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Finding Free Software Online

An excellent source of free offers from many categories -- including software -- is the No. 1 Free Stuff Web site. There, you'll find pointers to free MP3 music files, software, e-mail, services, clothes, games, and even free money for surfing the Web.

Let's do for news what we did for software

There have always been problems with distributing urgent public safety information. These problems show up, over and over, with every hurricane, tornado, flood and wildfire. At this moment in history, problems fall in three areas of responsibility (and, for that matter, responsiveness):

Mentat Technologies ships MySQL Turbo Manager 3.6

Mentat Technologies has announced a new version of MySQL Turbo Manager. Now at version 3.6, the New MySQL Turbo Manager includes the most advanced options for database development and administration.

Free software and my birthday beyond the thunderdome

  • Free Software Magazine; By Rosalyn Hunter (Posted by dcparris on Oct 7, 2006 6:14 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial
I recently had my fourtieth birthday. When I announced it to a group, a woman came up to me to tell me how brave I was to admit to my age. I found it strange. I'm not ashamed to be this old. In fact, I'm glad about it. When I was a teenager, everyone said that the World War III would have happened by now, and I would be living in a post-apocalyptic anarchic civilization like in the movie Road Warrior. I really prefer how things turned out.

[Just a good Saturday read... - dcparris]

Promoting OSS: Show, don't tell

Recently I gave a professional development seminar on effective Internet searching to about 25 colleagues, most of whom have higher degrees in the humanities. The response was overwhelmingly positive and, although it was not the intent of the seminar, they are now enthusiastic about the use of Firefox over Internet Explorer to the point where a number of them asked for my notes to give to friends and family. As the presentation was focused specifically on increasing the productivity of online searching, it was a pleasant surprise to have my co-workers respond so positively to the use of Firefox, to the point where they were even promoting it themselves. There are some lessons for OSS advocacy that can be drawn from this.


London, UK (OPENPRESS) October 7, 200 -- The infamous .Org Village at LinuxWorld 2006 will unveil and showcase some of the latest developments in free Open Source technology. The .Org Village is renowned throughout the Linux world for bringing together trendsetting and trailblazing organisations, campaigns and projects. Joomla!, GNOME and MythTVTalk are just a few of the participants who will introduce new and exciting ways to use Open Source technology in education, at home and in the office.

LXer's Newswire Icon Contest

LXer Announcement 07-Oct-2006

LXer's newswire has an icon that appears next to news stories when readers refresh the page. The current icon is a red circle with an exclamation point. Although we have one or two possible replacements, we invite our readers to submit their own entries for a vote.

Red Hat names Pradhan head of India unit

OCT. 4 10:11 A.M. ET Red Hat Inc., which distributes the open-source Linux operating system, said Wednesday it named Mark Enzweiler to serve as vice president of North American channel sales.

How TO: Run Vista on Linux/XP

  • Australian Personal Computer; By James Bannan (Posted by dcparris on Oct 7, 2006 1:28 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: Reviews; Groups: Linux
One of the downsides of beta testing is that your test machine invariably becomes a splintered mess in a very short of space of time, as your fresh beta build gets pulled apart, tweaked, recovers from crashes and so on.

[For all our alpha testers out there. - dcparris]

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 release candidate 2

  •; By Bart van Klaveren (Posted by dcparris on Oct 7, 2006 12:31 PM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story; Groups: Mozilla
De Mozilla Foundation heeft de tweede release candidate de deur uit gedaan van Firefox 2.0, ook wel 'Bon Echo' genoemd. Deze cross-platform opensource webbrowser voor het internet en bevat een aantal nieuwe features en verbeteringen ten opzichte van de huidige Firefox generatie. Zo heeft bijvoorbeeld elke tab een apart sluitknopje en zijn er beschermende maatregelingen tegen het zogenaamde 'phishing' aanwezig. Wat er precies allemaal veranderd is in deze release kunnen we je helaas niet vertellen, want de release notes zijn identiek aan die van de eerste release candidate en de tweede b├Ętarelease. Voor de volledigheid geven we ze hier toch nog even:

[We also welcome articles in other languages. - dcparris]

Firefox 2 Release Candidate 2

Firefox 2 Release Candidate 2 (RC 2), the latest preview release of the next version of the Firefox browser, is now available for download.

Open Source Extends a Classic - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wherever you may stand in regard to it, the open source community can be seen as a mixed blessing. True, the programs are available for little to no money, but sometimes a development team consisting of too many chefs can ruin any good intentions that created the effort.

Linux FlashPlayer beta getting close, will be same as latest Windows & Mac players.

  • Adobe/Macromedia; By Emily Huang (Posted by dinotrac on Oct 7, 2006 9:39 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Newsletter; Groups: Linux
The Linux mention in this blog entry by Adobe's manager for the flash player project is small, but enticing. The Linux Flashplayer 9 beta is in the certification labs at Adobe and it is the same version as the just release flashplayer 9 update beta for Windows and Mac. Not open source, but, as followers of, far more transparent than we're used to.

Q&a: Red Hat New Channel Sales Chief On Future

As Red Hat prepares to launch its much anticipated channel program, the Linux company appointed Mark Enzweiler, 50, as vice president of global channel sales strategy and sales at Red Hat. Enzweiler, formerly vice president of global channel strategy and sales at Lenovo, and former vice president of north channel sales and director of global sales at IBM, spoke with CRN's Paula Rooney.

DVD Jon to play fair with Apple's DRM?

Famous for his reverse engineering, an author of the DeCSS content de-scrambling software "DVD Jon" is playing a slightly different tune now. Rather than working against DRM as he has been known to do, he is now apparently experimenting with the idea of using DRM to his and supposedly customers advantage.

Device Profile: Russound SMS3 home media server

Whole-house stereo specialist Russound used embedded Linux as the basis of its first media server. The SMS3 is a hard-drive-based media server for standalone or multi-zone use. It features an entertaining heuristic wizard named in tribute to a fallen comrad.

Blocking hardware accessibility through software: a printer's tale

What are you getting when you buy a printer to use under GNU/Linux? site can tell you how well a printer will work with free software, but often that's only part of the story. I came face to face with this simple fact when I recently bought a Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart C3100, a low end inkjet printer that includes scanning and copying features. Besides basic features, like many today, the printer includes features that run without a computer, if only with the specific Windows or OS X software that accompanies it.

Foreseeing GNOME with the Latest Foresight Linux Release

Foresight Linux, the distribution for those who like living on GNOME's cutting edge, has just been updated. One of the distro's lead developers, Antonio Meireles, announced this week that the latest Foresight is now available.

Linux more accessible

Novell hopes its SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED) will tempt everyday computer owners to abandon Windows and switch to a newer, cheaper and supposedly better alternative.

Google Code Search new but not different

Google jumped into the open source code search arena this week with the announcement of Google Code Search. The new tool allows users to search billions of lines of open source code and will also search files that the standard Google search engine does not. Google's code search capability falls under the "it's new to us" category, since the same functionality has existed at other sites for years.

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