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IBM VP Bob Sutor reflects on open source

In the mythical land of "Open Source," an egalitarian, global network of software developers sacrificially contribute programming code to the greater good. But in today's real world, open source minds and corporate technology giants are finding they need each other to survive and thrive, says Bob Sutor, IBM vice president of Open Standards and Open Source.

Three Minutes With Zimbra's Satish Dharmaraj

Open-source collaboration software vendor Zimbra is adopting an intriguing approach to taking on proprietary titans like Microsoft and Google, using its channel partners as its competitive muscle. The aim is for Zimbra to step completely out of directly selling the commercial versions of its products so the startup can focus fully on software development and support, according to Satish Dharmaraj, Zimbra's ebullient cofounder and chief executive officer.

Bring on the WorkStation 3

  • Open for Business; By Timothy R. Butler (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Nov 19, 2006 10:07 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
With the launch of the PlayStation 3, the fate of one of the world’s best-known brands, Sony, hangs in the balance. Although the technology, and the price tag, of the new system will likely lead to it moving at least partially it into the realm of home theater enthusiasts rather than just gaming enthusiasts wanting the latest game system, presently Sony is staking much of its future on that market. For true security, it needs a complete digital ecosystem, and for that, it needs to change its PC strategy.

Sugarcrm Builds a Firm Foundation

SugarCRM has become the latest open source vendor to simplify the installation and support of a full software stack comprising its own CRM application and other third party offerings. Thursday, the company unveiled Sugar FastStack, a service to set up and support a stack of its Sugar Professional or Enterprise product.

NL: ATI Linux Driver 8.31.5

Advanced Micro Devices heeft onlangs nieuwe display drivers voor Linux uitgebracht. Ze hebben versienummer 8.31.5 meegegeven, kunnen hun werk doen op alle kaarten vanaf de Radeon 9500. Anders dan dat we van ATi gewend waren is er nu slechts één download, die geschikt zijn voor zowel een 32-bits als een 64-bits omgeving. De downloadgrootte daarentegen is gegroeid naar zo'n 55MB.

Release-critical Bugreport for November 17, 2006

Bug stamp-out list for November 17, 2006

Mysql’s Mickos: Open Source in the Enterprise

As the CEO of open source database company MySQL AB, Marten Mickos has overseen enormous growth in his company. Some even say the plucky MySQL is starting to threaten industry heavyweight Oracle, though that contest is still very much David and Goliath. At the very least, MySQL, as a major building block of the LAMP stack, earns bragging rights as the leading open source database.

Vista released: PC sales drop? Dealers blamed!

"I'm not buying a new PC, not yet," said the angry NewsWireless reader. "I need a new computer, and I found one online - but it comes with Windows Vista! I don't want that!" Sadly, it seem that in their enthusiasm to be seen to be as far up on Microsoft's beautiful unique marketing as possible, several online PC stores have been advertising "With Windows Vista!" for their computers. This is, to put it gently, an exaggeration.

Nokia selects Red Hat for carrier equipment

Nokia's Network Business Group has selected Red Hat Linux as the primary OS for its carrier-grade server platforms, Red Hat reports. Nokia will integrate Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on multiple FlexiPlatform products this year, with Red Hat providing onsite consulting, support, certification, and training services.

Helping you get Nuxified is an unique, friendly community powered Free Software support site launched at the beginning of this year as an alternative to the big players in the field of GNU/Linux help forums such as and We are different in many ways.

"I For One Think Sun Has Got This One Right," Says Kirk Pepperdine

Application performance guru Kirk Pepperdine (pictured) added his two cents to the ongoing Web discussions about Sun's announcement last week that it is open sourcing its implementation of Java. He pinpoints the Classpath exception as being the key valve that "leaves business free to build upon yet protects the underlying implementation."

Try out 10 free operating systems - in your browser

If you've got Java-support in your browser, you can try out several free operating systems at Free OS Zoo. This is an experimental feature, using a system called FLOZ.

[The response-time is slow, but it is still cool to try. - Scott]

Is Microsoft infringing upon Xerox, Apple and Unix intellectual property?

Intellectual Property is a term widely abused in the software industry by firms such as Microsoft and SCO using it to scare people into not using certain products in favor of their own. This disparaging tactic has even been given a name: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD). It seems that anyone nowadays can make bold, unsubstantiated claims of IP infringement without actually having any proof simply to hurt another products reputation and destroy healthy competition. In this article, we will explore what intellectual property is and why every computer user should care when unreputable companies abuse legal systems in order to gain an unfair business advantage.

Ubuntu to add proprietary drivers

Feisty Fawn, aka Ubuntu 7.04, is scheduled for release on Apr. 19, 2007. According to Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu's founder, "The main themes for feature development in this release will be improvements to hardware support in the laptop, desktop and high-end server market, and aggressive adoption of emerging desktop technologies. Ubuntu's Feisty release will put the spotlight on multimedia enablement and desktop effects."

Open source group to handle network management

An Austin, Tex., network management company has set out to build an open-source community around network inventory management tools. This week at the Gartner Enterprise Networking Summit, AlterPoint, Inc. unveiled ZipTie, an open-source project that the company said it will seed with some foundational technology from its DeviceAuthority network management product, while continuing to sell its more advanced management tools under commercial licences.

Linux desktop domination "just a matter of time"

South Africa native and current London resident Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical Ltd. and the Ubuntu Linux distribution, told Friday in an interview that widespread adoption of Linux on the desktop -- so long-awaited by many people -- "is just a matter of time, IMO."

Open Source - it isn't just about being nice

Michael Tiemann objects to the distinction between "open" and "free" software we suggested in the article entitled 'Take your covenant and shove it', Samba tells Novell.

The patent cold war has begun

It is increasingly becoming clear what the deal between Microsoft and Novell really means for GNU/Linux. Hear it from Microsoft itself: Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft. Can you hear the sound of those rattles? Microsoft is hitting the patent threat hard this time, and no matter if it is just empty words or a true promise, this could hurt GNU/Linux much more than the whole Novell deal was supposed to help.

Should you use Ajax in your IT applications?

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Bill Higgins (Posted by solrac on Nov 18, 2006 12:11 PM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
The newness of the Ajax/REST architectural style presents challenges to IT organizations. A technology like Ajax is more or less useful only insofar as an organization can apply it to solve a particular problem or to fulfill a particular need. This article help you decide if Ajax is right for your IT apps.

Linux-based hi-def extender wins Broadcaster's award

Avocent reports that its first-ever digital signage product has won an innovation award at IBC (International Broadcasters Convention) in Amsterdam this week. The Linux-powered MPX1000 HD Multipoint Extender distributes audio and HD video content from one or more sources to up to eight synchronized display/output devices.

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