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Nouveau: Where It Stands Today

The last time we had written an article on Nouveau, the community project working on developing an open-source 3D display driver for NVIDIA hardware, was this past January after being enlightened by glxgears finally being able to run on NVIDIA's NV4x GPUs. Since then many developments have occurred with this open-source NVIDIA driver as we have covered in several news postings. In this article today we will share with you where the Nouveau project stands today from a user perspective as well as testing out the driver on a few more NVIDIA systems.

Troubleshooting Linux Audio, Part 1

I have a friend who has had nothing but nightmares result from his attempts at setting up the fabled low-latency high-performance Linux audio system. In sympathy with his plight I present here a primer in three parts for troubleshooting common and uncommon problems with the Linux sound system. Parts 1& 2 will present programs used to analyze and configure your audio setup. Part 3 will list the most frequently encountered problems along with their suggested solutions.This week, Part 1 introduces some useful system analysis tools and utilities with graphic user interfaces.

Why Is It Called Iceweasel Again? - The Debian Chronicles

LXer Feature: 30-Jun-2007

I explain a few things and find out why the Mozilla browser is called "Iceweasel" in my continuing adventures in Debian-land.

Anatomy of the Linux Networking Stack

Explore the structure of the Linux networking stack from the perspective of its layers and also examines some of its major structures. Its interfaces range from the protocol agnostics, such as the common sockets layer interface or the device layer, to the specific interfaces of the individual networking protocols.

GPLv3 submitted to Open Source Initiative for approval

This was the body of an email message sent to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) license-discuss email list less than two hours after the third version of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) was officially announced by the Free Software Foundation (FSF):"I submit the following licenses for consideration by the OSI for inclusion in the list of licenses complying with the OSD."

Project Gutenberg

Free as in, well, free. At least, that’s what the folks at Project Gutenberg believe. They work hard to make as many literary (in a very broad sense of the term) works as possible available in a variety of formats, languages, and media to as many people as possible. They are guided by similar principles that all open source enthusiasts share, that power and information should be available to everyone, not just the elite.

KDE Arrives in Glasgow for Akademy 2007

This evening KDE developers from around the world arrived in Scotland's largest city Glasgow for their annual KDE World Summit. The week long meeting will see over 250 delegates from KDE and our partners discuss and hack on the world's original Free Software desktop. Tonight the local team have been busy settings up the network, videos and other infrastructure for the attendees who are busy in the student bar below the building.

Sun turns over cluster code

Sun Microsystems will make its Solaris clustering code available to the open-source community - the latest effort in the company's OpenSolaris project.

Dreamlinux offers new multimedia edition

The Dreamlinux project, a Brazilian distribution based on Debian, Knoppix, and Morphix, today announced the release of a Multimedia GL edition of Dreamlinux 2.2. This live CD with a graphical hard disk installation option boots directly into an XFce desktop and features a kernel and moderate-sized application package.

Wine 0.9.40 Released

Wine 0.9.40 has been released. New to this release are many MSHTML improvements, a few more sound fixes, Direct3D fixes, lots of bug fixes and another step closer towards 1.0

GPLv3 Finally Hits the Streets

The new license follows 18 months of consultation, four published drafts and thousands of comments.

Deployment Seam Application against MySQL 5 database to Jboss 4.0.5 utilizing Seam Plugin for NetBeans 5.5.1

Attempt of straightforward deployment performed as suggested in Michael Yuan's blog for HyperSonic Database causes some issues.

GPL Version 3 Arrives

As expected, the FSF (Free Software Foundation) released the long-awaited GPLv3 (GNU General Public License version 3), the third generation of the world's most popular free software license.

Neuros’ open set-top-box

Media streaming boxes such as the AppleTV, XBox 360, PS3, and products from Netgear, do a varying job of bridging the gap between the PC and television, as well as in some cases, delivering Internet content directly into the living room. But all are closed systems. The result of which is that users are left trying to hack these devices against the wishes of manufacturers (see our post ‘When will Steve Jobs open up the AppleTV?‘) or have to make-do with whatever official features are implemented. Bucking this trend, Neuros is taking a wholly different approach, and has open-sourced the firmware for it’s Neuros OSD media-center, meaning that anybody is free to write add-ons that extend the device’s functionality.

Ubuntu 7.10 gets closer; Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 2 released

If stability is a must, you won't want to install yesterday's Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 2 prelease, but if you're a Ubuntu developer -- or you're curious and would like to help up with testing, bug reporting, and so on -- by all means, go for it.

Google flirts with online OS

Docs, Spreadsheets, Folders..It's only a matter of time before Google unveils a full-fledged online operating system. This week, Microsoft's biggest rival rolled out a new version of Docs& Spreadsheets - its online answer to Word and Excel - adding Windows-like folders, an improved search engine, and an all-around prettier interface.

Kernel and filesystem talks at OLS day two

Greg Kroah-Hartman kicked off the second day of the 9th annual Ottawa Linux Symposium with a talk entitled"Linux Kernel Development - How, What, How fast, and Who?" to a solidly packed main room with an audience of more than 400 people.

Fedora Board elections -- voting open

Voting is now open for the Fedora Board elections. As a reminder, we are electing 3 of the 9 seats during this election.

Time to get off Red Hat's case?

Red Hat is a company that is easy to dislike. Maybe it’s the relationship with IBM. Maybe it’s the way they absorbed JBOSS. Maybe it’s CEO Matthew Szulik, or the proprietary way in which the company operates. Maybe it’s because they’re based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and don’t schmooze the Silicon Valley press corps, which has something in common with that of Washington, D.C. Whatever, I think it’s time we got off Red Hat’s case.

Get ready for mod_atom

There may or may not be a need for an Apache module implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol, but Tim Bray has gone ahead and created one anyhow.

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