but is the Unix company really that badly off? (Linux-Watch)

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