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Stop confussing search engines with bad feeds

Duplicate content confuses search engines, which can cause your rankings in the search engines to suffer. This tip shows you how to take full advantage of the Atom id tag as the main identifier, including other information about the feed entry, to avoid duplicates in your Atom feeds.

Applying "The Art of War" to Open Source, Linux and BSD

Ask most people who have made the switch to a libre software product like Linux or BSD and they'll tell you that we're in a fight with Microsoft and everything that the closed-source world represents. It's not just us - Microsoft certainly thinks we're in a battle as well. Senior Microsoft leadership are actively engaged in spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to undermine the public confidence in Linux. Lawsuits have been filed over "stolen code" in the Linux kernel. Thinly-veiled "IP infringement" threats have been made to businesses running Linux. Massive marketing campaigns are being waged to confuse the true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Windows and Linux products.

Tyan Toledo i965R S5180

  • Phoronix; By Michael Larabel (Posted by phoronix on Mar 25, 2007 6:34 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Intel
For years now we have been accustom to seeing Tyan motherboards in some of the best workstations and servers, but recently they have been introducing a couple FlexATX/microATX motherboards. The first microATX Tyan motherboard we had reviewed was the Tomcat i845GV S3098, which was about two years ago, while earlier this year we featured a preview of the Tomcat i945GM S3095. Now in hand today we will be reviewing the Tyan Toledo i965R S5180. The Toledo i965R is a FlexATX solution with an LGA-775 socket, one PCI Express x16 slot, two DDR2 sockets, and is powered by Intel's Q965 + ICH8 Chipset. The Tyan i965R motherboard also supports Intel's Core 2 Duo processors.

Make - An afterburner for your command-line

  •; By Pandu Rao (Posted by raopm on Mar 25, 2007 5:37 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Tutorial; Groups: GNU, Linux
Another article for the command line maestro. This one digs into the programmer's toolkit to come up with a hidden gem. It is called "make" and it is not just for programmers. Use it to take your command line skills to the next level.

Community Feedback

The GPL version 2 was written as a license to protect user freedoms that had been eroded by the increasingly closed attitudes of software designers, developers, and distributors ("What Will Drive Open Source?). It was Richard Stallman's intent, with v2, to create a barrier to these attitudes. The GNU GPLv3 is no different.

Mandriva Linux Spring 2007 Edition to Arrive Soon

Mandriva is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its new distribution: Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring. Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring will provide up-to-date and freshly released open source software.

Second Life Gets A Virtual Makeover

The virtual world known as Second Life is struggling under the weight of its increasing popularity. The number of concurrent users in Second Life is growing about 20% a month, from 18,000 in December to 36,000 earlier this month. At that pace, Second Life will hit maximum capacity--100,000 simultaneous users, says Joe Miller, VP of platform and technology development for Linden Lab, creator of the virtual world--well before the end of the year.

Novell Mumbai Centre Gets SCP Certification

Novell India's global support and services organisation in Mumbai has achieved certification under Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Support Standard. The SCP Support Standard quantifies the effectiveness of customer support based upon a stringent set of performance standards and customer satisfaction. As a result, Novell customers will get predictable, reliable support from Novell in keeping their IT infrastructure in top condition.

How To Revive An Old PC With Linux

What do you do with an old computer? Say, a 386-generation PC running Windows 98 that hadn't been patched in years, with a 20-Gbyte hard drive most likely infected with all manner of viruses, spyware, and other maladjusted programs? Sure, it could go to the landfill, or you might be able to get a tax deduction from donating it to a local school. Or, using a Linux-based operating system, you could turn it into a functional desktop, browser, and e-mail client, and put it back to work.

Stockport schools take open-source route

Schools in the Manchester area have been linked together with a networked system that uses open-source software.

Marketing - Linux vs FOSS

It has been pointed out that the PR and marketing done on behalf of the Free Software Movement is rather lacking in polish and professionalism. The majority of it is done by volunteers, usually posting pictures taken at events and unedited audio recordings. So, is there hope for Linux? Yes there is.

Ubuntu Feisty goes after Windows users

The Ubuntu team yesterday announced the release of a beta of the forthcoming Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) Linux operating system. Highlights include a built-in Windows migration tool.

Swfdec officially adds Flash 7 video support (but not 8 or 9)

Free software fans of YouTube jumped for joy last week when developer Benjamin Otte announced on his blog that the free Swfdec Flash player has reached the point where it can play YouTube's Flash video content. At that time the feature was only working in the project's Git repository, meaning only those users willing to clone the Git sources and automake their way to a binary could enjoy it. That, too, has now changed: Otte released updated packages to the public yesterday.

CPE SoCs gain enhanced Linux suite

Chipmaker Infineon Technologies has enhanced the Linux-based software suite it provides with half-a-dozen broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) reference designs. The "Spinacer" suite adds an IMS-based (IP multimedia subsystem) device framework for FMC (fixed-mobile convergence), an optional TR-69 auto-provisioning extension, and support for Infineon VoIP chips with HD (high-definition) sound, the company said.

Mobile TV chipset, stack support Linux

Thin Multimedia Inc. (TMI) will demonstrate its PAL-format MobileTV software stack for Linux on a digital TV receiver chipset from Siano, at the CTIA Wireless 2007 show next week in Orlando, Fla. Additionally, the company says it will collaborate with Siano on a "multi-standard, integrated mobile TV" product.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring: Here Comes The Spring

What is the key innovation of Spring? The breakthrough technology presented last January during the Solutions Linux event in Paris: Metisse, an innovative window management technology. Unlike the widely known 3D-accelerated desktops with the "cube" effect and other visual enhancements, Metisse offers an innovative way to manage windows: only the windows move, making the possible variations endless! Metisse is not a 3D-accelerated desktop but a Human-Computer Interface (HCI) technology that revolutionizes the user experience.

News And A Review: LAC2007& Rosegarden 1.5

The news: The annual Linux Audio Conference is now underway at the Technischen Universit├Ąt Berlin. Alas, I won't be there, but I can still enjoy the presentations through IRC, audio, and video feeds. Check the conference wiki's LAC2007 Live Streaming page for access details. For more information regarding the conference see the LAC2007 general information page. This is the Linux audio community's event of the season, so feel free to visit, whether or not you're actually in Berlin.

IT Confidential: Why Software, And Beer, Should Be Free

I've come to the conclusion that software should be free. And I mean really free--as in free beer. Or free advice. I know there's a free software movement, one that advocates the unencumbered use of software code, but the folks behind it pull their punches. On its Web site, the Free Software Foundation defines free software this way: "'Free software' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of 'free' as in 'free speech,' not as in 'free beer.'" See what I mean?

WiFi In Ubuntu Feisty Fawn

One of the major changes mentioned in yesterday's release announcement for the Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Beta was "excellent wireless networking support". As I haven't yet blogged about the 802.11abg WiFi support in Feisty Fawn nor has it been covered on Phoronix, I decided to talk about it now with the Feisty Fawn beta release. For today's purposes I had loaded up Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn beta on a Lenovo ThinkPad T60, which has an integrated Intel 3945 wireless connection. I also had inserted a NetGear PCMCIA card, which at heart is an Atheros 802.11g Chipset.

All hail the Java-based x86 emulator

Researchers at Oxford have built an x86 emulator that runs purely on Java, making it ideal for security researchers who want to analyze and archive viruses, host honeypots and defend themselves against buggy or malicious software without hosing their machines. TheJPC also emulates a host of other environments, giving technophiles the ability to play Asteroids and other software that's sat on shelves for years collecting dust.

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