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Munich Linux scales desktop management

The City of Munich has developed impressive systems for rolling out and maintaining Linux desktops for large numbers of users, according to a British developer who had a close-up view of the system.

GPLv3: What the Hackers Said

When Iwrote about the wrangling over the GNU GPLv3 licence a month back, it provoked a lively conversation in thecomments. Given this evident passion among readers, I thought it would be interesting to ask the top hackers - the ones actually involved in the discussions - for their thoughts on the matter. So I contacted Richard Stallman for the FSF angle, and a bunch of the top kernel hackers - Linus, Alan Cox, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Andrew Morton and Dave Miller - for their view.

FiveRuns Announces Support for Oracle Database

Web 2.0, SaaS Solution Monitors Both Open Source and Traditional Systems and Applications

[Not sure if there is any real interest in this, but... - dcparris]

Firefox 2.0 hits FTP earlier than expected

Firefox 2.0 will be officially released tomorrow, but we have spotted what looks to be the official release in a newly-created directory on the Mozilla Foundation's FTP servers.

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 174, 23 October 2006

Welcome to this year's 43rd issue of DistroWatch Weekly! On the eve of several major new releases, such as Firefox 2.0, Fedora Core 6 and Ubuntu 6.10, this week's DistroWatch Weekly takes a brief look at some of the new products, comments on the new Fedora 6 release, and asks whether Firefox has lost some of its former glory.

Merging corporations with co-ops and open source

Greg Dean, a communications student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, has a new twist on open source business models. For more than a year, Dean has been working with his friends Devon Girard and Charles Latimer, as well as an unnamed lawyer, to find a way to merge the concepts of a co-operative with that of a corporation to create an open source company that he currently calls the Information and Communications Technology/ Open Source Co-op (ICT/OS). Recently, he spoke to the Vancouver PHP Users' Group about the structure that he is starting to implement.

Red Hat's Reach Into Telecom

There are several reasons telecom companies are attracted to Linux, according to Gartner Senior Analyst David Willis, who cited the traditional migration from RISC Unix technology to Linux as a driver. One of those reasons, he said, is that Linux is simply good software. "[Telcos] like the reliability and configurability Linux has," he said.

ARM MPCore Multicore Processor Enables Next-Generation Triple-Play Gateway to the Home

Parallogic and ARM Enable Scalable Fanless Design in Set-Top Boxes and Home Hubs Offering Internet, Video and Phone

Cookbook for Apache Geronimo install in minutes

Get a cookbook-style guide for downloading, installing, and configuring Apache Geronimo. Not a chef? No worries. There are two basic methods for setting up Geronimo, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article covers both methods and presents some of the arguments for and against them.

Iss extends support to Red Hat

Internet Security Systems (ISS) claims it is making it easier for companies to manage complex and heterogenous IT systems by expanding its support of open source operating systems.

Apache Geronimo and the Spring Framework, Part 3

In this installment, you'll learn how to let the integrated technologies -- like Spring Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and Spring Data Access Objects (DAO) APIs -- do the work by reading your application data dynamically from an Apache Derby database.

Ubuntu 6.10 Release Candidate Screenshots

Coming out on October 26, 2006 is the final release of Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft -- along with all of the Ubuntu derivatives. Phoronix have a bunch of screenshots.

Garnett invests in mobile firm

Garnett & Helfrich Capital, a private equity firm specialising in venture buyouts, has said that it is expanding its Indian operations and announced an investment in mobile firm Celunite Inc, which has an Indian presence.

Gumstix, Inc. Announces the netstix(TM) 400xm-cf Computer Doubling the Performance of the netstix Computers

Gumstix, Inc., maker of the world's smallest full function miniature computers, today announced the netstix(TM) 400xm-cf computer. The netstix 400xm-cf computer doubles the performance of the netstix 200xm-cf, using a 400MHz connex(TM) motherboard and adding compact flash and 10/100 MBit Ethernet connectivity. In less than 68 cc (excluding power supply), the netstix 400xm-cf is a full function Linux server that connects to a network yet fits in the palm of your hand.

Make time for GnoTime

  •; By Joe Barr (Posted by dcparris on Oct 23, 2006 11:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: GNOME
GnoTime, the GNOME Time Tracker, is a lightweight task/time tracking tool. It's easy to use and not overloaded with project management features, but it suffers from weak reporting tools.

Orangehrm Launches New Version Of Open Source HRM Solution

The release of OrangeHRM version 1.2 , an easy to install and easy to use free Open Source HRM System especially suitable for small and medium sized enterprises was announced. The new version contains major improvements to the user friendliness of the system.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 63

Welcome to our issue number 63 of Fedora Weekly News.

New release of OSS laboratory software

South Africa-developed laboratory information system, Bika Lims 1.2, has been released. The new release is also ready for ISO 17025 accreditation and at least one accreditation using the software has been achieved.

The Twisted Definition of Open Source

Open source software is a software license that allows the user to take a look under the hood, make any tweaks and adjustments that they might like to see, and then freely redistribute that same software to anyone they wish.

UbuntuWorld 2007 in the USA?

Now we’re thinking of having a “user and business” conference, aimed at bringing together the people who deploy and manage Ubuntu in the real world (well, in the USA in particular, but let’s think globally) with those who help to produce it. The big question is - who would want to come? In order to run such an event we would need about 500 people to attend. It would be a 2-day conference (with additional days of workshops and tutorials separately, probably) and would likely be run in close proximity to another big event.

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