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DVD Jon to play fair with Apple's DRM?

Famous for his reverse engineering, an author of the DeCSS content de-scrambling software "DVD Jon" is playing a slightly different tune now. Rather than working against DRM as he has been known to do, he is now apparently experimenting with the idea of using DRM to his and supposedly customers advantage.

Device Profile: Russound SMS3 home media server

Whole-house stereo specialist Russound used embedded Linux as the basis of its first media server. The SMS3 is a hard-drive-based media server for standalone or multi-zone use. It features an entertaining heuristic wizard named in tribute to a fallen comrad.

Blocking hardware accessibility through software: a printer's tale

What are you getting when you buy a printer to use under GNU/Linux? site can tell you how well a printer will work with free software, but often that's only part of the story. I came face to face with this simple fact when I recently bought a Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart C3100, a low end inkjet printer that includes scanning and copying features. Besides basic features, like many today, the printer includes features that run without a computer, if only with the specific Windows or OS X software that accompanies it.

Foreseeing GNOME with the Latest Foresight Linux Release

Foresight Linux, the distribution for those who like living on GNOME's cutting edge, has just been updated. One of the distro's lead developers, Antonio Meireles, announced this week that the latest Foresight is now available.

Linux more accessible

Novell hopes its SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED) will tempt everyday computer owners to abandon Windows and switch to a newer, cheaper and supposedly better alternative.

Google Code Search new but not different

Google jumped into the open source code search arena this week with the announcement of Google Code Search. The new tool allows users to search billions of lines of open source code and will also search files that the standard Google search engine does not. Google's code search capability falls under the "it's new to us" category, since the same functionality has existed at other sites for years.

Agilysys & RedHat to Deliver Open Source Solutions

Agilysys, a provider of enterprise computer technology solutions, and Red Hat, a provider of open source solutions to the enterprise, have signed an enterprise reseller agreement to deliver Red Hat solutions and the benefits of open source to Agilysys customers.

Konsole license violations highlight GPL confusion

In July, Konsole author Lars Doelle posted a note on the forum about two programs that appear to violate the GNU General Public License (GPL), under which Konsole is licensed. GPL violations are nothing new, but in this case Doelle has not only put the violators on notice, he's also telling users to stop using the offending programs as well.

Oracle To Bring Siebel CRM To Linux

When Oracle releases Siebel 8 later this year, the venerable CRM application will, for the first time, run on Linux servers. The independent Siebel Systems, bought by Oracle for over $5 billion last year, had not pledged to support Linux. It had, however, worked with IBM to ensure that Siebel CRM could work with DB2 database running on Linux.

EnterpriseDB Opens Software Development Center In Pune, India

EnterpriseDB, enterprise open source database company, announced the opening of a software development center in Pune, India. EnterpriseDB is headquartered in Iselin, N.J., U.S.A., operates the Enterprise Performance Centre near Oxford in the U.K., and also has a software development center in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Cargo Repeatable System Tests for Web Apps

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Andrew Glover (Posted by IdaAshley on Oct 6, 2006 10:02 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Writing logically repeatable tests is especially tricky when testing Web applications that incorporate a servlet container. Now you can write logically repeatable system tests every time with the introduction of Cargo, an open source framework that automates container management in generic fashion.

High-tech social enterprise reaps free software's benefits

Benetech is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to use technology to improve the world. The organization's varied projects toward doing so include reading tools for the blind, landmine detection hardware, and a software system to document human rights violations. To help them in their work, the organization's 30 employees worldwide, from Bangkok to Africa to the US West Coast, depend upon free software -- but not exclusively.

Review: Linux Devices Coming to Market

Business and consumer users will soon be hooking up their Windows-based desktop and mobile PCs to more Linux-enabled devices, as witnessed by a new multimedia storage box from HP as well as the planned announcement of new wireless hardware from Symbol later this month.

Here is why anti-piracy technology being in-build in Microsoft Vista could help GNU/Linux

It is now in the open that Microsoft is all set to build in anti-piracy technology in the upcoming Vista OS. Assuming that Microsoft is largely successful in stopping the pirates in their track, this interesting article pursues why this could be a good thing after all for the advancement of GNU/Linux.

Arcom introduces entry level Linux development platform for XScale CPU

Arcom has released a new entry level embedded Linux Development Kit to support its ultra low power PXA255 XScale based single board computers.

Release-critical Bugreport for October 6, 2006

Release-critical Bugreport for October 6, 2006

Superh SoC aims DVB-T at mobile Linux devices

Renesas is sampling a multimedia application processor aimed at portable media players, video-VoIP devices, and TV-enabled navigation systems. The SH-MobileR SH7722 integrates a 266MHz SH4AL-DSP core with hardware terrestrial digital broadcast (DVB-T) codecs. It comes with a Linux BSP, and Linux DVB-T middleware is also available. 2.0.4 - Don't Blink

LXer Feature: 06-Oct-2006

On the word of an LXer reader, I downloaded 2.0.4 Release Candidate 3 to test it's load speed. I also tested copying data from Calc to Base, something that had caused repeated crashing under 2.0.3. Here's what happened.

Bang for the Buck: Entry Unix Servers Compete with Linux and Windows

It was only 15 years ago that Unix was first being commercialized, proprietary operating systems dominated the midrange of the server market, mainframes ruled the high end, and there was no such thing as an entry server, but rather a NetWare file system for file sharing and network printing. How the world has changed.

SGI Expanding the Reach of Linux

In August of this year, SGI announced that they were able to run a single system image of the Linux OS over 1024 processors on an Itanium-based Altix 4700 supercomputer. How was this feat accomplished? This week at the Gelato Itanium Conference and Expo (ICE) in Singapore, Neuner presented a session that described the Linux kernel modification that helped to make this possible. HPCwire caught up with him before the conference to ask him about the Linux improvements and where the future of single system image scalability is headed.

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