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Open source SplendidCRM a sweet alternative for ".Net-centric" SAAS provider

A "Microsoft-centric" call center solution provider called Promero worked mostly with proprietary applications, offering them as hosted software-as-a-service products. When it decided to create a custom replacement by cobbling together an existing CRM package and its own lead-generating application, CTO Roman Schepis quickly discovered that the only way to go was to use an open source CRM application.

Master the LAMP Architecture

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Sean A. Walberg (Posted by IdaAshley on Apr 7, 2007 6:32 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
Applications using the LAMP architecture, such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl, are constantly being developed and deployed. This first article in a series of three covers the LAMP architecture, some measurement techniques, and some basic Linux kernel, disk, and file system tweaks. This series of three articles discusses many of the server configuration items that can make or break an application's performance.

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Broadcom Driver Dispute Uglier Than Necessary

LXer Feature: 07-Apr-2007

It all started with a message describing copied code and offering a solution.

Linux on the Apple TV getting started

It's a good thing Apple isn't fighting back against Apple TV hacks, because while we haven't yet seen any hard evidence that Linux on the Apple TV is even as far as is claimed, apparently some industrious hackers have already made some real progress in shoehorning Tux into the minuscule media device. According to the Mactel-Linux wiki, users have managed to capture the ATV's boot loader and run a custom Linux kernel; right now that kernel and the primitive ATV build apparently seem to support WiFi, SpeedStep, and EFI, but there are issues with USB (you're telling us!), and the graphics aren't settled either.

Ubuntu-based Linux Mint tests KDE version

The Ireland-based Linux Mint team yesterday made available the first release candidate of its next version, Linux Mint 2.2 KDE Edition Beta 020. Code-named "Bianca," it uses the KDE 3.5.6 desktop for the first time, running on a 2.6.17-10 kernel, the team said.

The Visual History of Fedora

With the release of Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn happening in just a matter of days, last month at Phoronix we had presented The Visual History of Ubuntu. In that article we went back and looked at all Ubuntu releases to date to see how it has evolved over time both when it comes to the interface as well as the changes that had made up each release. Today we are doing the same for Fedora as we look back upon its history.

What's growing at SUSEroot?

SUSE root is a nice evangelist-type site about Novell's SUSE -- specifically openSUSE, that tries to answer the questions that could be asked by a potential user of this extremely popular distro. Looking at The Distrowatch top 100 distributions, there's Ubuntu at No. 1, followed by openSUSE and Fedora. I'm thinking of trying openSUSE because it's so darn popular, is meant for business use -- and I just want to see how it runs.

"New generation" GoblinX Premium 2007.1 debuts

GoblinX Premium 2007.1, a bootable live CD distribution based on Slackware Linux, was made available this week by its Brazil-based project team. It is the first release of an "new generation of the distribution, full of news, special features, and upgrades," according to the team.

Test GUI-less Web services with Rational Tester

IBM Rational Tester for SOA Quality is a functional and regression testing tool that enables the creation, comprehension, modification and execution of testing GUI-less Web services

Radview Moving to Open Source Model

  •; By Sean Michael Kerner (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Apr 6, 2007 10:54 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Internet application testing vendor RadView plans to migrate its flagship product to an open source model using the General Public License (GPL), has learned. The announcement is expected to be made on Wednesday April 11. The move to open source its products could have implications for commercial vendors in the sector, such as Hewlett-Packard's Mercury Interactive and IBM's Rational Software division.

The Steady Migration of Smartphones to Linux

With Palm attempting to migrate its OS to Linux and Symbian working to begin a degree of interoperability with Unix, Linux-based phones are gaining ground, and a recent ABI report suggests they will make up 14 percent of the market by 2012. They face an uphill battle, however against an array of difficult obstacles. Improves Firefox Bookmarks Extension

The blog announced an upgrade to their Firefox extension that enables the easy bookmarking of pages.

bc - The shell maestro’s calculator

  •; By Pandu Rao (Posted by raopm on Apr 6, 2007 5:34 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
If your GUI-based calculator is not up to the challenge, is your next alternative a spreadsheet? If yes, you would do well to look at GNU bc. It is, indeed, a superb replacement. You might find that you never go back to using the clunky GUI equivalent.

Tech Expo -- Free and Open Source Software

The eighth annual Linuxfest Northwest takes place from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., April 28 and 29, 2007 at Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, WA. Exhibits, presentations, and parking are free. All ages are welcome. The Fest is an informative, low-key way for people to explore Linux and other open source products. LFNW features internationally recognized speakers from leading companies and well-known open source projects, as well as exhibits and demonstrations for a wide range of interests and technical abilities.

Complex service checks with Nagios

Nagios is a GPL-licensed framework that allows you to intelligently schedule little monitoring programs written in any language you choose. Nagios lets you monitor hosts, services, and networks. Here are a couple of examples of real-world monitoring scenarios.

IceWM — a desktop for Windows emmigrants

  •; By Adam Zieliński (Posted by michux on Apr 6, 2007 2:52 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
IceWM is perfect for Windows’s “emigrants” especially for users with older computers. IceWM will be suitable for advanced users who are looking for a lightweight and simple window manager.

How to configure your SCSI or USB scanner to work with SANE/XSANE from your regular user account

  • HowtoForge (Posted by falko on Apr 6, 2007 1:55 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Linux
This article shows how you can make your scanner (SCSI or USB) work with SANE/XSANE from a normal user account without getting permission errors.

Book conveys Linux appliance design know-how

No Starch Press has published a book about integrating embedded hardware, Linux-based operating systems, and custom applications to create Linux devices. "Linux Appliance Design," by four authors, is the first book to tackle both the hardware and software components of device design, the publisher claimed.

I dream of Geany

Here's a plug for Geany, the primary text editor in Puppy Linux. I've been using Geany for a few weeks now, and it's really a nice piece of software. For one thing, it's not foreign to someone who primarily uses full-fledged word processors -- and Windows ones, at that.

Device Profile: SysMaster M10 set-top box

SysMaster used embedded Linux to build a set-top box with a dizzying array of audio, video, networking, communications, and data capabilities. The Tornado M10 Digital Media Center runs Linux 2.6.19, and targets phone and IP network operators wishing to offer a wide range of services.

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