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Tracker: Desktop Search & Metadata Store

Beagle has had its 15 minutes of fame. Now Tracker offers Beagle's capabilities and more. And it's faster, too.

Gphone vs. iPhone: The security debate begins

It wasn't long after Google announced its long-anticipated mobile plans this week that a debate emerged about the prospective security of the project's Linux-based platform. Can the open-source model for the platform, now known as Android, produce secure code? Will phones based on Android, dubbed "Gphones" by many, be more or less secure than Apple's iPhone, which has been developed using proprietary software? What will Android's developers be able to do to stop authors of malicious code from capitalizing on its openness?

gOS is worth looking into....

Everybody is going Green. I take a quick look at the new kid on the block. gOS 1.0.1 was released earlier this month and I take a short screenshot tour of this "Green" Linux OS. Check out the short flash video too. Today I took a look at the latest version of gOS. I think the "g" stands for "green" and not what all the internet thinks it means "google". Although gOS is built around alot of your favorite google apps this OS has much more behind just the fancy desktop and the word google.

I'm back on my feet selling Linux Computers again!

I have been PayPal / ebay Dependant when it came to getting users to buy on my website. I was also Yahoo page builder Dependant because I’m a lousy web page designer and no one will do it for me. I’m using Nvu now and Google Checkout to sell one type of laptop and 3 PCs.

US Navy acquisitions site uses open source CMS

The US Navy's research and development and acquisition policy site at uses eZ Systems' open source content management system to help civilian and military users access the Navy's myriad policy documents. Before the switch to eZ Publish in November 2003, the site was an unorganized collection of hard-to-navigate static HTML pages. Today, IT project manager Tina Minor, who manages the system for DOD contractor Automation Technologies, says she really likes the customizability and low price of open source software.

Quick Tour of Fedora Core 8

Just a short quick tour of the new Fedora Core 8. Released November 8 2007 this much anticipated Linux OS will sure to excite the community. Short Flash video of Fedora Core 8 is coming soon.

Chinese PC users getting Dells loaded with Linux

Novell and Dell announced an expansion of Linux offerings with the addition of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 installed on Dell OptiPlex 330 and 755 commercial desktop PCs in China. The systems will be available later this year.

Interview with Linux-VServer Project Leader Herbert Pötzl

  •; By Scott Dowdle (Posted by dowdle on Nov 9, 2007 3:59 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview
I use both Linux-VServer and OpenVZ at work for server virtualization and they both work fantastically. Since I've already done an interview with the head of the OpenVZ project, I thought it was time for an interview with the head of the Linux-VServer project. I ran across Herbert Pötzl on the Linux-VServer IRC channel (#vserver on and he was kind enough to grant me this interview. Herbert is hereafter referred to by his IRC nick, Bertl.

Using the ColdFusion Eclipse plug-in

Find out how to install and use the Coldfusion Eclipse plug-in to develop, test, and deploy a sample ColdFusion application.

VirtualBox: The best virtualization program you've never heard of

Quick, name some virtualization programs that run on Linux. Time's up. If you're like most people, you probably named VMware or Xen first. Many of you probably know of one or more of the following: Parallels, QEMU, KVM, Virtuozzo and OpenVZ. However, few of you probably know about VirtualBox. And chances are if you know about VirtualBox 1.502, you're already running it because it manages the trifecta of being good, free and, sort of, open source.

30 New Customers Sign up for Microsoft's Linux Support Coupons

Microsoft and Novell are using the one-year anniversary of their interoperability agreement to tout the increasing number of enterprise customers who are signing up because of the benefits offered through the collaboration. The two companies announced Nov. 8 that Microsoft will give 30 new customers three-year priority support subscriptions for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell. These agreements were negotiated over the past quarter, and they bring the number of such deals to about 60 that have taken place over the past year.

Install CentOS 5 DomU on CentOS 5 Dom0(64 bit) from NFS share

  •; By Boris Derzhavets (Posted by dba477 on Nov 9, 2007 12:38 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: Red Hat
The article "Installing Xen On CentOS 5.0 (i386)" by Falko Timme silently presume that you have at least ADSL Internet connection 700 Kb/sec due to following instruction for virt-install command line utility..

Your Health Care Quality, Privacy, Security and Tax Dollars Are at Stake

A stark future awaits American health care if the Veterans Affairs (VA) system and Cerner is allowed to go forward withannounced plans to replace the VA's successful public domain laboratory software, in need of update, with a proprietary one. The VA would give large amounts of cash that would greatly assist a single proprietary company in dominating EHR software in both the public and private sector. A free, thriving EHR ecosystem will be destroyed and replaced with a monopoly or cartel at great expense in which the quality, privacy and security of such software is a trade secret, un-examined and un-examinable. If this is allowed, it could lead to Americans essentially renting their own medical data back from the Cerners of the world at great expense.

Vista vs. desktop Linux: One year in

  •; By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Nov 8, 2007 10:53 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Linux
After almost a year since Microsoft released Vista to manufacturing, it's time to re-evaluate it and decide if it's finally the equal of the best of the desktop Linuxes. That's not a facetious question. Yes, in terms of market share, desktop Linux hovers just over 1 percent of all users, while Microsoft claims that Vista by this summer had already sold more than 60 million copies. I'm not impressed, and you shouldn't be either.

Fedora 8 Installation Guide

This guide describes how to configure Fedora 8. Learn how to set up extra repositories, add video/dvd and audio codecs, install useful applications, configure Firefox's plugins, install compiz-fusion and much more!

SCO vs. Novell: The Bankruptcy Wars

Can SCO escape Novell's wrath? Will SCO CEO Darl McBride emerge rejuvenated and ready to continue the Linux legal wars by selling SCO's Unix business? These and many more questions will be answered in the next episode of "As SCO Turns." In our last chapter, SCO appeared in front of a bankruptcy court on Nov. 6, 2007, in Delaware. When the news that SCO was applying for Chapter 11 bankruptcy first appeared, most assumed that was the end of SCO and its seemingly endless lawsuits against IBM, Novell and other Linux-related companies.

Basic presentations with LaTeX Beamer

Since slide shows are graphical themselves, most people associate them with GUI programs. Yet you can build slide shows just as effectively with some of the simplest and oldest of GNU/Linux tools. A case in point is LaTeX Beamer, which adds extensions to the classic LaTeX typesetting program to produce PDF presentations. Although LaTeX Beamer is capable of considerable complexity, you need to know surprisingly little in order to produce a slide show.

Red Hat Announces ISV Appliance Platform

Red Hat has delivered an early Christmas present to ISVs. At a press conference Nov. 7, the leading Linux company announced that in 2008 it will release a new appliance version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1: Red Hat Appliance Operating System.

Get even greater control of Firefox tabs

In order to navigate and jump between dozens of websites with sanity intact, James Archibald tries out another Firefox add-on, Tab Mix Plus, and finds himself very, very impressed.

Phoenix's Hyperspace: Linux-Based Instant-On For Laptops

Now the bad news. Even though HyperSpace is Linux-based, it doesn't look like you'll be able to freely install your own open-source applications of choice in the environment, which I suspect that's mostly to prevent tampering. It's also not clear if the HyperSpace code will be made public, but I'm fairly confident if they don't do it someone else will be more than happy to devise something similar that is open.

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