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Everything To Know About C Types

  • IBM DeveloperWorks (Posted by VISITOR on Feb 15, 2006 8:59 PM EDT)
The C type system is often misunderstood or overlooked. This article, the second in a series, discusses the derived types, or types that are built from other types, and some of the interactions that occur when data of multiple types are mixed. Part 1 introduces the basics of the C type system, with an overview of what it means to talk about type and a discussion of the basic types in some detail.

Novell's New CTO Says Linux Desktop Is Ripe for Adoption

New CTO Jeff Jaffe has high hopes for the Linux enterprise desktop as more corporate IT departments bring open source into their environments.

FSF and Torvalds miles apart on GPLv3

According to the report by Gavin Clark in The Register from the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) in San Francisco yesterday, Linus Torvalds has "misread" the draft of version 3 of the GNU Public License (GPL).

Oracle tried to buy open-source MySQL

Though it is increasingly diversified, Oracle's primary business is selling its own proprietary database software. MySQL, in contrast, is a leader among several companies trying to commercialise rival open-source products.

MySQL Chief Executive Marten Mickos confirmed the acquisition attempt in an interview at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco but wouldn't provide details such as when the approach was made or how much money Oracle offered.

Sleepycat CEO Says Oracle Needs To Learn About Open Source

Olson believes that Oracle, which has grown into an industry powerhouse based on its proprietary technology, is trying to understand the nature of open source communities and build approaches to them into its business models. Olson told a small audience of about 100 during a scheduled, seven-member panel discussion that "Oracle was pretty sophisticated in how they approached us. What impressed me was their deep interest in sustaining the community."

Announcements From JasperSoft

JasperSoft Launches Global Preferred Partner Program, Announces One Million Downloads of JasperReports

Coms processor gains commercial embedded Linux support

  • (Posted by tadelste on Feb 15, 2006 6:07 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
TimeSys has added support for another Freescale communications processor to its suite of low-cost embedded Linux developer services. The company's subscription-based LinuxLink service is now available to customers of Freescale's MPC8548E PowerQUICC III communications processor family, the company says.

Oracle's New Enemy

BURLINGAME, CALIF. - Mårten Mickos may give away his software, but that doesn’t mean his competitors aren’t taking him seriously. His MySQL has raised $39 million in funding, claims to have more than 8 million installations of its database software, and counts Alacatel, Google, and Yahoo! among its customers; they get free software but pay the company for support and maintenance.

Red Hat Beefs Up Enterprise Linux Desktop Security

Red Hat's new release of its Certificate System will focus on automated logins and U.S. government security criteria. (DesktopLinux)

Red Hat beefs up enterprise Linux desktop security

Red Hat Inc., which launched the "Security in a Networked World" initiative for Linux/open-source security last August, announced plans this week to fortify its enterprise desktop Linux platform. "Security" in this context, however, is about identity management and authentication, rather than the typical Windows concern with viral/worm protection.

Microsoft prolongs row over EC manuals

Microsoft has made an official response to a European Commission demand that it justify its failure to meet obligations imposed under a 2004 anti-trust ruling. But its response appears to have been something akin to "up yours". The firm not only said in a statement this afternoon that its software documentation was good enough, but that it supplied it in time and that the EC had not even bothered to read it.

Asigra upgrades its net service for multi-OS protection

Online backup specialist Asigra has upgraded its Televaulting system to support multi-platform protection for Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac systems, and to support Oracle 10g and PostgreSQL 8.0 database servers.

Must-have Firefox and Thunderbird extensions

By now, you've probably installed the latest versions of Firefox and Thunderbird. The most recent releases include a lot of new and interesting features, but do they have all the functionality you're looking for? If not, that's where extensions come in. The Mozilla applications have too many extensions to try to write about them all, but I wanted to share some of the extensions that I find most useful for day-to-day browsing and email.

XenSource Names New CEO

Former Veritas exec Peter Levine takes the reins at the open-source virtualization startup.

Your Open-Source Checklist

  • CIO; By CHRISTOPHER KOCH (Posted by tadelste on Feb 15, 2006 1:30 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Open-source software has to meet all the usual criteria that dictate software success...and then it has to meet some more.

[The only purpose of posting this article is to show how OSS is making news in the major media. -tadelste]

Oracle buys Sleepycat; JBoss and Zend next?

Oracle's predicted buying spree of open source companies kicked off yesterday with the purchase of embedded database open source company Sleepycat. It's rumoured that Zend and JBoss are also on Oracle's shopping list.

Red Hat makes strides in platform security

Red Hat, Inc.(NASDAQ:RHAT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions to the enterprise, today announced achievements and plans that the company is making to further fortify the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform. Red Hat launched the 'Security in a Networked World' initiative for Linux and open source security in August 2005. Since then Red Hat has been working to increase platform-level security, provide increased security for all applications on the Red Hat platform, and achieve the highest levels of security certifications in the industry.

"End-user security, applications and data remain the core focus of the Red Hat Security in Networked World initiative. With the continued expansion of Red Hat Enterprise Linux powering both server and desktop solutions for customers, protecting all aspects of system resources remains a top priority," said Paul Cormier, executive vice president of engineering at Red Hat.

Unbated Monopolist: Microsoft Targets RIM Blackberry With Price

  • Information Week; By Antone Gonsalves (Posted by tadelste on Feb 15, 2006 11:52 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Microsoft Corp. on Monday unveiled carrier and device support for its mobile messaging technology that the company hopes will attract customers through lower prices and more features than rival Research In Motion Inc.'s popular Blackberry.

The Redmond, Wash., software maker announced at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that its "direct push" technology is available in Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2. The technology also has been integrated into Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, and is offered as a hosted service by mobile operators U.K.-based Orange, Vodafone Group PLC, T-Mobile International AG & Co. and Cingular Wireless, jointly owned by BellSouth Corp and AT&T Inc.

Paula Rooney wrote this article back in April 2005 saying Microsoft's product code-named Magneto, [was] designed to be a BlackBerry killer

Design a custom network install image with Instalinux

Former Hewlett-Packard employee Chris Slater has created, a site based on HP's Linux Common Operating Environment (LinuxCOE) System Designer. Instalinux lets you build a custom Linux boot image and perform network installs quickly, especially when you have several machines with the same requirements. I tested Instalinux recently, with good results.

Free Software Out of Africa

  • OhmyNews International; By Frederick Noronh (Posted by tadelste on Feb 15, 2006 10:17 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
He became the first-ever "Afronaut." But the debonair young South African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth has also reached another high by distributing six million CDs of free software. He has posted these software tools to enthusiasts around the globe with the goal of planting new ideas of sharing and creating knowledge.

Shuttleworth started young -- programming on the Free Software platform when he was 11 until he was 14. Then he took a respite and resumed at the age of 19. The high-profile sales of his digital encryption company, just before the dot-com bust, was the source of his wealth, which he is plowing back into the further spread of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS).

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