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Comment of the Day - November 1, 2005

Commenting on the report of Firefox increasing its market share, TxtEdMacs wrote:"Don't believe it!".

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Device Profile: D-Link DRO-200i multi-service access router

D-Link India used Linux to build a multi-service access router aimed at providing remote offices with network fault-tolerant access to corporate headquarters. The DRO-200i is based on an Intel XScale network processor, and uses V.35 as its primary WAN interface, with ISDN and dial-up backup.

Continuent: New Name, Same Mission

Emeryville, CA-based Continuent, formerly Emic Networks, is readying the release of database virtualization middleware for the most widely used commercial and open-source databases for business. Although the tech firm has undergone a name change, but its mission to boost business database availability remains the same.

Fresh off a new round of series B funding that netted the company $5.75 million, and a name change, the company announced that the coming months will see the release of its database virtualization product tailored to all of the major providers.

Do you really want to hear the latest in the SCO-IBM case?

I don't.

I long ago lost interest in SCO's claim it "owns" Unix and can force everyone to "license" Linux for its benefit.

At this point I believe SCO is basically a law firm, specifically the law firm of Boies, Schiller and Flexner LLP of New York. Four of its partners signed the latest filing, along with SCO's local Salt Lake City counsel, Brent Hatch and Mark James of James, Hatch & Dodge.

To me the most interesting aspect of the latest filing, the cover letter of which was sent to me by SCO's PR officer, Blake Stowell, is the listing of partners who worked on the sealed enclosure, which claims to detail which specific pieces of Linux IBM allegedly "stole" from SCO's Unix. There are two partners who work in Armonk, which is IBM's headquarters, one from Ft. Lauderdale and one from Miami. Missing is the "name" partner, David Boies, he of U.S. vs. Microsoft fame. (The BS&F partners are, for the record, Robert Silver, Edward Normand, Stuart Singer, and Stephen Zack. Good lawyers no doubt, but none with their name on the door.)

Fedora Weekly News Issue 20

Welcome to our issue number 20 of Fedora Weekly News.

Black Duck Targets Small Businesses with Software Update

Version 3.0 of Black Duck's protexIP/development software is aimed at organizations just getting started with software compliance management.

All hail the speed demons

With the Open Source desktop getting larger and more complex, the world need a special type of hacker. Bow down to the speed demon and their abilities to make the world start-up quicker...

ISO Makes Linux Standards Base a Standard

As a Publicly Available Specification, the LSB will remain freely available from the Free Standards Group, as well as being obtainable through the ISO Catalog and any national body who copies it.

Business Benefits from Open Code, Sun Exec Says

NEWTON, Mass.—The ecology and diversity of open source licensing models was a good thing that helped drive the diverse business models in the free and open source software community, Hal Stern, the CTO for software at Sun Microsystems Inc., told the several hundred attendees at the Open Source Business Conference here on Tuesday morning in the opening keynote. Stern's comments come as a debate is raging around the proliferation of Open Source Initiative-approved licenses. The OSI is working to stem the tide of endless new open-source licenses by refusing to approve new ones that essentially duplicate the ones that have come before.

Review: The Yin and Yang of Open Source Commerce, Part 1

  • LinuxPlanet; By John Terpstra (Posted by tadelste on Nov 1, 2005 11:29 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
In this series, we will consider key aspects that impact the future of OSS in the business and consumer markets. In view of the history of OSS, it is most unlikely that development will cease at any time in the foreseeable future. That is not an issue. What is of concern is the commercial outlook for goods and services that are based on OSS. Put another way: will OSS re-shape the entire IT industry, or will it never be more than a passing fad for niche players?

Red Hat looks under Linux's hood

Trying to take a more active role in open-source programming, Red Hat has created a team of 34 programmers to work on nothing but next-generation software, the company plans to announce Tuesday.

Political Animal: Massachusetts IT Office on the OpenDoc Defensive

A senate committee debates the practices of the Massachusetts IT office on its required move in 2007 of using software in the OpenDocument Format. Microsoft's influence on the debate is put to task by the CIO's office.

Intuous 3 tablet is no one's best choice

  • NewsForge (Posted by dave on Nov 1, 2005 10:30 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Wacom products are generally considered the industry standard among computer drawing tablets for quality, compatibility with application software, and usability. While Wacom's current professional-grade offering, the Intuous 3, offers a fine set of core drawing functions, its Linux support is minimal, despite the company's support of the open source project that develops the Linux drivers. But even worse, the Intuous 3 had significant problems on Mac and Windows computers.

AOpen Leads in Miniaturized Personal Computing Innovation With a Cool New Twist to PC Computing

  • PR Newswire; By Press release (Posted by tadelste on Nov 1, 2005 10:21 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Press Release
The Unique miniPC Demonstrates the Strong R&D Capability of AOpen

Replace Your NT4 Domain Controller with Samba 3

  • Enterprise Networking Planet; By Carla Schroder (Posted by tuxchick on Nov 1, 2005 9:33 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
It's official: as of December 31, 2004, Windows NT4 is no longer supported by Microsoft... For all of you hardworking sysadmins of NT4 domain controllers who are now wondering what to do, here are some of your options:

1. Change nothing. So you lose vendor support — so what? Was it so hot in the first place?
2. Upgrade to Windows XP or 2003. This costs much money in licenses, and you may need to upgrade your hardware as well. Plus you'll have a whole new set of bugs and security holes to get acquainted with. However, this also gives you Active Directory, which may be something you want to move up to.
3. Replace your NT4 box with a Samba 3 domain controller.

This series is about option 3...

[Ed.- Yes, this is an older article, but it's still a goodie. Part 2 is here.]

AIM worm plays nasty new trick

A worm found spreading via America Online's Instant Messenger is carrying a nastier punch than usual, a security company has warned...In addition to the "lockx.exe" rootkit file, the new worm delivers a version of the Sdbot Trojan horse, said FaceTime, which sells products to protect instant-messaging traffic. Sdbot opens a backdoor on the infected PC. The worm also places several spyware and adware applications, including 180Solutions, Zango, the Freepod Toolbar, MaxSearch, Media Gateway and SearchMiracle, the company added.

[Ed.- Gee, if only there were an operating system that did not roll out the red carpet to this sort of thing. Oh wait, there is- in fact, there are several. Funny little old world, isn't it. - tuxchick]

Sponsored Google Ad Hijacks Linux Site to

  •; By helios (Posted by helios on Nov 1, 2005 8:31 AM EDT)
  • Groups: Community
Why does a link that is supposed to take me to a Linux site take me instead to Let's have a look at this, shall we

Cheerful "Moving to Linux" includes WFTL LiveCD has a published a review by staff writer Christian Einfeldt of "Moving to Linux (second edition): Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!", a new book by Marcel Gagne. Author Gagne is the creator of the WFTL (Writer and Free Thinker at Large) Linux distro, which is included with the book as a LiveCD.

'False alarms' delay Linux kernel release

Version 2.6.14 of the Linux kernel is now available despite 'frustrating' delays due to mistaken bug reports, says Linus Torvalds

The Linux Standard Base Achieves ISO Approval as International Standard

BOSTON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 11/01/2005 -- At the Open Source Business Conference, the Free Standards Group, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting open source software standards, and the Linux Standard Base (LSB) workgroup announced that the LSB has achieved unanimous official approval as an ISO standard - an important milestone signifying the maturity and scope of both the LSB and the Linux operating system.

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