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Linux appliance manages enterprise Linux systems

Levanta (formerly LinuxCare) is shipping a second-generation "Linux management appliance." The Intrepid X aims to help system administrators maintain highly available, highly reliable computing centers, by helping them rapidly provision, recover, roll back, or migrate Linux systems across physical and/or virtual hardware resources.

SAM 2007 Test 1 Screenshots

This first snapshot of the upcoming SAM 2007-1 is a complete rebuild, built on top of the new PCLinuxOS 2007 system and software base. What comes with the new SAM: kernel, GCC 4.1.1 and updated glibc, X.Org 7.1; Xfce with auto-mounting of removable devices and media; Beryl, Compiz, Emerald, AIGLX and Xgl for eye candy; only GTK+-based applications for more speed; a complete set of applications for current or older hardware alike; OpenOffice 2.1.0, AbiWord and Gnumeric; Firefox, including Flash 9... - DistroWatch. Screenshots of SAM 2007 Test 1 are available at

Linux: 2.6.20-rc6, Back From Australia

Linux creator Linus Torvalds announced the 2.6.20-rc6 release candidate kernel,"it's been more than a week since -rc5, but I blame everybody (including me) being away for and then me waiting for a few days afterwards to let everybody sync up." He asked that people test the regressions reported against earlier release candidates [story],"so that we can confirm whether they are still active and relevant." Linus noted that he hoped this would be the final release candidate before 2.6.20 is released, then went on to discuss what's new:"As to -rc6 itself: the bulk of it are the MTD updates (including a few new drivers), and the POWER update (and the bulk of _that_ in terms of patch size being defconfig updates ;)"But there's various random fixes in infiniband, DVB, network drivers, scsi, usb, some filesystems (cifs, jffs2, nfs, ntfs, ocfs2) as well as core networking too.

Cell BE SDK 2.0 from alphaWorks to Barcelona

A complete Cell BE development environment, including Linux kernel for Cell BE blades, Linux support libraries, tool chains, system simulator, source code for libraries and samples, and a new, fully-integrated installation. Available for downloading from both alphaWorks and Barcelona Supercomputing Center's Web site.

Linspire CEO on opening up CNR: share the bread

Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony says his company is opening up its CNR ("Click 'N Run") software download and management service to other Linux distributions because "Linux really needs an easier way to find and install software, regardless of which flavor of Linux you're using."

The State of Enterprise Linux

For more than 20 years, Unix played the role of the 800 pound gorilla in the server space, especially in enterprise, scientific, government and academic environments. But traditional Unix vendors have faced increasing competition on two fronts. Microsoft Windows Server products have made significant inroads, particularly in the business back-end. To a lesser extent, but cutting closer to the bone, is competition from Linux.

Open Source Primer Makes Top 10

Signs that things are changing: The California Healthcare Foundationreport'Open Source Software: A Primer for Health Care Leaders was its 3rd most popular report for 2006. Linux Medical News readers wherealerted to this report at its inception. The complete top ten list is:The Guide to Medi-Cal ProgramsSnapshot: Health Care Costs 101Open Source Software: A Primer for Health Care LeadersHealth Care in the Express Lane: The Emergence of Retail ClinicsIT Tools for Chronic Disease Management: How Do They Measure Up?Medi-Cal Facts and Figures: A Look at California's Medicaid ProgramConsumers in Health Care: Creating Decision-Support Tools That WorkGuide to Health Programs in EnglishThe Medicare Drug Benefit: How Good Are the Options?Snapshot: Employer-Based Insurance: Coverage and Cost

Process XForms in Firefox

Using the experimental Mozilla XForms extension, you can process XForms in your browser today. XForms makes development of Web-deployed applications faster and easier. This article demonstrates basic XForms processing as currently supported by Firefox and the Mozilla XForms plug-in.

