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Making Ubuntu even simpler for newbies

After looking at most GNU/Linux distributions, author and self-confessed computer enthusiast Rickford Grant finally settled on Ubuntu Linux and wrote a book about it. Frederick Noronha spoke to him about Linux, Gnome, Ubuntu, Japan and staying on his bike.

Smart whiteboards gain enhanced Linux support

Smart Technologies Itoday introduced a major update to the Linux version of its software for controlling smart whiteboards. Smart Board 9.5 for Fedora Core, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux makes it easier for teachers to create, manage, and use digital content in the classroom, the company said.

Interview with Slackware founder available for download

Patrick Davila, of the Linux Link Tech Show, has published the audio of a recently aired, exclusive 90-minute interview with Slackware Linux creator and chief maintainer Patrick Volkerding. A large number of current Linux distros are based on Slackware, including Easys, Myah OS, Zenwalk, GolbinX, and PocketLinux.

Firefox 2: traveling at 30 downloads/second

In its first four days of availability, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) was reportedly downloaded over 3 million times. At the time, Mozilla had yet to release similar statistics for Firefox 2. Last week, lead Firefox developer Mike Beltzner finally broke the silence about Firefox 2 downloads, proudly announcing that the browser was downloaded over 2 million times in the first 24 hours of launch.

DE: German open source business database

Heise, publisher of Germany's best computer magazine c't, and the Linux-Verband are setting up an on-line database of businesses related to FLOSS in Germany. Every FLOSS-related business can post an entry for free.

Freedom fellows get proactive

The fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe is going to have its first annual meeting during SFSCon in Italy on the 11th of November. This is going to be an opportunity for existing and new members of the fellowship to get together, share ideas and generally work out how to promote Free Software more effectively across Europe.

Lightweight fnord serves HTTP admirably

I was looking for a lightweight Web server to run on my ARM-based Linksys NSLU2 network storage device in order to share a few custom packages I've built for Debian and Arch Linux among the systems on my home network. After playing around with Apache, LightTPD, and thttpd, I tried fnord and never looked back.

Interview with Bernard Leach (iPodLinux)

  •; By Sarted (Posted by Cypress on Oct 31, 2006 8:26 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Interview; Groups: Linux
Nowadays, having an iPod is like having a car. Everybody has one. You can see them on the street: those cute little white headphones, mouth muttering the words of a song, head moving on the rythm of the tune. But who sais iPods are stuck with proprietary firmware? The iPodLinux Project is offering an alternative: run Linux on your iPod. Run games, movies on a Nano or turn older generation iPods into... something more.

Open Season: Red Hat and Novell edition

Novell announced this week it has signed agreements with four white-box PC manufacturers who will globally distribute PCs pre-loaded with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED10). European manufacturers ETegro Technologies, MAXDATA and Transtec along with R Cubed Technologies will sell notebooks and desktop computers with SLED10 pre-installed. These partnerships mirror a recent Novell announcement with Lenovo regarding the first Linux-based ThinkPad mobile workstations, which also run SLED10.

The Wikipedia and the Death of Archaeology

  • Standards Blog; By Andy Updegrove (Posted by Andy_Updegrove on Oct 31, 2006 6:51 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Humor
For more than 200 years, moderns have sought to divine the life stories of the ancients through the practice of archaeology. Through such efforts, we can learn something about the everyday existence of not only those prehistorians that left no written descriptions of their daily lives at all, but also of our more recent forebears, who rarely saw fit to tell us what they ate for breakfast or which penny dreadfuls and broadsheets they liked to read.

Access to open-source mobile app framework

Access will contribute a mobile application platform to the open source community before year's end, it says. Its "Application Framework" for GTK+ aims to offer device developers specialized mechanisms for package installation, task-oriented application interoperation, and security policy definition and management. It will be released under the Mozilla Public License.

Open source gets training boost

The European Computer Driving Licence, the most popular training course for basic IT literacy, which has for so long been a Microsoft stranglehold, is to offer a non-Microsoft course for the first time. The ECDL Foundation will now include a module on the use of Sun's Star Office Writer, Calc and Base applications for word processing, spreadsheets and database work.

Manipulating WPC Data through DAS with Eclipse

The Data Access Service (DAS) for IBM WebSphere Product Center (WPC) is a Web service that provides an "out-of-the-box" way to access and manipulate WPC data. Using technologies like the Web Service Definition Language (WSDL), Service Data Objects (SDOs), and XPath, the DAS for WPC provides customers with a standard-based means of SOA-enabling their WPC system.

Bagosoftware Launches Website for Shareware and Free Software

Software products ranging from educational product to screen savers, games, spyware products, VoIP, Instant messengers, e-mail tools, design tools, security, CAD, dictionaries, audio and video tools, database tools, backup tools and web development tools are all featured in topical categories and ranked by popularity, user ratings, download volume, and the most recently added. Users have the ability to rate each software product and write a users review (registration required) to share with other users.

Open Source Will Never Die

  • Linux Forums; By Spiro Harvey (Posted by idle on Oct 31, 2006 3:04 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: Editorial; Groups: Linux
"No matter how hard people or companies like SCO try, nor how much others believe they know the commercial market, open source will never die." This article talks about Open Source through the ages and how it has evolved into something that just won't go away.

Family Physician blogs about FOSS VOIP

  • GNU/Linux And Open Source Medical Software News (Posted by Scott_Ruecker on Oct 31, 2006 2:31 AM EDT)
  • Story Type: News Story
Jacob Reider, MD over at DocNotes has a post up about How to setup Switchvox and gtalk to use as a VOIP solution to his practice. Switchvox is VOIP solution based on Asterix. A great example of using FOSS to run a medical practice more smoothly.

At Motorola, giving IT a reality check

newsmaker CIO Patricia Morrison talks up an impending RFID move and about using the Q phone as an in-house tool.

Krita 1.6: State of the art

The KOffice raster image editor Krita reached version 1.6 along with the rest of the office suite earlier this month. But don't be misled; although Krita comes bundled with KOffice, it is not a second-tier productivity accessory like Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Krita is a fully-loaded raster graphics workhorse that stands on its own.

Using DB2 developer workbench, pureXML and Java

  • IBM/developerWorks; By Anson Kokkat (Posted by solrac on Oct 31, 2006 12:53 AM EDT)
  • Groups: IBM; Story Type: News Story
Take a look at how to integrate this powerful technology into your Java applications and make development easier with the new DB2 Developer Workbench.

Helmi Technologies Joins Open Source Collaborative Eclipse Foundation

Helmi Technologies today announced it has joined forces with the Eclipse Foundation, an open source development community, as an Add- In Provider. Helmi enterprise and developer customers can now rest assured that integrating Helmi's Ajax-based Platform leverages existing skills and the familiar Eclipse development environment. Using the Eclipse environment and Helmi's Platform allows customers to rapidly create browser-independent, high- impact web applications, while cutting development time by over 50 percent.

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