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Report: Symantec Takes On Virtualization Management Across Environments

With its announcements this week around virtualization and Red Hat Linux, Symantec is moving beyond a past strategy of providing tools for multiple OS to a new vision of managing multiple virtualization environments. In this emerging area of heterogenuous virtualization management, Symantec is also bound to face plenty of competition from companies ranging from Microsoft to VMware and XenSource. But Symantec is well up to the challenge, according to some analysts who are deeply steeped in virtualization technologies.

Ubuntu 5.10 reaches end-of-life

  •; By Christian Pfeiffer Jensen (Posted by cj2003 on Mar 16, 2007 12:37 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Ubuntu
Ubuntu announced the release of 5.10 almost 18 months ago, on October 13th. The support period is now nearing its end and Ubuntu 5.10 will reach end of life on Friday April 13th 2007.

Libervis Network joins the open mobile revolution

"This announcement marks the official launch of the third web site being added to Libervis Network,, a project of promoting Free Software and Free Standards in the world of mobile devices, from phones to mp3 (and ogg) players to various other mobile gadgets."

Novell-Microsoft agreement delays GPLv3

The November 2006 agreement between Microsoft and Novell is delaying the release of the final draft of the third version of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3), says Peter Brown, the executive director of the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Early Bird Ends March 22 for Gelato ICE

Register now for Gelato ICE: Itanium(r) Conference & Expo, which will take place April 15-18, 2007, at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose, California.

Open source video editing still has a long way to go

  •; By Robin 'Roblimo' Miller (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Mar 15, 2007 8:48 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Once or twice a year I look at FOSS video editing tools to see if they're ready for everyday use by advanced amateur and low-end professional video makers, which is where I classify myself in the video production hierarchy. There have been several notable improvements recently that have moved FOSS video editing tools a little closer to practicality, but FOSS desktop video editing still has a long way to go before it can be taken seriously by people who need to turn out high-quality video productions on tight deadlines.

Pharmacy system using Ubuntu to fight AIDS

Written in Java and released under the GPL, iDART (intelligent Dispensing of Antiretroviral Treatment) is a pharmacy system designed for use at antiretroviral (ARV) pharmacies in the public health sector. Initially distributed only as software, it was generally implemented on machines using Windows. Due to issues of reliability and security, Cell-Life have created iDART-in-a-box, which is a complete system running on Ubuntu Linux.

Server via Plug-and-Play: The Collax Software Development Kit

The SDK enables a fast and simple integration of Linux-based applications in the Collax Solution Platform


I have a 1TB RAID array that has to be moved from my one remaining Solaris machine (which will no longer boot) to a Linux machine. I was expecting that - as with the other disk which has undergone the same process - this would appear as a SunOS usr disk and partition, which I could then mount read-only and dump elsewhere before reformatting the disk as ext3 & dumping it back again.

Flash and Search Engine Optimization

Many web pages nowadays are embellished with Flash animation products and then the problem of Flash Search Engine Optimization arises and it is indeed a very serious matter in terms of conversion and web site profitability.

Shopping with the Mozilla Amazon Browser is the most popular online retailer. While you can, of course, access the site with any browser, developer Fabio Serra has created Mozilla Amazon Browser (MAB), a browser-based application that relies on Mozilla's XML User Interface Language (XUL) technology to implement its graphical user interface.

XML and Java: Data binding in 1,000 varieties

Beyond using XML as a simple data format, data binding is one of the most popular uses of XML. It allows even beginner programmers to work with XML in a native programming language, and in many cases doesn't require any XML expertise at all. This article introduces some discussion topics to start you thinking about how you use XML and data binding with Java.

Foresight Linux 1.1, with GNOME 2.18.0

  •; By Ken VanDine (Posted by kenvandine on Mar 15, 2007 2:41 PM EDT)
  • Groups: GNOME, Linux
Looking for GNOME 2.18? Find it in Foresight 1.1 or just try out the Live Demos.

GNOME 2.18: What Are The Changes?

Yesterday GNOME 2.18.0 was released, and while it will be included with Fedora 7 Test 3 later this month (it will also be in the next Ubuntu Feisty Fawn test release), I couldn't help but to upgrade a few Fedora boxes immediately. Initially I had tried using GARNOME, but this time around with 2.18.0 it was pouting over SELinux's avc.h on the first Rawhide system I tried. However, many of the GNOME 2.18.0 packages are already available through Rawhide, so I proceeded to take that route with updating all of the GNOME packages this morning.

Pharmacy system using Ubuntu to fight AIDS

An open source pharmacy software system, iDART, designed for use at antiretroviral (ARV) pharmacies for HIV+ patients is now being deployed on PCs running Ubuntu.

$250 000 prize for best 3rd world lab design

Architecture for Humanity and AMD have announced a prize of $250 000 for the best design for a computer lab that can be adapted and implemented in third-world countries.

How To Install VMware Server On A Fedora Core 6 Desktop

  • HowtoForge; By Falko Timme (Posted by falko on Mar 15, 2007 10:52 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Fedora
This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to install VMware Server on a Fedora Core 6 desktop system. With VMware Server you can create and run guest operating systems (virtual machines) such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, etc. under a host operating system. This has the benefit that you can run multiple operating systems on the same hardware which saves a lot of money, and you can move virtual machines from one VMware Server to the next one (or to a system that has the VMware Player which is also free).

KDE participating in Google Summer of Code 2007

KDE is happy to be participating in the Google Summer of Code program for the third consecutive year! As usual, we are looking for mentors and students to take us singing through the summer. Whether you have been part of the program in previous years or not, we need your help and fantastic ideas!

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 lags behind competition

Microsoft released its Virtual PC (VPC) 2007 virtualization software as freeware recently, and you definitely get what you pay for. VPC 2007 isn't Open Source, nor does it run on Linux. Linux isn't even mentioned as supported guest operating system, but since people have successfully run several Linux distributions through earlier versions of VPC, I decided to give it a go. After several hours of struggle, I found out why VPC 2007 doesn't claim to support Linux distros.

Novell linked to 'Windows cheaper than Linux' statement

Novell has issued a joint press release with Microsoft, in which HSBC, a customer of joint technology from the two companies, claims that Windows has a lower total cost of ownership than Linux.

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