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Red Hat: We will be here in one year, Novell will not

The Novell/Microsoft partnership had the desired short-term effect both companies were looking for: Red Hat stock went down, said Red Hat general counsel Mark Webbink in today's interview with On the other hand, Webbink said, the hype surrounding the announcements from Oracle, Microsoft and Novell will be short- lived. In the end, Red Hat's high customer satisfaction ratings will allow his company to ride the tide. In one year's time, Webbink said, Red Hat would be the only Linux commercial vendor left standing, Microsoft support or not.

Ten ideas about Ideas

Which has more leverage in the marketplace— A) disclosure or B) secrecy? Which is more supportive of growing markets— A) public infrastructure or B) private platforms? Which is better for inventive entrepreneurs— A) sharing one's great ideas to drive development and adoption, or B) patenting and keeping secret one's"intellectual property"?I'm sure most Linux Journal readers would answer"A" to each of those questions, plus other questions like them. Yet I suspect that most venture capitalists would rather fund the"B" choices.

Linux on the Desktop

It has become something of a cliché that Linux has reached a critical point in its development and adoption. However, this is especially true now when we look at what events are lined up to occur in the near future, and particularly in the desktop area.

Open Source web2.0 VoIP Video Conferencing Software for Asterisk

VoIP and VVoIP solutions provider Adiance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. launches Alpha Version of 1Videoconference — One of the World’s First open source web based video conferencing solution for Asterisk. Developers at Adiance have again succeeded in becoming some of the world's first innovators to stream asterisk audio/ video channels to web browsers, clearing the way for the most advanced video solutions such as, IP TV, video conferencing, video contact center, remote surveillance, video kiosk and video pbx etc.,

Dirk Dashing: Secret Agent for Linux Updated

My Game Company has released a Dirk Dashing update for Linux, to fix several bugs found by Linux gamers.

'Business responsible for security of digital products and services'

LXer Feature: 04-Nov-2006

Old news, but still very interesting for our readers: 'De Consumentenbond' (The Dutch Consumer Union) recently said digital security issues (virusses, spam etc.) are too complex for consumers to handle. Therefore, these issues should be handled by professional business, not by consumers. Also, business should be responsible for damage caused by insecure products it sold.

Note: Click on "Read more" for my English summary, click on "Full Story" to go to the story at the Dutch-only site of 'De Consumentenbond'. Parts of it are subscription-only.

Red Hat forced to provide patent indemnification

Stung by Oracle's entry into its Linux support market space and Novell's partnership with Microsoft, Red Hat has quietly sneaked in an indemnification guarantee for customers against any possible patent infringement claims. Oracle and Microsoft have stung Red Hat with a double blow, both companies providing Linux users with assurances that they will be protected against intellectual property infringement lawsuits resulting from proprietary software blended with open source Linux.

Oracle, Intel in Linux Server Push

The Intel-Oracle collaboration will call for both companies to work together to ensure timely certification and coordinated delivery of their products into the data center. As part of this work, Intel and Oracle will establish industry-standard benchmarks for the data center for joint publication.

Opinion: Microsoft, Sun, Oracle can't sidestep Linux, open source ...

I had my "flying-pigs" moment on seeing the headlines: rapprochement, accord, peace between Linux and Microsoft. But when I try to delve into the details, I see just another incremental move in the competitive world of commercial software, with an extra dimension added by the nature of open source.

Commentary: Open Source is not a verb

I am a linguist by training. Long before I delved into free software and was snagged by the quagmire of marketing, I pondered the marvels of morphology, the grimness of grammar and the splendor of semantics. It is only natural then that my wrangling criticism of industry-speak, in both technical and literary modes, is informed by ingrained linguistic sensibilities, descriptive and proscriptive. Given my background, I find it vexing when open source is used as a verb.

Develop HTML Widgets with Dojo

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Igor Kusakov (Posted by IdaAshley on Nov 4, 2006 1:07 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Learn the basics of developing HTML widgets using Dojo; including how to refer an image, how to add an event handler to an HTML page, and how to handle composite widgets. Also, discover important differences between plain old JavaScript-style coding versus using Dojo.

Apache packages: creating a support vacuum

OSS in the real worldComment Right at the end of OSCon in September, I got the opportunity to harangue Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth about the support vacuum distros such as his create. He didn't have an answer. OK, I was putting him on the spot, but I don't think he'd have done much better if he'd had notice of the question. Frankly, I don't think there is an answer.

New Open Source Projects, OpenClovis

OpenClovis, Inc. will launch several new open source projects that aim to provide high availability and carrier grade capabilities, which are required by the telecommunications industry, to popular open source telephony and enterprise applications. At the same time, the company will also promote additional open source projects to accelerate the pre-integration of open source telecom Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions with its own commercial-off-the- shelf (COTS), open source, high availability service application platform.

Open Source - the Great Equalizer - Turns its Sights on Storage

I try hard not to describe the introduction of a new technology as disruptive, particularly in a public forum. If I'm wrong, the misguided pronouncement sticks to my public resume. So when I say that has the potential to become a hugely disruptive force in storage, the statement means I'm willing to take a big public risk.

Novell talks about the Microsoft deal

The Microsoft/Novell deal was a prime topic of conversation at my LUG meeting last night, just as it was everywhere else Linux enthusiasts gather: IRC channels, mailing lists, wikis, and blogs were busy with chatter about the issue. There were opinions everywhere, but details and facts were in short supply, so I went straight to the horse's mouth to get the word from Novell.

Zend Partners with Google, IBM, MySQL and Microsoft to Grow PHP

Microsoft and Zend are all set to join hands in a technical collaboration to enhance the experience of running the PHP scripting language on Windows Server 2003 and the next version of Windows Server, code-named 'Longhorn'. Zend also announced an agreement with MySQL AB that will enable it to better integrate the open source database with Zend products, including the option of full integration.

NL: ATI Linux Driver 8.30.3

ATi heeft enkele dagen geleden alweer nieuwe display drivers voor Linux uitgebracht. Ze hebben het versienummer 8.30.3 meegekregen en doen hun werk voor alle videokaarten die gebruik maken van de Radeon 9550 of recenter. Ondersteuning voor de Radeon 8500, 9000, 9100, 9200 en 9250 is sinds versie 8.29.6 van de ATi Linux Drivers geschrapt, waardoor ze noodgedwongen op versie 8.28.8 blijven steken.

Release-critical Bugreport for November 3, 2006

Release-critical Bugreport for November 3, 2006

Of Macros And Drum Machines

This week in my random survey of activity on the mail-lists for Linux sound& music software I'll look at two very different software drum machines and a keystroke macro that enters LilyPond music notation into an Open Office text document. And if that isn't enough I've included four thrilling screenshots and links to three entertaining audio files to entice and maintain your interest.

Lessons learned from OSS in retail

Bernie Brennan, formerly the CEO of retailer Montgomery Ward, confesses he didn't know much about open source software before he took over as chairman of the board at Tomax and eFashion Solutions. Both of these companies rely heavily on Linux, on their own shop floors and those of their customers. Now that Brennan has learned about the advantages of open source, he says he'd never invest in a company that didn't use it.

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