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Web OSes: Will They Ever Catch On?

  •; By Matt Hartley (Posted by gsh on Jan 16, 2007 5:59 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
Almost like clockwork, people hoping to make their name during what some call the "Web 2.0" gold rush are putting their AJAX and Flash skills to the test with the concept of Web based operating systems. Having tried as many as I can get my hands on, I’m still quite reluctant to put a lot of faith into them for a number of reasons.

Confusion about alleged exploits for Linux security extensions Grsecurity-PaX

Security service provider Digital Armaments has reported two alleged security holes in the PaX component of the Grsecurity extension for the Linux kernel. A preliminary advisory states that the expand_stack() function contains a vulnerability that local users could exploit to inject arbitrary malicious code into the kernel. The advisory does not provide any other details to clear up the matter. Rather, these details are to be provided in a final advisory in six months. In addition, one of the service provider's news sites speaks of a hole in Grsecurity that can be exploited over networks.

Guide highlights enterprise-ready open source apps

There are currently more than 140,000 active open source projects available for download. Some are just concepts, while others are enterprise-ready applications like Linux.

Dreamlinux 2.2 MME — when dreams come true

  •; By riklaunim (Posted by michux on Jan 16, 2007 3:01 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
Dreamlinux is an operating system that boots from a Live-CD with the option to install on a hard drive as well. Dreamlinux is not just another Live-CD based on Debian, it’s not another distro coming with XFCE 4.4. Dreamlinux 2.2 MME is a polished multimedia system from which Xubuntu developers could really learn a lot and which has the potential to demolish Windows Multimedia Center as far as the functionality is concerned.

Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha (Herd) 2 Screenshots

Ubuntu 7.04 Herd 2 released. The primary focus during the time from Herd 1 has been the re-merging of changes from Debian and inclusion of new versions of applications. Notably, we have upgraded the kernel to 2.6.20. This is an early set of images, so you can expect some bugs. - DistroWatch. Screenshots of Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha 2 are available at

Open source is good for the economy: report

Europe's lawmakers should "correct" policies that "implicitly or explicitly" favour the use of proprietary software, according to a newly published report from the European Commission (EC). The EC commissioned Netherlands based UNU-MERIT to investigate the "economic impact of "FLOSS"* in Europe". The researchers found open source software is worth around €2bn every year to the European economy.

Fedora Weekly News Issue 73

Fedora Weekly News for Jan. 15 2007

Open-source company Intalio inks global distribution deals

Intalio Inc., an open source company, said Monday it signed distribution agreements with German, Brazilian, and U.S. partners. Redwood City-based Intalio said the partnerships bring its products to 20 countries on five continents. Partners include Ancud IT-Beratung GmbH in Germany, B2D Solutions in the United States, and Projeler in Brazil.

Sun's Fortran replacement goes open-source

Sun Microsystems took a new open source step last week, enlisting the outside world's help in an attempt to create a brand-new programming language called Fortress.

Taking the plunge into open source

More software companies are finding that the best way to make money with software is to give it away, cherry-picking open-source software practices for commercial gain. On Monday, a small software company called Aras will release the code of its design application--written entirely with Microsoft technologies--and shift to an open-source business model. For a small company faced with tepid growth, letting anyone download its application for free was a risk worth taking.

FSWM: Tivo Healthcare

Free Software Magazine has anarticle by frequent Linux Medical News contributor Fred Trotter on the 'Tivoization' of Healthcare:'Tivoization is a real threat to users freedom, but only when you consider the appropriate context. It’s not just a question of controlling hardware, more importantly its about controlling data. This issue becomes clearer when you consider health software instead of television software...'

Talking virtualization with rPath

Brett Adams, vice president of development at rPath, sees 2007 as a pivotal year for virtualization. When you are looking at the future of virtualization, few companies are as well positioned to make observations as rPath. Billing itself as the "software appliance company," rPath was one of the first companies to focus on virtual appliances and simplifying their production.

Sigrity Supports 64-bit Linux Computing Platforms

Sigrity has announced its full support for 64-bit Linux computing platforms by porting all of its signal and power integrity software products to systems running the 64-bit Linux operating system. The move is intended to boost performance and capacity for companies developing highly complex designs.

Why XML Internationalization is important

As the world gets flatter and smaller, it becomes riskier to ignore the worldwide audience that exists for your content.

Drupal 5.0 released

  •; By Dries (Posted by pat on Jan 15, 2007 5:11 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Announcements; Groups: PHP
Version 5.0 of the popular CMS Drupal was released today. Congratulations to the Drupal team.

KDE-NL New Year's Meeting Coming Up

On Saturday, 20th January, the traditional KDE-NL New Year's Meeting will be held in Lent near Nijmegen in the eastern part of the country. KDE-NL invites contributors, interested users and other affiliated people for the day to get to know each other in person and discuss all kinds of KDE-related things. If you want to join, send an email to the Dutch kde-i18n-nl mailing list. If you want to give a talk, please note that in your e-mail. More information on can be found on this webpage.

Chat it up in Emacs with IRC modes

Sometimes it seems like the Emacs editor has features that only operating systems have. You can, for instance, run an Internet Relay Chat client to chat online right from inside of Emacs.

EU study says open source could increase competitiveness

Increased use of free and open source software in Europe could increase the region's competitiveness with the US, according to a European Commission study.

LCA Opening Day kicked off today at UNSW, beginning with a series of mini conferences covering the topics of Debian, GNOME, education, embedded, virtualisation, MySQL and Research.

Take logical partitioning in the p5 environment to the next level

Learn how to configure a p5 server to provide redundancy and recoverability in a production environment. You should already be familiar with how to create and configure a VIO Server and an LPAR.

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