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Compiz on Solaris x86 - Eye Candy for Solaris’s Desktop

  • (Posted by dba477 on May 30, 2007 9:54 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Sun
Want to have all that eye candy (desktop coolness) that we have on Linux on your Solaris box. It is still little rough on edges, but it is coming there slowly. Guess soon Solrais will have as stable packages available as there are for Linux distributions. Erwann has posted Compiz 0.5.0 packages for Solaris Nevada/Express on x86 - this is the latest step of several months of work to make this happen.

Wikipedia with content for schools launched

A version of Wikipedia aimed at school children has been launched. Equating a 15 volume encyclopedia, the content has been limited to articles suitable for children. Accessible online and as a download, the encyclopedia will soon be found in all tuXlab schools in South Africa.

No Ubuntu Dells for SA, yet

Dell last week launched one of their desktops and two of their notebooks with Ubuntu preloaded, causing much excitement among the Linux community. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the launch has been limited to the US so far. <i>Tectonic</i> spoke to Dell's local mobile brand manager to find out when these machines are likely to reach South African shores.

Demystifying Digital Steganography [A Secret art of Computer Science]

  •; By Joydeep Bakshi (Posted by J_Bakshi on May 30, 2007 7:28 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial
I have come to know about Digital Steganography first time in the year 2003. I find it really very much interesting for privacy concerned users as well as security professionals. The modern Digital Steganography goes as far as our imagination can. There are a lot of free tutorials in the internet which focus on the different methods of Digital Steganography and some of those go up-to the core. But I haven't found any tutorial yet which can provide a newbie; the basic-level idea about all the different methods of Digital Steganography. So I have tried my level best to provide all sorts of techniques of Digital Steganography.

Installing Liberation fonts on Linux

Red Hat recently released a set of free fonts designed to be a metrically-exact replacement for the Microsoft Core TrueType fonts. Installing fonts on Linux, however, has not always been the easiest of tasks so <i>Tectonic</i> dug around a little to make a simple guide to installing these, and other, fonts on most flavours of Linux.

Ronin: Logged Off (9 July 1943 - 27 May 2007) - Celebrating the Life of Jim Farnsworth

LXer Feature: 30-May-2007

Jim Farnsworth, known to many as "jimf" or "Ronin", logged off the IRC channel, #life, Sunday morning in a hospital in Kenosha, Wisconsin. As an active member of the LXer community, we'd like to help our readers celebrate Jim's impact on all of us.

A month on the command line, Day 27: E-mail Valhalla, if not Nirvana

After a few weeks of wrangling with e-mail at the console, I now have a working setup that allows me to send and receive mail from two accounts, one personal, the other for work, on my Debian Etch box.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

  •; By James Pyles (Posted by tripwire45 on May 30, 2007 3:52 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: PHP

Who should read this book? Well, you'd better know at least basic HTML and CSS. Adobe Photoshop knowledge would be a big plus, too. Hmmm...I'd throw in Flash experience. just for giggles. Ok, ok...let's cover what this book won't teach you. It won't teach you how to make a basic webpage with HTML and CSS. Shocked? So was I a little, until I realized what Jason Beaird's book is really all about. What it isn't about is teaching you HTML and CSS. Lots and lots of books teach that. Don't pick up this text until you've already created at least one site that works. So what is this book good for anyway? It's good for making more than just a website that "works".

Eben Moglen: MS should remove patents from Novell agreement

In this segment of our week-long series of video excerpts from our interview with Professor Eben Moglen at the Red Hat Summit in San Diego, he explains why it could be disastrous for Microsoft to continue the patent aggression that is part of their Novell agreement.

Manage user accounts with Tivoli Identity Manager

This tutorial offers an introduction to Tivoli Identity Manager Express V4.6. It includes practical, hands-on exercises in which you will set up Tivoli Identity Manager Express to manage accounts in an LDAP user directory.

GNOME 2.18 for Vector Linux 5.8

A complete set of GNOME 2.18 packages have been added to the Vector Linux Extra repository. This means that users of Vector Linux 5.8 Standard or SOHO can add GNOME easily in addition to Xfce or KDE.

Adobe relicenses XMP toolkit as open source

Adobe has released a new version of its Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) toolkit, and for the first time it is under an open source license that allows the code to be incorporated into free software. XMP is Adobe's XML-based specification for metadata geared toward digital images and multimedia.

Open Community Tools

Explore the innovation of open source solutions available from IBM and see the power and flexibility of an open community development environment.

PlayStation 3 as Enterprise Linux Server

The functionality of the PS3 is about to take an interesting boost, becoming an all singing and dancing Linux Enterprise Server courtesy of HELIOS’ optimized Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 installer utilizing the IBM 64-bit 3.2 GHz Cell processor in the PS3 running HELIO UB.

An open source approach to fixing public media funding

Christopher Lydon's RadioOpenSource is one of the best programs on radio. It's not about open source code, but about radio modeled on open source values and methods. As the show puts it, Open Source has become one of the most talked-about experiments in public media — a civil union of online and on-air communities that trust each other to talk about pretty much anything.

Open Web Analytics for WordPress

  •; By Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on May 29, 2007 8:09 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
WordPress is a full-featured "personal publishing" platform, but it offers little in the way of traffic analysis. If you'd like to dig into your traffic patterns and have a better idea who's visiting your site and what they're coming to see, take a look at the Open Web Analytics (OWA) plugin for WordPress. It's easy to use, and provides a wealth of information about your site traffic.

Novell worries that GPL 3 could foil Microsoft pact

In document posted to SEC site, Linux seller outlines ways new version of open-source license could hurt its business.

Akademy Tutorials, BoFs, Power and Video

With only a month to go the schedule for Akademy 2007 is filling up. Our tutorial day has been popular enough to fill up two days covering subjects from Interview in Qt 4 to Emacs, Kopete plugins and an introduction to KDE development. Over in the Birds of a Feather meetings[?] we have sessions including LSB compliance, Qt Jambi, Korundum and the intriguing KDE Matchmaker.

Report: Learn Your Linux Clustering Options

"Cluster" is probably the most heavily abused term in the computing world. In this article we'll talk about what a cluster really is, and give an overview of the Linux technologies that can help you implement various types of clusters. The main focus will of course be on building clusters for highly available services

Filesystem Encryption Tools for Linux

  • (Posted by gg234 on May 29, 2007 4:13 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Debian
Filesystem Encryption Tools for Linux

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