Brazil's FOSS utopia image at risk

According to the international media, Brazil is a leader in free and open source software (FOSS) adoption. The New York Times describes the country as "a tropical outpost of the free software movement," while BBC News claims that "Increasingly, Brazil's government ministries and state-run enterprises are abandoning Windows in favour of 'open-source' or 'free' software." However, FOSS advocates familiar with Brazil describe a less hopeful situation.

What happened to the guts?

What happened to the guts in mainstream publications? I recall back in the 80s InfoWorld pressured Lotus into ditching its copy protection scheme by docking Lotus 1-2-3 several points in reviews because of the inconvenience. I believe Lotus was the first to buckle, but other vendors jumped on the bandwagon and abandoned copy protection. Fast forward to today. Not only has copy protection come back from the grave, it has risen like a juggernaut zombie bent on eating everyone's brains. Worse, many consumers and writers alike seem to be unscrewing their scalps and willingly offering up the meal."I want the latest iThing, it's so cool!" Sure, you'll find appropriate outrage in Linux Journal and a handful of renegade publications like the Register. But what happened to themainstream journals with the guts of yesteryear?

Linux-compatible car PC gains slim CD drive

Mini-ITX system integrator has updated its Linux-compatible car PC, adding room for a slim ATAPI drive, and a pudgier, more futuristic faceplate. The revised VoomPC-2 also comes standard with a more powerful mini-ITX motherboard, based on a 1.5GHz Via C7 processor.

A DIY calendar control in PHP

As a former ASP.Net coder, I've missed the convenience of Microsoft's built-in Calendar Control since I switched to doing Web site development in PHP. On a recent project I needed the ability to display a calendar with dates serving as hyperlinks to selected database items. I decided to use the opportunity to write some portable PHP code that I could use in other projects.

Mysql Administration Via ColdFusion

There are multiple ways of doing this, but the basic answer is that you can do this very easily. MySQL ships with a set of utilities that ColdFusion can run via CFEXECUTE to perform various tasks. So for example, to backup a database you can use the MySQL dump command:...

Report: Linux Dodges Microsoft In Retail Vertical Space

In the face of a big vertical marketing blitz by Microsoft, keenly evident at last week's National Retail Federation (NRF) show, several retailers in the "household name" category keep forging ahead with Linux implementations of their internal computer systems anyway. Jacqueline Emigh reports.

New Open Source News Podcast Debuts

We decided to try our hand at audio podcasting with a brand new podcast called Open News. It is intended to be a weekly open source news podcast delivering all the top open source headlines from the previous week. We also want to include release updates, tips and maybe even commentary from open source analysts and celebrities.

LDAP replication with Kerberos auth and k5start

I run LDAP + Kerberos on my network for information and authentication. After setting everything up initially, I later acquired a spare machine and decided to run it as a slave LDAP server, using slurpd.

Adult coaching in Open Source in Belgium

So we're a school, dedicated to Open Source and Linux and we have new courses which start next week. Interested? Our school has always maintained high standards and is proud to present itself as the only school in Belgium where beginners and experts can learn Linux.

The advantages of using public APIs like Google's with Ajax

Add more functionality to your Web applications than just what your own Ajax scripts and server-side programs provide.

Contact centers opening to open source

Three years ago, the travel industry was still struggling in the wake of the 9-11 disaster and Spirit Cruise Lines had to be particularly cost conscious when it went about replacing its CRM system. "We were in a situation where we had a real dog of a CRM application and we needed change and we needed something that could be quickly adapted to our environment," said Steve Baskerville, director of IT at the Norfolk, Va.-based business. "But we didn't have a lot of money. We couldn't consider Onyx or Pivotal. They were way out of our price range."

HD as the first step beyond TV

What comes after television? That's a question I've been asking at every Consumer Electronics Show. The answer, of course, is not just"more TV" but bigger and better TV, with better sound and higher resolutions, made possible by digital sources, processing and displays. In other words, computing and networking.So does TV become just become a suburb of computing, or does the reverse happen? The TV folks imagine the latter. But the former is inevitable. Our job is to make the inevitable happen sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, we get to watch Big TV metasticize— and to enjoy what we can of it.

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