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BarCamp hits Johannesburg

About 30 people gathered at the Sci-Bono centre in Newtown over the weekend to host BarCamp Johannesburg. Geeks gave talks on everything from extreme programming to "tying up your girlfriend 101".

Cimmetry Releases Linux Version of AutoVue

Cimmetry's First AutoVue Release on the Linux Platform

Embracing Unix and Linux Desktops

Unix and Linux clients can do quite well on a Windows network. Microsoft, in fact, released its own Services for Unix, which provides some basic cross-compatibility features for Unix clients accessing Windows servers. Other, more robust interoperability solutions are also available for various network services. Fortunately, Unix has been using TCP/IP for longer than Windows, so the two operating systems at least have a networking protocol in common.

Debian etch beta 3 graphical mode installation with screenshots

Debian etch beta 3 graphical mode installation with screenshots

CLI Magic: Kismet sniffs out Wi-Fi access

Today, Wi-Fi access points everywhere, and users becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their wireless network knowledge. One good tool for discovering Wi-Fi access points is a command-line utility called Kismet. It can help with a range of issues, from diagnosing Wi-Fi interference problems to finding a particular network in a sea of airborne bits.

Sybase's billion dollar baby

In the late 1990’s Sybase, like Informix, seemed to be on its way out. While other failing database companies (such as Informix) ended up being acquired, Sybase kept control of its own destiny. This meant overhauling its product portfolio, decoupling its mobile database (SQL Anywhere) and going on the acquisition trail.

Why Microsoft Loves Apple

  •; By Brandon Watts (Posted by gsh on Sep 11, 2006 9:40 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Microsoft
We've been trained from the beginning to view Microsoft and Apple as bitter enemies, and this type of thinking has influenced the actions of many people. There's been a convergence of both sets of users, but even with this advancement, you can still find devout fans of OS X and Windows who are always on the lookout for opportunities to badmouth the competition. Get a grip, people - it's just software.

Hire company charges ahead with Linux

Kennards Hire is ready to replace Windows server with Linux at 90 branches, to accompany 400 desktops already running the open source operating system.

Moving to freedom, one step at a time

Time to get on with the move. Giving up Windows is like kicking a drug habit. It’s easier to take the path of least resistance and keep using. If quitting proprietary software was a twelve step program—although, let’s not push the analogy too far—maybe after admitting we were powerless over our proprietary programs, coming to believe that a Higher Power could restore us to Freedom, and so on and so forth, maybe we’d... make a searching and fearless inventory of cross-platform free programs we could run on Windows first so that a new operating system wouldn’t be entirely alien when we finally sobered up and moved to GNU/Linux?

FOSS Community, Microsoft And Reconciliation

LXer Feature: 11-Sep-2006

Neil McAllister calls on the FOSS community to drop the fortress mentality and work to build bridges with Microsoft. That's kind of like saying an abused wife should hug her husband just because he brings her flowers. Maybe Microsoft really is changing, but LXer's Don Parris suggests watching to see what they are holding in the other hand.

Software Freedom Day Is Fast Approaching

LXer Feature: 11-Sep-2006

Software Freedom Day is fast approaching. What are you doing in your area?

Howto: Bring the Xgl and Compiz bling to Ubuntu Dapper Drake

  •; By Jason Smith (Posted by dcparris on Sep 11, 2006 4:25 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Ubuntu
Ubuntu guru Jason Smith shows us how to pimp our Ubuntu rides, using the latest Xgl and Compiz eye-candy. Fuzzy dice not included.

Puppy Linux 2.02 Review

  •; By Matt H. (Posted by gsh on Sep 11, 2006 3:28 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: GNU, Linux
Lately, it feels like the world is being overrun with otherwise outdated PCs. With landfills overflowing with unwanted computers, it's great to find that Linux developers have taken it upon themselves to offer a viable solution to simply throwing away older computers.

Millionaire cosmonaut takes on Microsoft

Mark Shuttleworth has already conquered space. Now he's hoping to challenge Microsoft.

Google and Apple: A Google OS At Last?

  •; By Brandon W. (Posted by gsh on Sep 11, 2006 1:34 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Community
In a short amount of time, Google has gone from a little search engine with a funny name to being a dominant force in the tech industry. They're doing so many different things right now that it's almost easy to forget that they started off primarily being a search engine.

[Not exactly related to GNU/Linux, but we need to keep an eye on these two. - dcparris]

Hp Expands Integrity Line, Virtualization Capabilities

  • Computerworld; By Patrick Thibodeau (Posted by dcparris on Sep 11, 2006 12:37 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: HP, Linux
September 11, 2006 (Computerworld) -- Hewlett-Packard Co. last week upgraded and expanded its Integrity server line, adding two low-end models and increased virtualization support that it hopes will make the systems more attractive to Windows and Linux users in addition to its primary HP-UX customer base.

[Article is Windows-centric, but does mention GNU/Linux capability. Gee, can't imagine why they didn't get the perspective of a GNU/Linux admin. - dcparris]

DistroWatch Weekly: Debian "etch" update, Red Hat vs Novell, Ubuntu For Non-Geeks

  •; By Ladislav Bodnar (Posted by dave on Sep 11, 2006 12:35 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter
Welcome to this year's 37th issue of DistroWatch Weekly! With many of the major distributions in the final stages of their development work, this is possibly the most exciting period of the year. It shouldn't be long before the new versions from Slackware and Mandriva are released, with Fedora, openSUSE and Debian following shortly. Mandriva Linux 2007 is now starting to look really good, while Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 "etch" is shaping up to be a real breakthrough for the largest Linux distribution project. Fedora Core is also getting a complete makeover - at least in the look and feel department. This issue is devoted to all the upcoming new releases, with further news covering the availability of KDE 4 packages for Kubuntu, a new major version of GParted LiveCD, and an interesting interview with the developers of PC-BSD. In our latest book review, we'll take a quick look at Ubuntu Linux For Non-Geeks by Rickfort Grant. Happy reading!

Computing systems for business: Linux or Mac?

Is there an alternative for original Microsoft Windows to substitute the pirated Microsoft Windows and Office on your office computers?

“Bling-bling Buntu!”

I was very pleased to see John Vivirito announcing a desktop-effects team for Ubuntu, that will focus on the integration of 3D technology into the desktop like Xgl, Compiz and AIGLX. Folks who are interested in that stuff and want to help make Ubuntu rock in that department please join the team! We’re particularly interested in people who have strong OpenGL experience.

SimplyMEPIS 6.0-1

MEPIS has announced the release of SimplyMEPIS 6.0-1 DVD Edition; an update of SimplyMEPIS 6.0, MEPIS' first Ubuntu based edition released earlier this summer. The SimplyMEPIS 6.0-1 bootable DVD not only includes hundreds of bug and security fixes, but the 1,900 packages of the three SimplyMEPIS Extras CDs, as well.

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