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Linux Installation Guides

I found a nice collection of installation guides on the site, there are Russian and Spanish translations as well. - Scott

Conflicting goals create tension in communities

Matthew Garrett expressed frustration with Debian recently, in a blog post that’s become rather famous. I’m of the opinion that Ubuntu could not exist without Debian. So it’s absolutely my intention to see that Ubuntu is a constructive part of the broader Debian landscape. It’s vital that Ubuntu help to sustain and grow Debian, because it’s the breadth and strength of Debian which make up the “shoulders of greatness” on which we in the Ubuntu community stand when we reach for the stars.

SCO's Sealed Reply Memo Stays That Way

Pacer has SCO's sealed Reply Memorandum in Support of Objections to Order listed now , but it looks like it's staying sealed. A couple of exhibits attached to the document are now available on Pacer, but the Reply Memorandum is sealed, as is the Declaration of Brent O. Hatch.

Google Maps Satellite/Aerial Photo Update

Just discovered that there has been an update to aerial and satellite photos in Google Maps.

Best practices for UNIX Error Repo

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Chris Herborth (Posted by solrac on Sep 9, 2006 9:39 AM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Proper error detection and recovery is often ignored by UNIX developers. The lack of exceptions from the C language and the rudimentary error mechanisms from the standard C library certainly contribute to this. This article familiarizes you with the UNIX standard error reporting mechanism, the errno global variable. You'll also learn about a couple of associated global variables ( sys_nerr and sys_errlist). Like it, then digg it.

Really Free Software

Mark Shuttleworth is rich enough to cause some havoc in the feel-good Linux community. In January 2000, at the peak of the dot-com bubble, Shuttleworth sold his South African security software firm, Thawte, to VeriSign for $700 million in stock. Shuttleworth cashed out almost immediately, walking away with the entire purchase price, just as VeriSign's stock began its rapid descent. “Life has been kind to me,” he says.

[Its for all those who have no idea what Linux is, but its nice to see in a mainstream media source. - Scott]

Two surprises during my break out east

  • Free Software Magazine; By Edward Macnaghten (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Sep 9, 2006 7:45 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
For the last couple of months I’ve been on a mammoth trip to the east, or east as far as my home in the UK is concerned, to relatives in Malaysia. As they live in the more rural areas of the country, internet connectivity was not as good as I’m accustomed to and was quite unreliable. So, therefore, I wasn’t able to keep my blog as up-to-date as I would have liked. linux user podcast 19

last fm, command line goodness, built in bash commands, fluxbox themes and configurations, the peck window manager, science fiction television offerings, Tim Burton movies, a new kde menu from novell's kde usablilty team, scrot, feh, xosd, audio comments, and listener email too.

The Linux Action Show - Episode 12

We talk about the new release of Gentoo and KnoppMyth, The NX Server gets released under the GPL, Linspire does away with Click’n run’s annual fee, we go over the results from the 2006 Desktop Linux survery. Plus Kdevlop Vs. Real Basic, and some awesome solutions for workin with your data under Linux!

IP STB runs Linux on TI Davinci

IP STB (internet protocol set-top box) specialist Softier is demonstrating a new Linux-based model at the IBC tradeshow this week in Amsterdam. The Wave-400 runs Linux on a Texas Instruments (TI) Davinci RISC/DSP chip, and can be customized using Javascript and other web technologies, Softier says.

Qt 4.2 Release Candidate Unveils New Features for UI Development

Trolltech today announced the availability of the Qt 4.2 Release Candidate: a feature-complete preview of the upcoming new version of its leading framework for high-performance, cross-platform development. The Release Candidate is the final preview of Qt 4.2 before the final release, scheduled for early Q4 2006.

Abstracts of the Current Issue

The October issue of Linux Journal takes"Linux Everywhere" literally. See how Linux runs a total multimedia center like TiVo on steroids, serves as a central phone system with call screening, regulates your home heating system, controls robots and much more. This isn't just a digital lifestyle, it's a Linux lifestyle of leisure, which proves that geeks, particularly Linux geeks, truly have the best toys.Not a subscriber? Check out this post to read abstracts of the current issues' articles and to read for"free" this monthsBonus Article:Do-It-Yourself Robots with Linux by Michael Surran.

GLPK Part 2: GNU MathProg Solution for the Diet Problem

In this second installment of the GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK), a diet problem shows you how to formulate a simple multi-variable and declare bidimensional parameters. A post office resource allocation problem then introduces MathProg expressions and integer-only decision variables.

Mandriva 2007 RC1

France's Mandriva Linux project issued the first release candidate of Mandriva Linux 2007 on Sept. 8. The release comes just eight days after the third and final beta version of the distro was made available by the project team.

Visit KDE at the LinuxTage in Essen, Germany

KDE will be present on the LinuxTage Essen in Germany from September 9th to 10th. A number of KDE developers will be present, including some of the famous Amarok hackers. Visit us to see the latest in KDE and tell us what you love and what needs improved.

Zend translates native PHP objects for Ajax tricks

  • IBM/developerworks; By Nicholas Chase, Gina Deol (Posted by solrac on Sep 8, 2006 10:42 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: IBM, PHP
Find out how the Zend Framework makes it easy to add Ajax interactions to your application by automatically translating native PHP objects to and from JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Hasta la Vista, part 1: Microsofts final death march

  • VNUNet; By Hans Bezemer (Posted by theBeez on Sep 8, 2006 9:53 PM EDT)
Microsoft tolerates the bugs riddling the software, since problems can always be patched over. However, with each patch and enhancement, it becomes harder to strap new features onto the software, since new code can affect everything else in unpredictable ways. In short, the software becomes unmaintainable. And Vista reached that point.

Quick way to switch from KDE to GNOME or viceversa

Faster swithing is just a click away. switchdesk is the command to switch from KDE to GNOME or viceversa. This command provides a simple method of choosing between the various desktop environments available under Fedora Core, Cent OS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If X Windows is running, switchdesk will bring up a dialog box which allows the user to choose between the available desktops installed on the system.

The Linux killer app: KDE's Konqueror

Recently, I stumbled upon a "People Behind KDE" interview from September of last year with Derek Kite. The interviewer asked, "What is KDE's killer app? And Why?" Kite's answer completely threw me. His answer was, "Konqueror. Because Linux users are first class citizens for this browser."

Linux-for-education beta released

African education-focused Linux distribution OpenLab releases beta version with desktop and management improvements. OpenLab, a Linux distribution widely used in education environments, today released a beta of the forthcoming OpenLab 4 release.

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